The Most Popular One Man Pontoon Boat In 2023

Looking for a new pontoon boat? There is a new boat on the market (well it’s been available for a while) that is taking the world by storm, and it is the Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat by Classic Accessories. This is the most popular pontoon boat for many reasons, so we will take a look at the many features that have made it a hot item. Classic Accessories Pontoon has really outdone themselves with The Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat is the best-selling pontoon boat in 2021.  The Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat is a 9-foot, high-capacity pontoon boat with a padded seat and huge storage capacity; including over 20 pockets and 2 insulated drink holders.

Price: $534.47
(as of Jun 29, 2021 10:27:06 UTC – Details)
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Colorado Pontoon Boat Review

Although priced lower than many other inflatable pontoon boat options out there, there’s nothing cheap about this boat.  Everything about this boat screams quality.  From the large framing, to the powder coat finish.   Even assembly is a snap and requires no extra force to put it all together.   It should take you around an hour to put it together the first time.  One of the most important things obviously is how the inflatable parts are constructed.   The Colorado Pontoon does not disappoint with heavy nylon with a ton of storage pockets throughout.

The seat sits high enough for what you might want, but you probably will want to add a swivel seat.  Without the swivel seat attachment, you probably won’t be able to access all those pockets that make the Colorado the most popular pontoon boat.   This can be quite annoying if you need to adjust your trolling motor or get something and you really can’t.   However, with all the money you save on this you could add a swivel for under $20 bucks.   We recommend this Attwood 17720 Seat Swivel.

Colorado Pontoon In The Water

Enough about construction, how does the Colorado Pontoon perform in the water?    It shines.  It’s no wonder why this is the most popular pontoon boat in 2021, everything just feels so solid.  Even the oars feel like high-end oars.  They weren’t flimsy add ons that you’ll worry about getting damaged.   The only downside is that because they are so heavy duty you’ll often get tired using them or maneuvering them when not in use.

What The Colorado Pontoon Boat Doesn’t Do Well

If you’re using the pontoon for fishing (is there another activity?), you’ll notice that for all the storage this thing has, there’s really no place for you rod and reel.  Also, there were a fair amount of negative reviews from people expecting the inflatable pontoons to stay inflated.  If our car tires need maintaining then so do pontoons.   Always pack a pump for just in case, but if you’re using an inflatable pontoon then check the air before you go out.   Seems like a no-brainer, but apparently it’s not.

Finally, this pontoon boat is amazing, but lacks a floor.   This makes the boat easier to travel with but if you drop something while you’re out on the water it’s likely gone.  This sounds pretty obvious but it also presents a situation when you’re fishing.   The plus side is there are several attachments that you can add to this pontoon to eliminate most of this hassle.

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Colorado Pontoon Boat Description

The Colorado inflatable personal pontoon fishing boat offers huge storage capacity; includes over 20 pockets and 2 insulated drink holders.  This pontoon boat sits high and adheres to all the safety requirements you’d expect a more traditional pontoon boat.  Weatherproof motor mount when you want to add a pontoon motor for trolling. Wire rear storage and battery platform. Fishing rod holder can be mounted in 6 different positions. Integrated anchor system with fillable mesh bag, cord and pulley can be mounted from either side or back. Detachable foam fly patch. Padded plastic seat for extra comfort. 3 oar-lock positions. Seat mount and footrests adjust to any leg length. Unique dual-side stripping apron with fish ruler allows entry and exit of pontoon boat without un-clipping. Combination fill/quick deflation valves. Tow rings. Non-slip footrests. No tools are needed for assembly. Brass oar locks. Heavy-duty pontoons with abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms and tough nylon tops. Powder-coated steel tube frame. 7′ two-piece aluminum oars. Cold and heat-resistant bladders. 9′ pontoons. 400 lb. capacity. River rating-Class I. Assembled weight 69 lbs. Assembled size is 108″ long x 56″ wide x 30″ high (to top of seat). 1-year warranty.

When you buy from Classic Accessories, you’ll receive peace of mind along with your product, thanks to our hassle-free warranty program. If you’re disappointed with your purchase within the warranty period, we invite you to file a simple claim on our website, supported by our US-based team.

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Colorado Pontoon Boat By Classic Accessories Features

  • Product Dimensions‏:‎108 x 26 x 56 inches; 71.5 Pounds
  • Item model number‏:‎69660
  • Manufacturer‏:‎Classic Accessories
  • Colorado assembled size 108″L x 56″W x 26″H (to top of seat)
  • Weight: 71.5lbs.
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Heavy-duty pontoon boat with abrasion-resistant PVC bottom
  • tough nylon top
  • powder-coated steel tube frame
  • bronze oarlocks
  • cold and heat-resistant bladders
  • rugged 7 foot two-piece aluminum oars
  • High storage capacity
  • 10 mesh pockets
  • 12 zippered pockets
  • 2 insulated drink holders
  • Wire rear storage and battery platform
  • Safety features include labeling as per ABYC standards
  • pontoon boat rides high for improved visibility
  • tow rings
  • non-slip footrests
  • unique dual-side stripping apron with fish ruler allows entry and exit without unclipping

Colorado Pontoon Boat By Classic Boat Specifications

  • 9 foot pontoons
  • 400 lb capacity
  • River rating—Class 1
  • Assembled size: 108″l 56″w 2
  • 6″h Weight: 71.5 lbs

Colorado Pontoon Boat FAQS

How difficult is the Colorado Pontoon Boat to travel with?

If you have a truck or jeep then it’s not hard at all.   It’s roughly 75 pounds, and then takes around 15 minutes to inflate if you’re inflating and deflating each time.   You need a high volume electric pump to really make inflating and deflating something that happens in under an hour.

Can the Colorado Pontoon handle rapids?

The short answer is yes.   Depending on what you want to do with it, you’ll probably want to replace the oar locks.   You likely won’t break these oars but you could definitely lose them with the default configuration.  If you’re planning to go after class 3 rapids, I’d recommend replacing the seat… and keep your pump handy.


In this article we covered the most popular one-man pontoon boat currently out in the market, but upgrading it is a whole different conversion, head on over to our best electric trolling motor for poonton boats to find the best one for you.

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