5 Best Places to Mountain Bike in Toronto

Toronto has a lot to offer, from the most diverse neighborhoods in the world to amazing restaurants and bars. But what many people don’t know is that Toronto also boasts some of the best mountain biking trails in North America. Whether you’re an expert rider or a beginner, there’s a trail for everyone! If you are a mountain bike enthusiast and you are looking for homes for sale in Toronto, try looking at some spots close to these trails.

In this article we will highlight seven of our favourite places to mountain bike in Toronto!

Albion Hills

A Southern Ontario gem, the Albion Hills Conservation Area is great for beginner mountain bikers. The trails are wide and flat, making it an easy ride that everyone can enjoy. There’s also a lot of wildlife in this area so if you’re lucky enough to see some deer or turkey along the way, consider yourself lucky! If you’ve never tried biking before, this is a great place to start.

This exciting mountain biking track combines wide, doubletrack trails with flowy singletrack trails, and every track you’ll find has been marked accordingly. While it is simple to find your way around Albion Hills, it is just as easy to lose track of time in the winding paths. If you discover that you need a break from riding, Albion Hills has a beach and picnic areas, so you can take a quick rest before you get back out there.

Albion Hills has a $6.25 entrance fee and yearly memberships available, with the trails being well-maintained throughout the year. There are over 40 kilometres of trails to discover, so this is a trail you can come back to time and time again.

Fun Fact: Albion Hills is home to the Summer Solstice Race, the largest 24-hour mountain biking festival in North America!

Don Valley

The Don Valley trails are among the most popular mountain biking in Ontario, situated in the heart of downtown. The system has over 50km of trails with something for everyone; you can choose to bike on paved roads, single-track, or even completely off-road! Make sure you come during the week because this area gets extremely crowded on weekends.

The Don Valley Trails are especially great for experienced riders, with steep inclines and descents across the trails. If you aren’t an advanced rider, try to stay on the paved paths, which still provide a fantastic track for mountain biking.

There are multiple trailheads at this mountain biking location; one is behind Sunnybrook Hospital and the other is in the gravel parking lot on the southeast corner of Bayview Avenue and Pottery Road. We recommend trying the gravel parking lot first, as it is bigger and typically less crowded than the other.

Agreement Forest

Agreement Forest is one of the more difficult trails on the list. With no trail markers, there are countless paths with a flowy web of rocks and roots to challenge riders. This location is a perfect place to get lost exploring since every track leads back to the main access road, so even if you veer off it will be easy to distinguish where you are.

If it’s been raining recently, make sure to wait a few days before heading to the Forest; there are many marshes around the trails that can make riding difficult after rainfall. With a large number of bridges, rocky terrains, and challenges in this web of trails, you will never get bored when in Agreement Forest.  Just be sure to the right saddle for your mountain bike.

Puslinch Tract/Twin Ponds

With over 18km of singletrack biking trails to explore, Puslinch Tract offers a relatively breezy ride for advanced mountain bikers. While the trails are mostly unmarked, the trails are surrounded by Toronto’s main roads, so you’ll always be able to find your way out. If you don’t like discovering uncharted territory on your own, we recommend riding with a seasoned vet the first time you go.

Another unique thing about the Puslinch Tract Trail is that it is heavily shared with hikers and horseback riders. Most people on horseback stick to the doubletrack trails, so if you don’t want to worry about running into them, it’s best to stay on the singletracks.

The trail is separated into two parts: The Pines, which is a smoother ride with fewer challenges and obstacles, and The Hardwoods, which provide a more technical ride with steeper hills and sharp turns. Whether you want a chill ride or an exciting challenge, Puslinch Tract allows visitors to pick their poison.

Christie Lakes

Mountain bikers of all skill levels are welcome at this trail! The trails at Christie Lakes provide rolling terrain and flowing turns, creating a simple and enjoyable ride. There is an ample amount of signage throughout the tracks, but it doesn’t hurt to study the map a bit before you head down the trail.

Once you get started, look for the Trillium Trail Connector and stay to the left of the trail. If you’re traveling with kids 12 and under, the Enchanted Forest Trail is made specifically for them, so they can practice a little before heading to the other trails. There are plenty of intersections for you to branch off on different trails, but if you’re looking for a challenge, head to Devil’s Punchbowl. This exciting trail requires some inclines, but there are some banks along the corners that make this a fun ride.

To find the Christie Lakes mountain biking trail, head to the Christie Lakes Conservation Area and follow the signs for mountain bike parking. The lot will lead you through the Round the Lake Trail, but it is still the closest entry point to the singletrack trail.

Best Places to Mountain Bike in Toronto

Toronto has a lot of amazing outdoor activities, and biking is no exception. Toronto even has some great places to buy mountain bikes! Whether you’re looking for an easy ride or something more difficult, Toronto offers it all. Next time you’re wanting to get out of the house, pack up your safety gear, grab your bike, and head to one of these Toronto trails!

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