Are you a beginner? and Looking for Best Single Pivot Mountain Bikes?

Which type of bike do you want?

It is a simple question but deciding what is best for you is a very challenging task.

This also depends on what sort of rider are you?

Are you looking for a road bike?

Or are you a lover of mountains and ride along with them on your single-pivot bike?

If yes, then you are in the right place.

Top 5 Single Pivot Mountain Bikes
SCHWINN GTX COMFORT ADULT HYBRID BIKE [usr 5 text="false"] Check Price
SCHWINN MOAB 3 ADULT MOUNTAIN BIKE [usr 4.7 text="false"] Check Price
KENT HAWKEYE MOUNTAIN BIKE [usr 4.4 text="false"] Check Price
SIXTHREEZERO COMFORT BICYCLES [usr 4.3 text="false"] Check Price

But, Do you know what a single pivot bike is? And why should you buy it?

If you have the slightest notion then you are in the right place.

We have reviewed the best single pivot mountain bike for you.

But if you don’t have a little idea then Just give this article a read and we assure you that you will find which is best for you.

The perfect choice is the one that fulfills the criteria you have in your mind and is in your budget.

Wasting time on a product when you know that it is not in your budget is a waste of your time and effort. So look for the price of the product first.

What Are The Benefits Of Great Single Pivot Mountain Bike?

Mountain bikes are effective and capable machines.

If you choose one then it can be a multi-tasker because they work effectively not just on mountains but on roads too.

The single pivot mountain bike is not like other ordinary bikes.

It has a simple suspension design.

The shock is attached to the frame between the rear axles by a swing arm having a single pivot between them.

The high pivot allows good absorption when contacted with bumps. It is easier to maintain.



Choosing the right single-pivot Mtb is a challenging task.

Road bikes are known for good speed but they can’t bear the gravel.

Mountain bikes with single pivots provide comfortable and precise gear changes.

Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike has an aluminum frame for dual sport.

The design of the suspension fork is known for its versatility.

The 700c wheel is perfect for the rider of height 5’4†to 6’2â€.

The alloy rims assist in maintaining stability. The front and rear brakes provide extra braking power.

The best thing about the product is that Schwinn bikes have a lifetime warranty.


  • Aluminum dual sport frame..
  • Great design of suspension fork.
  • 700c wheel size.
  • fits riders 5’4†to 6’2†in height.
  • 21-speed shifters with the rear derailleur.
  • Alloy V-brakes and Alloy double-wall rims.
  • Multi-use tires.

  • Good design.
  • Deliver great stopping power.
  • Good material.
  • Offer lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Provides precise gear changes.
  • Provide plenty of grip on or off-road.
  • Great rims.
  • Have front and rear Reflectors.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Cables are not hidden.
  • Challenging to assemble.

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Are you looking for a single pivot bike with an unshakable balance?

If yes, then Sportneer bike trainer stands steel bicycle is for you.

It is stable on any surface because of its wide base and low stance.

The adjustable anti slip feet made up of rubber assist in even out the undulating area.

It has a seamless and smooth design.

You can use our bike in every weather condition because of its high resistance.


  • Stability on any surface.
  • A wide base.
  • Low stance.
  • Adjustable ant slip rubber feet.
  • Smooth and seamless design.
  • Noise reduction resistance.

  • Unshakable balance.
  • To even out any uneven flooring.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Quick installation.
  • Great compatibility.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Produce sound.

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Are you serious about mountain biking and looking for the best single pivot mountain bike?

Then, this is for you.

The Schwinn Moab 3 has an aluminium frame and provides a responsive, smooth, and lightweight ride.

It has a price and quick gear shifts.

The hydraulic disc brakes add to the charm by providing great stopping power in any riding condition.

This product guarantees the best experience of your life.

It is highly durable and stable.


  • Aluminium frame.
  • Provide a lightweight, responsive ride.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes.
  • WTB SX19 rim with alloy disc hubs.

  • deliver excellent stopping performance.
  • provide durability.
  • gives a more stable ride.
  • performs efficiently in any riding conditions.
  • very carefully wrapped and padded packaging.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Mildly expensive.

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Kent Hawkeye Mountain Bike is unique in its way. It has a crown suspension fork and an 18.5†light Aluminum frame.

It fits perfectly with the Shimano front and back derailleurs.

The riders of the high 5’7†to the 6’2†can sit comfortably on the bike.


  • 5†aluminium frame.
  • aluminium crown front suspension.
  • Shimano 7-speed freewheel.
  • Mechanical brakes (Front & rear).
  • Derailleurs (Front and rear).
  • Shimano rapid-fire 21-speed shifters.
  • 29†double-wall rims of alloy.
  • 29 x 2.30 tires.
  • 8 alloy stem and handlebar.
  • alloy 170mm crank.

  • Durable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Best ride experience.
  • Great material.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Compatible.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Mildly expensive.

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Sixthreezero Comfort-Bicycles – Women’s Comfort Bike is ideal for women who want a light exercise ride or go for recreational activities.

It is very comfortable and has enough gears (for up to 15mph) to handle light hills.

The single pivot brakes and frame geometry design is best for the absorption of shocks and bumps.

It attracts the attention of ladies because of its cute colors and assists in easing pain along the ride.

The rear rack is provided to put extra accessories.


  • Enough gears to tackle light hills.
  • Vibratory front suspension.
  • Reliable Shimano gearing.
  • Frame geometry design.
  • Suspension seat post.
  • 2-inch slick tires.
  • Includes rear rack.

