Best Electric Trolling Motor For Pontoon Boat [Small & Inflatable]


Pontoon boats are the first choice of fishers because of their efficient drive.

To make the fishing experience more exciting and long-lasting, trolling motors are present in the market.

Top Electric Trolling Motor For Pontoon Boats


NEWPORT NV-SERIES 36lB ELECTRIC MOTOR [usr 5 text="false"] Check Price
MINNKOTTA EDGE CONTROL TROLLING MOTOR [usr 4.7 text="false"] Check Price
MINN KOTA BOW-MOUNT TROLLING MOTOR [usr 4.8 text="false"] Check Price
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The disturbances on the surface of the water are reduced when a high-quality trolling motor is used.

It also reduces the noise and doesn’t scare the fish.

We have done the hard work for finding the right trolling motor for the pontoon boat on the basis of their efficiency, durability and noise production.

What Is The Benefit Of Trolling Motors?

It is difficult to explore shallow water areas due to water currents.

Trolling motor makes staying at one place possible and exploring the finer details of the area.

You can catch as many fishes as you want. It is different from the primary motor of the boat.

You should know how to fish with the trolling motor.

To turn the trolling motor towards the right side, push it forward while pushing it backward for turning it towards the left.  We recommend adding some marine led lighting strips to your pontoon boat to help increase the visibility of your boat, especially if you’re using a trolling motor during dusk hours.

Utilize the trolling motor wisely and get a wonderful fishing experience on a pontoon boat.

Here is the list of Top 4 Trolling Motor For Pontoon Boats to help you in making the decision easily.

Best Trolling Motor For Pontoon Boats Reviews

NEWPORT NV-SERIES 36lB ELECTRIC MOTOR [usr 5 text="false"] Check Price
MINNKOTTA EDGE CONTROL TROLLING MOTOR [usr 4.7 text="false"] Check Price
MINN KOTA BOW-MOUNT TROLLING MOTOR [usr 4.8 text="false"] Check Price
MOTORGUIDE XI5 BOW MOUNT TROLLING MOTOR [usr 4.7 text="false"] Check Price



Quantitative Measurements

  • Dimensions: 18 x 5 x 34.
  • Power: 36lb thrust.
  • Height: 42â€.
  • Weight: 19lbs.
  • Maximum current: 30 amperes.
  • Battery meter: 5 point LED.


NV Series 36lb Thrust Electric Trolling Motor is one of the excellent editions by Newport Vessels.

It is best for small scale work without compromised reliability.

The top notch materials used in the construction of this trolling motor along with the creative design make it a versatile product.

The stainless steel resists the corrosion resulting from saltwater and allows working on saltwater.

The other used elements in composition are zinc and magnesium.

The fiberglass made composite shaft and nylon propeller can endure adverse conditions.

The thrust of 36lb helps in catching the fishes throughout the day without excessive heating.

The noise free trolling motor doesn’t scare away fishes.

The 36lb thrust with the 30†shaft length is transom mount motor which fits on the boat.

The 8 speed control system featuring 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds provides easy control in adjusting speed.

You can have a look at the battery level anytime you want with the help of 5 point LED battery.

People using pontoon boat for catching fish can trust this electric trolling motor.


Some users praise the customer service. They are impressed by its quality and ease of use. They say that it is worth the money.

  • Telescoping ergonomic handle.
  • Right choice for saltwater.
  • Indicator for battery.
  • 8 speed control system
  • Fiberglass shaft for adjusting motor height.
  • Good strength.

What We Don’t Like?

  • No indicator for speed.
  • Sometimes noisy.

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Quantitative Measurements

  • Dimensions: 42.38 x 5.38 x 16.25 inches.
  • Power: 30, 40, 45, 50, 55.
  • Height: 30â€.
  • Weight: 15 pounds.
  • Voltage: 12 volts.


Minn Kota freshwater transom mount motors are easy to control and provide quick response with its flexibility.

Minn Kota offers wide range of thrust power from 30 to 55 speeding up the boat irrespective of the weight on pontoon boat.

The lever lock bracket allows the 180 degree rotation of the vantage indicator.

This flexible operation resists twisting and bending and makes the quick back trolling possible.

The 30 inches long composite shaft at the centre of trolling motor is highly durable and offers lifetime guarantee.

