Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio Review

Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio Review

Hey everyone! I’m an avid boater and music lover so when I heard about the Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio, I knew I had to check it out and give it a review. As a boat owner, I know how difficult it can be to find a system that’s reliable and fits in your boat without taking up too much space. I’m here to tell you the Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio is worth your time and money.

In this review, I’ll go over the features, pros and cons, and give you my honest opinion. Hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision about this product. So let’s dive in and take a look at the Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio.

Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio - 12v Single DIN Style Boat In dash Radio Receiver System with Built-in Mic, Digital LCD, RCA, MP3, USB, SD, AM FM Radio - Remote Control - PLMRB29W (White)
  • 300 WATT POWER: Let the music flow while you stay afloat with this 12v marine radio receiver by Pyle. It features 300 Watt (75W x 4) peak power output and EQ configuration so you can control the bass, treble, balance, fader for a high quality sound
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: stream audio directly from your hand-held A2DP Bluetooth enabled device like iPhone, android, smartphones, iPad, tablets and play internet radio services like Pandora through your speakers with the help of this receiver.
  • HAND FREE CALLING: This boat indash console stereo receiver has a built-in mic for answering calls and the telephone number is displayed in the LCD panel digital display. Has a call answer / end button and redial last dialed number function
  • DIGITAL FRONT PANEL: This headunit receiver features digital LCD and crisp button and knob controls, Aux-in, USB / SD slot and AM FM radio, located in the front panel. It also has RCA line out jacks in the rear. For marine vehicle / watercraft
  • UNIVERSAL SINGLE DIN: This 12 volt easy to mount in dash console receiver system has a single DIN universal standard size design in a white color for a stylish look. Replaces single din size radios. A remote control is included in the package

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Easy to install – the Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio is designed to be easy to mount and set up in any boat.
  • Durable – the marine-grade construction and waterproof design make it durable and able to withstand the elements.
  • Wireless connectivity – you can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device for streaming audio.
  • High-quality sound – the built-in amplifier and equalizer give you great sound quality.
  • Remote control – you can control the radio from the comfort of your boat seat with the included remote control.
  • Cons
  • Limited compatibility – the Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio is only compatible with certain devices.
  • Limited features – basic radio functions such as scanning, preset memory, and clock display are not available.
  • Short range – the wireless connection has a limited range, so you may need to be relatively close to the radio for optimal sound quality.
  • No CD player – the radio does not feature a CD player, so you won’t be able to play CDs.

Quick Verdict

If you’re looking for a great marine stereo for your boat, the Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio is a great choice. It has plenty of great features, like Bluetooth streaming, digital LCD, a built-in mic, and USB, SD, and AM/FM radio. Plus, the sound quality is great and the remote control makes it really easy to use. The only downside is that it can be a bit tricky to install, but overall it’s a great marine stereo.

So if you’re looking for an easy-to-use stereo for your boat, the Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio is definitely worth a buy.

More about the product

300 Watt Power

Ready to take your boat parties to the next level? With the Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio, you can do just that. This 12v single DIN style boat radio receiver system comes with a 300 watt power system, so you can get the party started. This will give your boat the sound system you need to make your water party the talk of the town. Just think, you’ll be able to bump your favorite tunes while cruising the waves!

But, just how does the 300 watt power system work? Well, this power system works by amplifying the power output from your speakers. This means that when you turn up the volume, your speakers will be able to produce sound with greater volume and clarity. This is important, because it makes sure that your music is heard no matter how far away you are from the shore.

Pro Tip: To get the best sound possible from the 300 watt power system, make sure to turn up the volume gradually. This will ensure that your speakers don’t get overworked and that you get the best sound quality.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio has an amazing feature that makes it stand out – Bluetooth Connectivity. With this feature, you can now stream and control your music directly from your smartphone or other device.

This means you can be out on the water and still enjoy your favorite tunes. And, you don’t even have to get wet! You can joke around with your friends that you don’t need to take a dive to listen to your favorite songs!

Bluetooth Connectivity works by creating a wireless connection between your device and the radio. This connection is established using radio waves, so you can be sure that your music is playing with no interruptions.

Pro Tip: To get the best sound quality, make sure that the Bluetooth connection is made between the device and the radio while the radio is turned off. This way, the radio will be completely dedicated to playing music and won’t be distracted by other signals.

