How To Build A Pontoon Boat Trailer in 2023

How to build a pontoon boat trailer is the commonly asked question among the pontoon owners.

It is an interesting question.

The construction of pontoon trailer is different from the ordinary trailers.

As both have to experience a different amount of loads.  The first thing you need to consider is the weight and size of the boat you’d like to haul.    A simple one-man pontoon boat like the classic accessories colorado won’t require nearly as much support as big party pontoon boat.

This information is helpful for you if you are a DIY lover and wanted to make a pontoon trailer for the boat yourself.


What Are Pontoon Boat Trailer?

Pontoon trailers are also called as “Drive on”.

They have broad base and present on the both sides of the pontoon boat.

The raised part of the trailers helps in maintaining the balance of the pontoon.

They somehow seem like the trailers used for the ordinary boats.

What Is The Benefit Of Using Pontoon Trailers?

Pontoon trailers add buoyancy to the boat and help in moving easily on the surface of water.

Hence, pontoon trailers provide extra comfort, safety, and durability to the customers.

How To Build A Pontoon Boat Trailer?

Attach Sides Of Trailer Frame To Maximum Places

Pontoon trailers have to bear additional pressure as compared to other boats.

In other boats, the stress a boat encounter is on the centre of axles.

In case of pontoon, the trailers have to face subsequent bending and twisting.

This puts stress on outer edges of the trailer frame as well as axle.

The load of pontoon boat on trailer is on centers 72” and 77” while weight on 36” center is over the axle.

Cross Braces Encounter Stress

More Than Two Cross Braces

If pontoon needs to encounter greater stress forces, then try to go with more than two cross members.

The heavier models of pontoon including 22’-25’ use five cross member to tie the trailer frame in the horizontal manner.

Less Than Two Cross Braces:

The outside frame doesn’t need two cross members when facing little stress.

Braces hold up the large engines vertically at the back.

On the front, vertical braces are useful for avoiding “bucking”. This arrangement gives you confident to take the pontoon boat anywhere without hesitation.

Weld Steel Frame

The welded steel frame comparable to size of steel tubing is one of the strongest trailer frames.

If you want to make your pontoon trailer durable and strong, use this approach.

Adjust Bunk Brackets

Further strengthen the main frame by attaching the bunk brackets. These brackets are best for support.

It is easy to adjust these supportive bunk brackets.

To fasten and loosen the bracket, the welded cross member and u bolt play their part.

The adjustment of the bracket affects the weight distribution of the pontoon trailers.

Making a right choice is good for the pontoon boat and pontoon trailer.

FAQs For Setup Your Own Pontoon Trailer

Is It Hard To Trail A Pontoon?
In the start, it is hard for the beginner to trail a pontoon.

Careless attitude can cause troubles in trailing a pontoon. Following measures can help you in making a perfect fit.

Avoid trailing in high winds

Use a dock hook to counteract the air acting against the boat.

Avoid pulling the hook in deep water.

Make everyone get off the boat to make pontoon boat on trailer easier.

Make sure front of the boat is not carrying any weight.

How Much Pontoon Trailers Cost?
The cost of pontoon trailers depend on the categories of the pontoon boat.

The price of pontoon boat trailers for heavy-duty boats ranges from $2000-$4000.

Which Size Of Pontoon Trailer Is Good For Pontoon?
The size of the trailer varies according to the model of the pontoon boat.

The criterion for the size of the pontoon trailer is to make a trailer 3’ to 4’ larger than pontoon boat.

For example, if the size of boat is 22’; the pontoon trailer should have the length of 25’ to 26’.

How To Measure The Capacity Of The Trailer?
For measuring the capacity of the trailer, you need to sum up the weight of the following things:

  • Boat
  • Fuel tank
  • Engine
  • Personal stuff
  • Water tank (optional)


In this article we discussed how to build a pontoon boat trailer, now it’s only a matter of getting one so why not consider the most popular one man pontoon boat, and for bluetooth stereo radios, have a look at our Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio review.

Don’t forget to check out the best pontoon boats to ride on your new trailer.

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