The underwater vegetation and other factors would not corrode or kink the shaft, which has more strength than the steel shafts.

As compared to typical motors, the battery time of this gear is five times more on a single charge.

This variable speed motor uses the eight speed settings (5 forward and 3 reverse) and accurately adjust the exact speed.

The required power is delivered while preserving the remaining power for the long day fishing.

Minn Kota uses must know that this motor doesn’t come up with the problem of overheating and malfunctioning.

The telescoping tiller makes the process of steering easier and convenient.

The 6 inches length allows the adjustment on the basis of demand.

When it comes to noise production; it operates at low noise without frightening the fish.

This product is expensive as compared to the first one on the list and is not a good option for those who are on limited budget.

For staunch gear, it is a good option.


The customer reviews about the product are good.

Apart from complain of the shaft sealing; others are satisfied with it and recommend buying it if you have the enough budget.

  • Dissipate heat quickly and avoid overheating.
  • Adjustable 30 inches long shaft.
  • Telescoping tiller for making length adjustments.
  • Ergonomically designed 8 speed settings.
  • Good battery time.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Power cord is small.
  • Seal is absent on shaft.

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Quantitative Measurements

  • Dimensions: 19.69 x 11.81 x 59.06 inches.
  • Power: 70lbs.
  • Height: 45â€.
  • Weight: 44.09 pounds.


Another variant from the Minnkota is Edge 70 Bowmont foot control trolling motor, which is known for its exceptional strength.

The high quality materials used in the construction of this great trolling motor makes it a durable product.

The indestructible composite shaft is fair enough to give assurance of the quality for the concerned customers.

It can endure underwater forces without any damage to the equipment’s functionality.

The shaft puts no limitation to search underwater in the fishing area as it is long enough measuring 52 inches.

You are going to have a wonderful boating experience with this high-end trolling motor.

You can easily run this motor on the shallow water surface and it is going to be a performance enhancer for the pontoon boat.

The shaft works to increase the speed of boat regardless of the load on pontoon.

The lower unit of motor is sometimes too annoying that it scares away the fishes.

For the good fishing experience, validate that the lower unit of motor is not causing disturbance.

Its exciting feature is the power prop set which makes the travelling through the weeds and grasses easily without utilizing excessive battery.

You can use the manual using a manual cable for easy control.


According to the users, it is a strong and powerful electric motor of fiberglass.

The process of installation is easy to handle.

The only addressed issue is the unlocking of pins with the sting.

  • Unbreakable shaft.
  • Operates quietly.
  • Mounted and removed easily.
  • Manual control as alternative.
  • Powerful prop set.
  • Forward 5 speed setting.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Stiff is stiff.
  • Difficult to unlock the pins.

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Quantitative Measurements

  • Dimensions: 57.38 x 7.35 x 18.25 inches.
  • Power: 112pounds of thrust.
  • Height: 45 inches.
  • Weight: 89 pounds.
  • Voltage: 36 volts.


Pontoon boat owners trust on this manufacturer for high quality products.

Here is another top notch fresh water trolling motor from Minn Kota.

The combined features of power steering foot pedal and the GPS-built automatic boat control make it a responsive and intuitive trolling motor.

Press the spot lock button through the foot pedal and lock the fishing spot.

There is no need of touching the trolling motor during locking the spot.

Along with the common features, it is equipped with advanced features like built-in Universal Sonar to make your fishing easy.

i-Pilot link system grant ease of access for controlling pontoon speed by simply touching the screen or through the remote control of Humminbird fish finder.

For protecting the transducer and wiring from water, it is perfectly sealed.

After sometime you can take off your foot form the pedal; still the motor covers the distance in same direction.

The 24 volts battery supply the thrust of 80 pounds and is enough for the accelerating the speed of your great pontoon boat.

Some people are confused about the location of motor on pontoon boat.

The perfect place to mount the motor is on the front of the pontoon boat.

This motor is efficient for the freshwater to provide greater force for pulling the water and makes your pontoon boat fishing a memorable experience.


Five star ratings surprise us. Some customers call it a game changer and seem very pleased about the product.

Few customers blame the wrong product description and customer service.

