Berne Men’s Heritage Insulated Duck Bib Overall Review

Berne Men’s Heritage Insulated Duck Bib Overall Review


As a carpenter by trade, I’m always looking for the best workwear to make my job easier. Recently, I came across the Berne Men’s Heritage Insulated Duck Bib Overall and it looked ideal for what I do. After trying them on in store, they certainly lived up to their reputation providing warmth without compromising movement or comfort! So if you’re in need of high-quality coveralls that are designed specifically with the working man in mind then look no further than this product. In this review, I’ll be taking an in depth look at these overalls and sharing my findings so that you can decide whether or not they would be suitable for your needs too!


About the product

100% Cotton

Dressing up for work just got simpler! Thanks to these bib overalls made from 100% cotton, you can stay comfortable and look stylish at the same time. Cotton is a natural fabric that’s strong yet breathable perfect for keeping you warm while allowing air circulation to your skin. Plus, what could be classier than donning some classic duck bib overalls?

Snap Closure

Nobody likes to waste precious time fiddling with buttons when they’re trying to get dressed. But now with the Berne Men’s Heritage Insulated Duck Bib Overall, you can have that extra bit of convenience thanks to its snap closure. With just a simple click and press, you’ll be ready for whatever situation you find yourself in in no time! Who knew working hard could be so easy?

Heavy-Duty 10 oz. Cotton Duck

If you’re looking for a good overall that will stand up to tough jobs, this one with its heavy-duty 10 oz. cotton duck is an ideal option. The sturdy material ensures maximum durability and the reinforced knees make them resistant to wear and tear while crouching or kneeling down during work. Combined with the triple needle stitching at major seams and stress points plus adjustable suspender straps, these overalls provide reliable protection from harsh weather conditions as well – whether it’s icy cold winter or hot summer days!

Insulated High Back for Warmth

Cold weather makes chilly winds even more unbearable and everyone wants to keep themselves warm. The Berne Men’s Heritage is here with their insulated high back for just that- making sure you don’t feel the winter chill no matter where you go. This feature helps block out cold air so that your lower body stays nice and cozy while allowing ventilation at your upper body keeping a perfect balance of warmth throughout! Sounds like technology from the future, doesnt it?

Adjustable Elasticized Bib Straps for Comfort

With these bib overalls, you won’t have to worry about any discomfort caused by the straps digging into your skin. The adjustable elasticized bib straps make sure that not only it keeps everything secure but also lets you customize the fit according to your comfort. In other words, with this feature you can relax and enjoy a day of working in field without worrying too much about keeping them up all day long!

Full-Length Brass Leg Zippers with Snap Closures

When it comes to the absolute convenience of mobility, these overalls have your back. With full-length brass leg zippers with snap closures, you can have a completely unrestricted range of motion and get up and moving without having to take off layer after layer in order to change direction. These snaps ensure that no matter what kind of activity youre doing – from hiking through fields or caving underground – this garment won’t stand in your way as do its job perfectly!

Review and Score

Our Score: 93/100

I recently bought the Berne Men’s Heritage Insulated Duck Bib Overall and couldn’t be happier with it. I work in a cold climate and this bib overall is great at keeping me warm while also being breathable enough to ensure that I don’t get too hot or uncomfortable while working. The fabric feels sturdy but soft, there are plenty of pockets – including one on the chest that comes with a zipper as well as waist tightening snaps which makes them perfect for any body type. The free-range motion allowed by this product was remarkable; I could bend, crouch and stretch freely due to its flexibility The reviews online gave it an average rating of 93/100, making it obvious why these have become such popular among those who frequently work in extreme weather conditions! Customers reported feeling extra protected from the elements without sacrificing comfort some even said theyd never purchase another pair of coveralls again after trying out this one! It looks like you can trust Berne when getting your winter gear sorted! So if you need something reliable yet fashionable looking then go ahead and take a chance on these amazing Overalls & Coveralls; you won’t regret it!


After testing out the Berne Men’s Heritage Insulated Duck Bib Overall, I’ve come to the conclusion that these overalls provide an excellent combination of comfort and performance. They are also tough yet comfortable and do a great job against cold weather. In addition, they come at a great price point as well making them an easy recommendation.

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