Best Tool Belts Reviews 2021

Well, Searching a best tool belts aren’t an easy task.

A tool belt is that trustable member of the family that keeps all members connected and in their right place. The electricians, finish carpenters, plumber, sheet metal workers, and DIYERS better understand the importance of the tool belt.

Whether you have experience working with the tool belt or not; you can understand how important it is. From the smallest tool to your heavy-duty device; your tool belt is always ready to distribute your load.

In the starting, you may feel like spending the money on something secondary. But with the passing time, you realize it’s worth it.

Following list shows the top 9 tool belts for Electriciansuspender and contruction workers which you can trust.

Best Tool Belts Reviews 2021

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BUCKET BOSS 3 BAG TOOL BELT is the topmost choice and far most the proven product to change the concept of many people who considers the tool belts as an orthodox for professional workers.

The flexibility seen with the BUCKET BOSS 55135 is the center of attention for many customers, which encourages them to fit within it providing special support.

The straps enclosing the belt facilitate in removing the excess uneasiness experienced due to the extra load on the hip by shifting the weight.

The ability of the belt to hold the tools is worth mentioning due to the innovative design. The Velcro is helpful in adjusting the two larger and various smaller pouches. You can position the pouches wherever you want, depending on your needs.


  • WEIGHT: 5.55 pounds 
  • DIMENSION: 31 x 6 x 14 inches 

  • One year warranty
  • Appropriate for the taller man
  • Overwhelming versatility
  • Admirable customer service

What We Don’t Like?

  • Difficulty in handling the suspenders
  • Fragile Velcro

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OCCIDENTAL LEATHER OXYLIGHTS FRAMER SET offers a plentitude space and easy access to every part of the belt. Placing the large tools within the pouch doesn’t clog the pockets as there are supplementary loops.

Overall, there are 22 pockets composing of persistent nylon, and the material used in the holder is improbable leather known for longevity.

The stuffed bags along with the double-ply, guarantee that it maintains its original shape. The three-inch broad base and three fastenings allow the rearrangement of components for perfect fitting.

There is an additional place for placing more holders for extending the room of the tool belt.

The versatile features and solidity of the OCCIDENTAL 8089 outweigh the expensive cost. The people with big hands will find it difficult to take out some tools from the pocket.


  • WEIGHT: 4.8 pounds
  • DIMENSION: 6 x 1 x 1 inches

  • Outstanding bags
  • Extremely durable
  • Scratch resistant
  • Adjustability is good

What We Don’t Like?

  • Expensive

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GATORBACK B145 is a top quality product featuring remarkable endurance.

The certified breathability and air channel support are specially designed to protect the excess sweating. The added cushioning eliminates the chances of straining the body when you are under extreme force.

The 1250DuraTek Nylon used in the tool belt contains stress points. The inner lining of the pouches is useful for keeping the boxes safe from the pointed objects.

The belt containing 16 pockets offers extra space and proves quite helpful when you are distant from the toolbox. The rearrangement setup is beneficial in setting the tools in the perfect place.

Many users admire the comfort level after using the tool belt.


  • WEIGHT: 5 pounds
  • DIMENSION: 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
  • BRAND: Contractor pro

  • Splendid quality
  • Worth investing
  • Highly comfy
  • Good motility of the attachments

What We Don’t Like?

  • High price
  • Not good for everyday use

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DEWALT DG5617 is the best combo for comfort and portability. The Dri-Lex shoulder strap cushioning increases the ease of motility and adjustability.

The 11 small pockets with the nine primary pockets configured with the zipped pockets, phone holders, and knife holders.

The 11 small pockets with the nine primary pockets configured with the zipped pockets, phone holders, and knife holders. DEWALT not only earned a good repute in providing exceptional tools but also tool belts.

Using the specific approach, I can claim that it is the best tool belt for a carpenter. The belt is not inexpensive but still worth investing in.


  • WEIGHT: 5.2 pounds
  • DIMENSION: 24.3 x 7.5 x 17.25 inches

  • Up-graded design
  • Pouches are superb
  • Good fit for thin persons
  • Don’t cause back pain

What We Don’t Like?

  • Small cell phone holder
  • Plastic connectors are not competent

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The CUSTOM LEATHERCRAFT means to serve the persons working for the heavy-duty construction site, who need a different variety of products for performing their task.

This tool belt is a strong contender for fixation projects saving you time and keeps your tools safe form the harsh environment of the construction site.

The small three pockets manage the proper organization of small-sized tools. For carrying measuring tape and hammer, there is a small loop on the side of the tool belt.

The suede leather used in the construction of the belt ensures its durability. It will not take you down, rather proves itself as the right choice.


  • WEIGHT: 0.8 pounds
  • DIMENSION: 11 x 13.1 x 3.3inches

  • The abrupt discharge of the buckle facilitates the release.
  • Dedicated innovation
  • Worth the cost
  • Top quality material

What We Don’t Like?

  • Pointed edges on the inner side

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This tool belt is a massive tool belt that can hold all the tools required during the work time. The design is specially made for prolonged projects to save your effort needed to reach the toolbox and pick the tools essential for the task.


The pockets are strong enough to deal with heavy tools like hammers and many more. The two inches broad webbed strap has the ability to cope up with the extra weight without affecting its imperishable nature.