  • Advanced i-Pilot feature.
  • Universal sonar imaging.
  • Provides necessary pulling force.
  • Foot pedal is a good addition.
  • Locking fish spot is of great use.
  • Long shaft of high quality.
  • Easy to mount.

What We Don’t Like?

  • No link for i-Pilot.
  • Power switch is not durable.

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Quantitative Measurements

  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches.
  • Thrust: 55, 80, 105 lbs.
  • Height: 48 inch.
  • Weight: 50 pounds.
  • Voltage: 12 volts.


Are you looking for a wireless control for your boat? Your search is over.

MotorGuide Xi5 wireless trolling motor comes with the convenient feature of operating motor from the boat at any place.

The high quality materials used in the composition of the trolling motor are composite shaft and 3-blade glass filled propeller.

Pinpoint GPS and Sonar transducer perform their function for making successful fishing possible.

The ability to work for longer durations using low trolling speed is because of the digital variable speed controls.

Catching fishes can be time saving with it. The pro-style heel-toe control steering is extremely fast as compared to its competitors. It functions well maintaining the quietness of surrounding.

No need to worry about the rusting of motor.

The anodized aluminum present in the base and stainless steel used in the hardware components are corrosion-resistant.

Your safety is must. The consolidated temperature sensor and epoxy potted nose serves for this purpose.

The secondary lock is also there for preventing sudden potential damages and providing maximum protection.

It has set the new standards for fishing. It meets all criterion set for the best trolling motors.


It received 4.6 out of 5 rating. Overall, the customer consumer reviews were good. One of the users reported about the battery and wireless foot pedal. You need to be careful about that.

  • Wireless trolling motor.
  • Pinpoint GPS system.
  • Flexible and tough shaft.
  • Précised navigation.
  • Lifetime backup.
  • Protected from corrosion.
  • Built-in sonar.
  • Mercury VesselView.
  • Silent and durable.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Problematic foot pedal.
  • Deviation in settings.

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Our Top Picks

Newport Vessels NV-Series 36lb Thrust Transom Mounted Electric Motor is the best saltwater trolling motor for pontoon boat from the above mentioned electric trolling motors.

We can call it as an overall best trolling motor.

Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor from the list is good freshwater trolling motor. Apart from saving time, the lever lock bracket adds precision.

When talking about our next gear, Minnkotta Edge 70 Bowmont Trolling Motor is exceptional piece in terms of strength. It is a durable trolling motor.

You can turn the manual control on anytime you want during the pontoon boat fishing.

Minn Kota Ultrex Freshwater Bow-Mount Trolling Motor is next on the list. The universal sonar system makes it recommendable as a precise trolling motor.

The professional boaters and fishers who are on high budget can choose Motorguide Xi5 Freshwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor.

The advanced wireless technology helps in completing the fishing task as soon as possible. It is one of the high quality trolling motors.

Buying Guides For Trolling Motors For Professional Pontoon Boats

We know about your worries related to fishing experience. We don’t want you to experience those difficulties.

Following is the list of decision making factors that you have to consider for perfect fishing.

Solid Sealing

We are talking about trolling motor for pontoon boats. So, it is important to consider the conditions under which a pontoon boat works.

Pontoon boat works mostly underwater. In such situation, it is obvious that corrosion or rust can damage it. There is the need of corrosion resistant housing for the trolling motor.

For the safety of motor, it is obligatory to check whether it is properly sealed or not.

Solid sealing prevents the water from reaching its inner surface and disturbs its functioning.

The materials used in the manufacturing process are also important to discuss.

Stainless steel and aluminum are among the trust-worthy materials.

Aluminum is the best choice as it is corrosion resistant and lightweight.

Thrust Of Trolling Motor

Trolling motor with the greater thrust is required for speeding up your pontoon boat. Thrust deals with the load on the boat.

The weight on the boat and thrust of the motor decides how effectively your pontoon runs.

The greater the thrust of trolling motor the more load it can manage while running.

Expert opinion about the thrust says that from 100 pounds, 2 pounds of thrust pulls the pontoon boat forward.

Choose the thrust considering the weight you are putting on the pontoon boat.

Specific thrust is useful for fixed weights.

Pontoon Boat Trolling Motor Shaft Length

Shaft is an important part of the trolling motor. It needs to be tough and durable. Shaft runs underwater for the smooth performance of the motor.