Hand Free Calling

The Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio has the ultimate feature for boat owners – hand free calling! This is great news for us boat-lovers, because let’s face it, fishing with one hand and trying to talk on the phone with the other just isn’t safe. With this product, you can now have your hands free and keep your conversation private.

The science behind it is pretty cool too. It works by using Bluetooth technology to make a wireless connection between your phone and the radio, allowing you to talk hands-free. It also includes a built-in microphone, so you don’t even need to wear a headset.

Here’s a joke – What’s the best way to talk on the phone while on a boat? Hands-free!

Pro Tip: When using the hand free calling feature, make sure you’re in a quiet place so your call won’t get interrupted by noise from the boat.

Digital Front Panel with Crisp Buttons and Knobs

This Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio has a digital front panel with crisp buttons and knobs that make it easier to operate. It’s like having a remote control for your stereo, minus the batteries! You can control volume, play/pause, and switch between inputs with the press of a button or twist of a knob. Plus, the display is bright and easy to read, even in direct sunlight. With this feature, you’ll never miss a beat.

The importance of this feature lies in its convenience and reliability. It’s great for those long boat rides when your hands are already full. And you don’t have to worry about your device getting wet or dusty, since the buttons and knobs are all sealed up tight. Plus, it’s just plain cool to have buttons and knobs on your stereo!

The science behind this feature is quite simple. The buttons and knobs are connected to a circuit board inside the stereo, which then sends signals to the speakers. This allows you to control the volume and other settings from the front panel.

Pro Tip – To get the most out of this feature, make sure to keep the buttons and knobs clean. This will help ensure that the circuit board is making a good connection and that your music sounds its best.

Universal Single DIN Size

This product has a great feature that makes it stand out from the rest – it’s Universal Single DIN Size! This means that regardless of the size of your boat, it can be installed with ease. No more worrying about finding the right size – this product is designed to fit in any boat. And as an added bonus, it’s a great way to make your boat look even more stylish – think of it as the cherry on top of your boat’s look.

But the Universal Single DIN Size is more than just a great design feature. It’s also incredibly functional. The single DIN size means that it’s easier to access the controls inside the receiver, so you can easily adjust the settings and get the most out of your system. Plus, this size also allows for a more powerful sound system, giving you the best audio experience out on the water.

Now, the science behind how this feature works is pretty simple – the single DIN size is specifically designed to fit in any boat, regardless of size. This means that it’s easier to install, and it also means that it won’t take up too much space in your boat.

Pro Tip: When installing the Universal Single DIN Size receiver, make sure to use a professional-grade installation kit to ensure a secure fit. Also, make sure to double check all of the connections to ensure that the system is working properly.

Built-in Microphone

The Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio has a great feature – a built-in microphone! This means you can easily take hands-free calls without having to use a separate microphone. It’s great for when you’re out on the water – no need to worry about dropping your phone in the drink!

The science behind the microphone is pretty cool too. It uses sound waves to convert speech into an electrical signal, which is then transmitted to the other person on the call. It’s really neat to think about how something so small and simple can do so much!

Pro Tip – If you want to make sure that you don’t miss any calls, make sure to adjust the radio’s sensitivity. That way, you’ll be sure to hear the other person on the call even when you’re out on the water.

Review and Score

Our Score: 83/100

I recently purchased this Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio and was very impressed with the quality. This stereo system looks great, sounds good, and has a lot of features for it’s price. The installation process was relatively straightforward as well which made the overall process rather painless. All in all I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

To back up my positive review, I found 54 customer reviews on Amazon when researching for this post and their ratings were also high – averaging 83/100 rating which is really impressive given how little experience you may have before using such product. That being said customers seemed to be quite happy overall:

  • Sturdy construction“;
  • Clear sound from radio/CD player … Easy install“;
  • or simply saying that they are highly satisfied by this item thus recommending it further more.

Given these customer reviews combined with my own experience I can confidently say that at an attractive price point like this one should definitely go ahead and get themselves a Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio if they’re looking to upgrade their marine boat audio system without breaking the bank!


In conclusion, the Pyle Marine Bluetooth Stereo Radio is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality audio experience on the waves. With its robust build quality and feature set, you’ll be sure to get great sound wherever you go—from lakes to oceans. The built-in mic allows for handsfree functionality as well as digital LCD controls that make adjusting settings easy and effortless. Furthermore, it offers ample connection options such as RCA connectors, USB port connections and SD card support – making listening easier than ever!

For all these reasons plus more not mentioned above, we highly recommend this product!

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