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We explained 8 best occidental tool belt.

Perfection seeking tasks require the use of proper mechanical support; either electrical or manual equipment.

Top Occidental Tool Belts

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The workers working in the field better know the importance of a durable tool belt. The brand of the tool built is enough to notify you about many of its features.

The name of the OCCIDENTAL LEATHER is a well-known name and doesn’t need any introduction.

Many years of hard work have made OCCIDENTAL LEATHER a trust able name in the world.

The wide range of tool belts by Occidental with the differential features has provided you with many options. We have reviewed different tool belts and decided to write the reviews for your help.

Best 8 Occidental Leather Tool Belt


Left-handers, where are you? We are having something exciting for you. Occidental Leather 9855 is the best option for left-handed workers.

It doesn’t mean that a right-handed person cannot use it


The configuration of the belt constitutes D-rings for the additional support to carry heavyweight tools.

The shoulder straps and suspenders intensify the working abilities and aids in efficiently completing your daily tasks.

The extensive pouches offer a greater area for the placement of large gadgets. Twenty four pockets are for carrying different tools with the additional hammer loops.

The complaint which comes in front of my eyes is the deficiency of handles, although not a big problem.


  • Well suited for left-handers
  • Configured D-rings
  • Extensive pouches
  • Trustable quality

What We Don’t Like?

  • Insufficient handles

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One more out of the blue addition to the list is the Occidental 8580 fat lip tool bag set.

It is incredibly useful that the one who gets used to it will not leave it for the rest of his life.

The out of ordinary services has made an essential part of many workers’ job from different fields.


The use of industrial Nylon for the composition of the bag results in intensified durability. It can tolerate the severe working conditions for many hours and don’t leave you alone.

Don’t rush to take measures for your pointed and sharp tools place men, as they will not harm the pockets.

There is something more; the double layer padding consolidates the unit and empowers the owner to work in an upright posture for an extended period. BEST OPTION FOR ELECTRICIANS AND CARPENTERS

  • Resistant to tear
  • Sturdy look
  • Strikingly equipped
  • Specialized holders

What We Don’t Like?

  • Expensive
  • Less space

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The tool belt under discussion results in jaw drops, as it is available in two different sorts making it available for right and left-handers.

The feature makes it extra-ordinary among the others in the group.


The disordered placement of tools wastes time, selecting the respective tool required during the working session.

Using the Occidental 9515, you don’t need to waste time on pre-task preparations.

The tool belt is not only having a simple look but is also convenient to use, lessening your work-related disturbances and on-time completion of the task.


  • Durable
  • Subtle description
  • High comfort level
  • Suitable for lefties

What We Don’t Like?

  • Don’t support upright standing

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Here comes something new o the list, which left behind all the previously discussed tool belts.

I am talking about Occidental 5093; you will startle when I briefly describe the product.


The tool belt induces extra pressure on your back and results in pain and related disorders by shifting the burden on the shoulders.

With the advent of the Occidental 5093 belt less system, you can continuously use it without the fear of overusing your back.

The personalized straps secure every individual’s safety, and you don’t need to impose the fixed straps on your body.

Moreover, there are twenty-five pockets for holding different pieces of tools.

  • Increased range of motion
  • Appropriate for congested spaces
  • Distribute burden on the shoulder, back, and hip
  • Reduced chances of back pain

What We Don’t Like?

  • High pricing
  • Not suitable for persons having a weak upper limb

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If you are looking for the long term support from the tool belt, Occidental 8089is the right option.

I have done anin-depth search about the reviews and glad to confirm the user’s excellent reviews.


The lower number of pouches makes people think that it has less room for holding tools, but they don’t know that the available pouches are larger than the normal, compensating for the decreased number of pouches.

The slots are well-designed for the measuring tape, hammers, and many small tools.

The belt’s appearance looks resilient, but the tool belt’s material is light in weight and alleviates pain symptoms.


  • Extra room for equipment
  • Numerous options for sizing
  • Easily transfer
  • Good endurance

What We Don’t Like?

  • Confused sizing on the chart

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Without discussing the Occidental Leather 5089, our recommendation list is incomplete.

The first thing about the belt that captivates you is its smooth velvety appearance due to the top quality leather used in the composition.


You can trust the quality of the belt without any hesitation, as the use of advanced American technologies ranks it on the top.

The main bag is fortified with copper lining and liked by many of its users.

The belt has won every test regarding the severity of environmental conditions leaving no worry about where to use it and not.

The strap’s flexible nature doesn’t pressurize your hips and avoids the straining of the hip.

  • Luxurious style
  • American based technology
  • Copper wire reinforcement
  • Optimal fitting

What We Don’t Like?

  • Imposes high load

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Our next ultimate product owes a great deal of flexibility along with the durability; it is none other than OCCIDENTAL LEATHER 5018 DB PRO TOOL BAG.