Position the shaft perfectly underwater. Make sure that it is long enough to reach the targeted area.

Selection of the motor shaft length depends on your requirements.

Researches show that for 10 inches distance between transom and waterline, 30 inches long shaft is a good choice.

Advanced motors have adjustment feature for adjusting the length of the shaft.

These are user-friendly. You can set the length according to your requirements.

Which is the good material for shaft? Fiberglass is high quality materials for making durable shafts. It has to encounter different forces when submerged in the water.

Durability is of great deal when it comes to shaft.


Don’t underestimate this feature.

You have to show your concern as it affects the underwater prop. Perfect steering is extremely beneficial to run the boat according to your wish.

Handles comes in different shapes. The common among them is telescoping shape.

No matter which shape you like, comfort is the thing you have to look for.

Recently, ergonomically designed handles are in use and becoming an area of interest for the customers.

Speed Controls

Commonly offered speed setting in trolling motors is 8 speed variable settings, providing 5 for forward and 3 for reverse thrust.

It affects how fast the boat moves in forward and reverse direction.

The maximum limit for pushing the trolling motor is 10MPH for pontoon boats.

The design of these boats depends on the function they serve. Trolling motor speeds the boat with quick release.


Voltage of the battery is also a considerable factor. Voltage is the amount of power or input supplied. The output of the battery depends on its voltage.

For heavy duty task requiring greater thrust, high voltage is needed.

Commonly used battery uses 12 volt. Heavy duty tasks need 24 volt battery.

Wires connect the motor with the battery. Trolling motor setup needs to be perfect for good results.

Mounting Location

The important question is where to mount the trolling motor.

There is no hard and fast rule for the location of trolling motor.

The commonly used positions for mounting the trolling motor for pontoon boat are transom part, centre of transom, and on the bow.

It depends on the specifications of the trolling motor and your pontoon to make a final call.


The large sized motor is difficult to handle as compared to the smaller ones.

Removable trolling motor for pontoon boat with light weight and small size is a good option.

Trolling motor size also means thrust power. In this regard, the greater thrust power works better for a pontoon ride.

Water Type

Boats need to run either on freshwater or saltwater. Some motors are made for working on the freshwater while some for saltwater.

Saltwater trolling motors have advanced features. These motors can run on freshwater.

Freshwater trolling motors are delicate. Its use in the saltwater can result in slow damage.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I Use A Trolling Motor On My Pontoon?
Yes, you can use a trolling motor on your pontoon boat.

The selection of trolling motor makes a difference. The right trolling motor with the perfect shaft length and thrust will prove beneficial.

The selected parameter for shaft’s length is greater than 52 inches. The thrust of 55lbs is helpful.

What Is Appropriate Depth Of Trolling Motor In The Water?
According to the approximated values, submerge the trolling motor 12 inches beneath the water line.

One can ask how it could be beneficial. Let me tell you it not only saves the motor but also helps in maintaining its function properly.

Where To Mount An Electric Trolling Motor?
The best place to mount the trolling motor is near the centre of stern. If the main motor is present, make sure not to interfere with it.

Install the trolling motor in a way that the top of stern drives with the top of mounting bracket.

Is It Necessary To Add A Circuit Breaker In The Trolling Motor?
Circuit breaker is an essential component. Yes, it is necessary to add a circuit breaker in the trolling motor.

It reduces electric shock and other accidents resulting from underground conductors carrying high potential currents.

When the high voltage current passes through the conductor, circuit breaker breaks the circuit preventing the flow of current.

You can use fuse as a replacement.

Does Saltwater Damages The Freshwater Trolling Motor?
Using a freshwater trolling motor in saltwater will not cause sudden damage to it.

There is possibility of corrosion of metal components.

However, you can prevent this quick corrosion by coating the metal surface with oil or grease.

After using the trolling motor in saltwater, wash it with the freshwater. It washes away any intact impurities.


If you are a pontoon boat owner and in search of great trolling motor, read the article.

I am confident that it will help you in choosing the best trolling motor for the pontoon boat.

The first thing is to gather information about the model of your pontoon boat. Examine the features of your pontoon boat.

Then, look for the best trolling motor which suits your pontoon boat and fishing requirements. Have a good shopping experience. Good luck!

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