Best Shoes For Airline Pilots and Helicopter 2021

Hey Pilot! Are you finding Best Shoes For Pilot? – Awesome!

Among all the professionals, the award for the most decent profession goes to the Pilot. From their physical appearance to working gestures, they are the true symbol of elegancy and professionalism.

Except skills, you have to pay special attention to the way you look.

On the plane, the whole concern of the pilot is on flying as he can’t waste his time thinking whether the shoe is comfortable or not.

Although Pilots don’t have to spend long hours for standing, it doesn’t mean that they can use any ordinary shoes.

To cope up with the fast going routine, there is the need of perfect pair of shoes to make them feel comfortable during the long flights.

We have given the list of the best shoes for airline pilots, helicopter, male, and female to make the selection process easy. So, You will come to know – What kind of Shoes should they wear?

Best Shoes For Airline Pilots And Helicopter 2021

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Since 1971 ROCKPORT has been serving the nation with the comfortable dress shoes.

The concept of the dress shoes truly changes with the emergence of ROCKPORT, which not only fulfills the criterion of formal look but also supplies the additional comfort.

ROCKPORT MEN’S LEADER 2 BIKE SLIP-ON is one of the best shoes for pilots. When you are running out of time, the customized shoes offer the choice between classic-lace up and slip-on.


Many pilots face the issue of sweating in the feet during the long flight; the superb breathability and antimicrobial covering of the ROCKPORT 2 BIKE SLIP-ON keeps you away from this inconvenience.

The pure leather shoe with an Eva outsole and the memory foam insole retain lightweight and shows maximum shock absorption.

The shoe delivers enough room for the toes.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Combo of style and comfort.
  • Memory foam in the insole provides ultra comfort.
  • Absorbs moisture efficiently.

What We Don’t Like?

  • The rubber soles are not durable enough.
  • Be careful with the size as it may not fit.

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In 1963, a European company from the Denmark named ECCO emerged. They work for producing high-quality walking shoes and have gathered the attention of public all over the Asia and Europe.

ECCO MEN’S HELSINKI PLAIN TOE DRESS OXFORD are the made up of pure leather, processed from ECCO’s own tanneries.

Polyurethane (PU) used in the sole instead of rubber is the best for putting forward the durability.


The comfortable foot wears have good breathability and antimicrobial lining further protects the foot from infections. The toe box imparts enough space for the toes during walking without suffocating them.

ECCO MEN’S HELSINKI implements exceptional support, flexibility and shock absorbing power.

The spacious toe box and narrow heel configuration makes it a perfect fit for the pilots.

  • Durable for many years
  • Lightweight leather
  • TPU shank permits the safe walk
  • Shock absorbent soles containing polyurethane

What We Don’t Like?

  • High-cost
  • Laces are bothersome

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ALLEN-EDMONDS started setting the foundation of their brand in the 1922 and covered a milestone in integrating the quality and service.

ALLEN EDMONDS MEN’S PARK AVENUE CAP-TOE OXFORD features the padded cork foot bed, which makes it a comfortable fit.

The leather calfskin lining enhance the breathability of shoes and keeps the feet free of moisture.


The shoes along with their classy looks also maintained the class when it comes to comfort.

The customized lace system is useful in fitting the shoes accurately in your foot. These shoes are worth buying for the pilots who needs to be on the plane for long flights.

However, it is present on the expensive end of the spectrum.

  • The standard sizes fits perfectly.
  • Elegant appearance
  • Flexibility reduces the foot fatigue.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Wrinkles seen after short time of use

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Surprisingly, the journey of MERREL started in 1981 from the production of the one-man boot and with the thirty years of constant efforts and advent of their quality products they are known over the globe.

MERREL MEN’S SIGHT is the best shoe for exploring new adventures.

From the hikers to the pilots who prefer casual looks more than the formal one, MERREL is the trusted brand.


The sporty look of these shoes misleads many users; they need to know that it has proved its excellence as the high-tech product providing the essential traction.

The upper mesh network with the antimicrobial lining makes it an ideal choice for long hours by properly ventilating the feet.

The full grain leather and the EVA midsole allocate stability.

  • High-quality, lightweight leather
  • Amazing durability
  • Can go with any dress
  • 100% five star reviews

What We Don’t Like?

  • Congested space for toes

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MARTENS-14613 LEATHER OXOFORD SHOES are the perfect combination of style, class, comfort and support.

The classy black shoes with the yellow stitching catches the attention of those who are fashion lovers.

The resilient and cushioned sole of DR.MARTENS OXFFORD SHOES is resistant to oil, water, and slippage.


The lacing up system keeps your foot in their place.

In the start you found difficulty in breaking in but once you get used to it, you found it appropriate. You may found difficulty with the fitting and you need to try adjuncts with that.

It would be a great choice to add style to your formal wear.

  • High-end sole
  • Five star for looks
  • Slip-resistant

What We Don’t Like?

  • Firm ankle upper make it difficult to get in quickly
  • Require additional pair of socks for making it a comfortable pair of shoes.

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Buying Guides For Good Shoes For Private Pilots


The exhausting routine of the pilot needs to be supported with the supportive shoes which can support them throughout their journey, when they are away from their home.

Support is the overall sum of many factors including arch support, ankle support, and foot bed support.

The sole of the shoe is also the contributing factor for that.


Leather is the most trustable material when it comes to producing the durable shoe that’s why every shoe in our list is purely made of leather to ensure the durability.

Pilots have to spend most of the time in their shoes during the flights so they have to look for the durable pair of shoes.


Comfort level is the primary thing of concern for the wise individual.

Any discomfort related to your dress or shoes keep you distracted at your work site. To remain focused and manage the controls of the plane, the pilots would try comfortable pair of shoes.


Choose the companion for your feet wisely that makes you feel like they are specially made for you.

The shoes must have proper fit and able to adapt according the contours of the feet. The padded sole offers good cushioning and is the need for perfect fit.


From spending many hours on the plane to walking through the airports, the traction of your shoes matters a lot. Sometimes the high quality sole doesn’t offer good traction.

Instead of that, go with the sole having greater traction and compromise on the quality.

To coordinate with the fast pace of pilot’s life; use the slip-resistant sole.


Pilots need to remain seated for the long time and there are greater chances of sweating in the foot which can aggravate different fungal and bacterial infections.

To deal with this problem, one should choose the best shoes offering the excellent breathability.

It not only keeps your feet dry but also maintains their normal body temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Shoes Pilots Can Ear?
Pilots have to follow their formal dress code. Black shoes are the part of uniform of most pilots. However, the pilots can try boots in case of moving to harsh environment.
How To Avoid Edema During Long Hours Of Sitting On The Flight?
The chances of edema are very obvious during long flights and can lead to swelling of the shoes. Taking a walk during the flight increases your blood circulation and prevents the pooling of blood and edema as well.
How Can We Test The Support Of Shoes?
The shoe that offers good shock absorption is capable of being called as good support shoes. Moreover, the good arch and ankle support on the padded sole bed rank it on the top results.
How Pilot Shoes Can Be Made Airport Friendly?
The shoes that are airport friendly don’t contain any metal in their composition and causing no hindrance while passing through the metal detector.

The sole of the shoes must offers high resistance to the slippery marble floors and is good enough to provide stability.


The first thing that pilots have to look is the dress code of their airline as they know how to maintain professionalism.

The other factors come after that and our buying guides can help you in making a good choice for you. Try to look for the long term companion that goes your way.

There are many available choices which can fits within the framework of your demands. Search thoroughly from the list of best pilot shoes and choose one for you.

I hope that you can get the best pair of pilot shoes.

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