  • Ideal for light exercise and recreational activities.
  • Relax ride.
  • Absorb the bumps.
  • Reduces vibration and shock on bumpy terrain.
  • Takes tension off major joints.
  • Helps ease pain during rides.
  • Smooth cruiser configuration.
  • Smooth and easy pedaling.
  • Comfortable.
  • A cushioned ride.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Pre-assembled so some find it an inconvenience.

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Factors To Consider When Buying A Single Pivot Mountain Bike

Single pivot bikes have simple designs, easier production, lighter, robust, and less costly maintenance.

If you choose the right brand then the efficient virtual pivot designs tune their shocks.


The brand of the product really matters.

The respectable brand makes good quality single-pivot suspension that is affordable and of good quality.

Some of them are Kona, Yeti, Scott, and Trek.

The top brands care for the customer feedback and avoid any kind of ignorance in the quality of their gear.


As you know riding in the mountains means more paddling.

For this, you require a lightweight bike.

This will assist you in moving forward quickly and will cause less energy consumption.

This is an important point for those who have to do cycling on the rough surfaces.


The quality of the product is an important factor to be considered.

So, as the prices get higher the quality too.

We recommend you to check the material of the product whether it suits the conditions you are in or want to avail or not.

Keep in mind that increasing price is not always the indicator of high quality.


Every product has pros and cons so it is advisable to buy those which have fewer cons and more pros.

The drawback of using a simple single pivot mountain bike is its linear leverage ratio.

If more pressure is applied then more suspension compression will be the result.


Carbon or Aluminum?

One always gets confused about whether to buy a carbon frame or an aluminum frame.

There are always pros and cons so we have reviewed them thoroughly for you.

You can then choose what is best for you.

But we recommend you go for the Aluminium model.

Carbon is considered to be lighter but is it worth it to buy it because it is 700 g more or less than aluminium frame.

People consider it to be lighter and free but the reality is that it is stiffer.

Some people find the aluminium material better.

But there are not just carbon and aluminium in the market. You can also go for steel.

Wheel Size

The choice of the wheel size is also very important as it should be according to your height.

You should look for yourself and buy the product which is best suited for you.

We would recommend 29ers as they have a better grip and are more stable.


The ride on the bike totally depends on the Geometry of the bike.

The geometry of the bike means its angles and frame lengths.

Long reach and steep seats are a good idea. For stability low bottom bracket height is effective.


As we have thoroughly discussed the geometry and wheel size.

It is time to discuss what should be the budget? So starting from AU $300 and the range extends to AU $10000.

Spending more money means getting more specifications.

Here specification means lightweight, improve quality, high-quality frame, enhanced durability, and more comfort.

The price changes as the material vary.

Technology also plays an important role in the price change.

Getting The Right Size

It is a very challenging task to select one bike from different types of full suspension mountain bikes.

Getting the right size for you means both comfort and speed.

The incorrectly sized bike can leave an injury behind and a negative riding experience.

The right frame size should be your priority.

Adjustment in the handlebars and the seat can assist in getting the size perfect for you.

Test Ride

Imagine yourself having a car test drive.

So, when you can test a car then why not your bike?

It will help you in deciding whether you are comfortable in it or not?

A demo can let you know about your perfect size, the material, frame, wheels functionality, and comfort level.

We recommend you always buy from a trusted company.

Read Reviews

Before buying a single pivot mountain bike always read the reviews and check the ratings of the product.

The people’s experiences and product specifications will lead you to decide.

You can also watch reviews on YouTube.

FAQ’s For Top Single Pivot Mountain Bikes

What Is A Single Pivot Bike?
A single Pivot Bike has a rear axle that pivots around a single point.

The shock is connected to a part of the frame and the rear axle.

They are the simplest to manufacture and the easiest to handle.

When wearing out they require fewer tools.

Is Pivot A Good Mountain Bike?
Pivot was found in 2007 by the Chris Cocalis and he was inspired by the mountain bikes.

At that time, mountain bikes were recognized as the winner of bicycling editor’s choice award. So, Pivot is the good option as a mountain bike.

How To Lubricate Bike Suspension At Home?
It is an easy process. Move the fork upward and let the oil to lubricate the down the fork leg.

It takes 20 minutes to reach the seals of the bike by turning it upside down.

How To Do Service Of My Mountain Bike Pivots At Home?
  • To make the process easier, remove the extra stuff to free swingarm.
  • Loosen the pivot boats. Make sure not to lose them.
  • Follow the sequence.
  • Remove grease from the hardware.
  • Clean the bearings.
  • Arrange back the unit.
  • Grease the shaft.
What Size Bike Should You Get?
Most people think that small bikes are playful and more comfortable.

They have assumed wrong and ride on the wrong bikes.

Smaller bikes are actually uncomfortable, sketchier, and less stable.

A cheaper and more efficient bike is better than an expensive small size bike because you had believed a myth.

The best solution is to ask a manufacturer about the right size and read the size chart if available.

It will help you decide which size is perfect for you.

Because in mountains you don’t want to take the risk.

For a single pivot mountain bike to work efficiently you have to select the best design and size.


We hope this review helped you find the best single-pivot bike suited for you, you might also be interested in the best mountain bike saddles out there. Also learn how to avoid getting hurt while mountain biking.

We have reviewed the best single-pivot bikes for mountain riding that are affordable, comfortable, and efficient.

Just give this article a read. We hope you find what is best in your interest.

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