The positioning of the main pockets is dependent on your wish and the requirements of the tools.

  • Warranty of one year
  • Easily affordable
  • All purpose tool belt
  • Sufficient room for placing tools

What We Don’t Like?

  • No drill holder

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Most of the working tasks are incomplete without a drill; the CUSTOM LEATHERCRAFT DRILL HOLSTER made up of durable polyester is the special option for the drill users.

The design of the drill holster resembles the old-fashioned gun holder and many people found it creepy. The CLC 5023 occupies the top position when it comes to holding the drill for your worksite.

Many smaller pockets are also there to hold the other adjuncts necessary for the drilling.

Special attention is paid to the quality of the material used as it has to hold different types of heavy drills. During the resting state, the security is maintained by placing the strap on the top of the holster.

The good thing about the safety strap is you can easily detach it.


  • WEIGHT: 6.4 ounces
  • DIMENSION: 7.3 x 1.5 x 12.5 inches

  • Outstanding durability
  • Safety strap present
  • Best quality
  • Lightweight

What We Don’t Like?

  • Some of the users found the design unpleasant.

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MILWUAKEE CONTRACTOR TOOL BELT is the perfect example of the professional tool belts for the heavy-duty tasks. The suspension setup in the tool belt allows the completion of the task conveniently, utilizing the tool belt in the best way.

The straps in the MILWAUKEE GENERAL CONTRACTOR TOOL BELT suitably surround the shoulder and waistline. In this way, the tool belt distributes the weight in equal proportions without straining a single part of the body.

The personalized belt contains 24 pockets having different sizes, allowing the customization of the belt on your own. Moreover, when it comes to set up the loops the choice is again yours.

Don’t worry while placing any sharp object or knife in the pockets, as there is plastic-lining on the inner side of the pockets.

If you are the one looking for an outstanding combination of strength, comfort, and proper organization; this is the one that suits your needs.


  • DIMENSION: 4.5 x 11.5 x 23.4 inches
  • WEIGHT: 5.4 pounds

  • Pockets with the plastic lining
  • Customized tool belt
  • Don’t stress the single body part
  • Cost effective

What We Don’t Like?

  • Massive product

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After completing the testing procedure, I found OCCIDENTAL LEATHER B5625 as the top tool belt in every aspect. This OCCIDENTAL TOOL BELT is manufactured in the USA, which is proof of its good quality.

The material of the belt is soft enough to induce a soothing effect without experiencing any stiffness. You don’t need to exert yourself when putting it on.

Make sure that you have enough budgets as it is expensive.

The customer service is so good and holds true for a long time, offering the fixation of all types of defects. The ones who admire quality over quantity, can look for this.


  • WEIGHT: 6 pounds
  • DIMENSION: 20 x 14 x 4 inches

  • Phenomenal comfort
  • Excessive durability
  • Location of pockets are perfect
  • Trusted warranty

What We Like?

  • High budget

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Factor To Consider Before Buying Best Tool Belts For Electricians And Suspenders

Storage Capacity

Check out the environment, where you are going to work. The type of the work decides how much space you need within the tool belt.

Most of the construction workers prefer to go with the large belts offering extemporaneous space while the DIYERS are good with the average capacity as they don’t need huge tools.


With the advancements, the customized tool belt also comes into play. The specific approach is helpful in selecting and making separate belts for the right and left-handed persons.

This helps in the perfect orientation of the tool belt compatible with every user.

Quality Of The Material

It is very important to know where the material stands in the list of high-quality products or not. The high-end material is the indication of the durability and longevity of the tool belt.

It is not compulsory that certain quality leather is the trademark of a durable product. In the market, many different combinations are available these days that offer excellent features and strength.


 The adjustability of the tool belt is the prime factor that affects the functionality of the tool belt. Most of the tool belts are so stiff that it becomes too much difficult to get-in while some are very soft that they falls down from the waist during work.

The stiffed belt is more likely to cause low back pain by compressing the joint and the surrounding area. Make it possible to select the tool belt that fits you perfectly.


The tool belt with the warranty is like a bonus. It ensures a safe investment and offers the open repairing of the tool belt in case of any defect. It is good to prefer the tool belt with the warranty to avoid any risk in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Differences Between Tool Belts And Tool Pouches?
Tool Belts:

  • Designed to surround the waist like the normal belt.
  • A good option when working on the ladder or roof.
  • Too bulky for use in tight space.

Tool Pouches:

  • Designed to be taken in hands.
  • Troublesome for taking along, during climbing the ladder.
  • Good for use in the congested space.
Do Tool Belts Affect The Motility During The Work?
Yes, many bulky tool belts affect the mobility of the body segments. The most affected body part is the lower back. The tool belts with the suspenders also limit the movement of the upper extremities. However, it is not true for every tool belt.
What Are The Trusted Brands For The Tool Belts?
The trusted brands include OCCIDENTAL LEATHER, GATORBACK, DEWALT, CUSTOM LEATHERCRAFT, and DICKIES. The OCCIDENTAL’S being the best choice among them all.


Get an exciting tool belt for you and add perfection to your work. Choose the BEST TOOL BELT from the list that is made with authentic reviews from the users. Take a smart choice to avoid regrets later.

If you wanted to check the minor details considering the specified profession.

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