A perfect option for use if one prefers to carry a simple assortment of tools that may assist them for general usage.


If you are looking for a tool belt to take with you for an out of town job, the OCCIDENTAL LEATHER 5018 DB PRO TOOL BAG can fit multiple general tools in its many compartments without being burdensome or bulky.

When performing more risky tasks like working in a confined environment, it is crucial that the tool belt does not get in the way of one’s work or cause any sort of inconvenience.

Although many users remark that it is a tad bit on the expensive side, it is definitely worth the investment.

  • Well built
  • Appealing appearance
  • Accommodating

What We Don’t Like?

  • Expensive item

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Through our expertise, we came to know about the striking features of the OCCIDENTAL LEATHER 5590 ELECTRICIAN’S SET.

We were captivated by superior functionality of our designated product.


Unlike most other tool belts, it offers a large spectrum of sizes that can fit many different body types ranging from slim to larger waist sizes.

You will love the comfortable and light experience of this belt due to its padded design that minimizes any pressure felt while working.

Designed for electricians, it can be worn while climbing up to great heights and the like.

  • Compatible for tools of all size
  • The leather used in pouch is of excellent quality
  • Contemporary design

What We Don’t Like?

  • Not goof for left-handers
  • Nylon holder don’t have enough durability

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Factors To Consider When Buying An Occidental Tool Belt


The design of your belt tells a lot about your taste and personality. Most of the workers prefer to go with the latest and trending tool belt based on luxurious design.

It is good to keep yourself up-to-date, but make sure not to risk your safety for that. Some designs offer the ease of use for every type of worker irrespective of their dominant hand.

Some people prefer to go for the design that doesn’t have the belt; to avoid the extra pressure on the hip joint.

Moreover, the suspenders also help to lower down the risk of exerting the hip joint by the transmission of forces on the different body parts.

For some users, KLEIN 55427 tool belt configures a simple design.


How we can ignore such an important aspect while buying a tool belt? No, we cannot ignore that.

The purpose of tool belt is to carry all your belongings you need during your working session; it can be your tools, cell phone, etc.

The more things your tool belts can hold, the more capable it is. Your workload decides the capacity of tool belt you need for the belt. Some belts have the deep pockets inside the belt that offers extra space for the heavy-duty works.

I have presented the list of tool belts with all features.


According to my perspective, comfort comes at first. No matter how luxurious a belt is or how many services it offer; it is of no use in front of me if your comfort is at stake.

Try to look for the belt, which offers a great deal of comfort and allow you to perform the  task without any discomfort.

The fitting of the belt is another factor which decides the level of comfort. The size of the belt that is not compatible with your dimensions is something that is useless.


I have seen many people who have compromised a huge amount of their money for the sake of quality.

The parameter of budget doesn’t hold constant for different workers. The financial status of persons vary and decides how much you can pay for specific expenses of your daily living.

You can get the best tool belt for you within your budget through proper search.

If you have low budget then go with these products.


The amount of work you can perform over the extended period of time determines the endurance.

We can also call it durability. For the long term companionship, your belt should have adequate endurance and strength to endure the harsh weather conditions.

The materials used in the composition of the belt can last for the long time, if handled with the proper care. If in case some parts tear away sooner or later, then you can claim and get them repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Advantages Of Occidental Tool Belt?
Occidental tool belts offer the advantages of

  • Functionality
  • Diversity
  • Durability
  • Affordability
  • Versatility
What Are The Disadvantages Of Occidental Tool Belt?
There are no specific disadvantages. The problem is the wrong selection of the tool belt, that doesn’t suit your work or your body.
Where To Buy Tool Belts?
You can buy the tool belts from retailer shops near your area. Due to the prevailing conditions of the world, the online shopping is trending.

There are many websites offering detailed explanation about the product, with original pictures and suitable rates.

What Type Of Leather Is Used In OCCIDENTAL Leather Tool Belts?
The superior quality of leather is used in the composition of OCCIDENTAL tool belts.

The process includes tanning of cow hides and integrating with the waxes and oils to provide the users with the best material, which can cope up with the extreme weather conditions without putting extra effort for maintenance.

What Is The Best OCCIDENTAL Tool Belt?
OCCIDENTAL 9565 ELECTRICIANS TOOL BELT is the best occidental tool belt. The adjustability of the belt is superb to perfectly fit the individual. The tool pouches are designed solely for the electricians.


It doesn’t matter which Occidental tool belt you are buying; the quality is not questionable.

Your job conditions decide which model of the tool belt you need and suits your circumstances best.

I have explained different models with fair reviews to help you select the appropriate tool belt for you. The next step is in your hands.

Don’t hesitate, choose the one.

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