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We came with the best tool belts for plumber to provide the helping hand for the extemporaneous efforts of our skilled plumbers.

Top 6 Plumber Tool Belts

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A good plumber tries to carry all the critical tools with himself to work efficiently.

To maintain a good reputation, he avoids every means which can destroy his right name and disturbs the quality of work.

The talent of a plumber is incomplete without tools, which are the vitals for his task. Just like a painter cannot paint without brushes, a plumber cannot work without his tools.

It was challenging for the plumbers to organize tools in a work-friendly manner and carry them all along.

Best Tool Belts For Plumbers Reviews 2021


The name, tough-built, is fair enough to justify the durability and strength of the belt.

The evolution of the tough-built handyman belt introduces a new concept in the diversity of belts.

The handyman tool belt is an all-rounder belt, which can endure different conformational changes for different intensity of tasks.

You can make adjustments anytime you need it.


The padded NYLON belt of heavy-duty material can hold two main pouches.

There are custom-made 27 pockets and large loops for hanging the hammer.

The harsh working conditions are tolerable due to the presence of fixed build-up.

The other adjuncts are pocket for pointed objects with plastic covering inside, clips for measuring tapes, loops for screwdrivers, and pocket for holding a notebook.

The measure of the waistline that can fit best in this belt is 32-48 inches. It is well-suited for suspension tasks.

  • Easy to use
  • Good strength
  • Add variations according to your will

What We Don’t Like?

  • Bulky in size
  • No phone holder

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The CLC CUSTOM LEATHERCRAFT is another variation on the list of BEST TOOL BELT FOR PLUMBERS.

The 43 pockets present in the product under consideration are enough to hold all essential tools.

The two window pockets are one of the exceptional features, which provide easy visibility from the outside.

The box-like design of the tool bag is unique and prevents the falling down of the tools.


The solidified structure of bag is due to the presence of hard-wearing polyester fabric.

The shoulder straps are adaptive enough with the comfortable padding allowing the proper management of heavy tools.

The only problem that I came to know is the small size of the organizer tray. Apart from that, everything is superb.

  • Two window pockets
  • Durable polyester fabric used in composition
  • 43 pockets, compatible with different tools

What We Don’t Like?

  • Small organizing tray

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Style and craft pro-framer comes with a lot of exciting attributes.

I will highly suggest the fantastic combo of style and craft 98484.

The product’s rewarding is its pure leather with the combination of heavy-duty Nylon thread with the top-grained oil belts.


You will love the darkly tanned color that gives the feel of pure leather and soothes your mind. When talking about space, I cannot neglect its extra-ordinary capacity to hold the tools.

Besides a tape holder, on the right side is the main pouch consisting of six pockets. The hammer loop is present between two side pockets that can hold nails, knife, pencils, and other tiny tools.

The total becomes seventeen when you start counting them.

You don’t need to worry about safety as it furnishes immobile caps and configured according to a user-friendly approach.

  • Durable
  • Hammer holder made of metal
  • Easy to carry
  • Excessive space

What We Don’t Like?

  • Requires almost one week to chip in

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You can get the idea from the name that it is the boss of the tool belts.

The chemical composition encompasses a mixture of different polymers including, PP, PVC, EPE, etc.

In short, we can deduce it is a denier and 2-ply heavy-duty belt. Hence, you can trust the belt’s quality without any worries.


The system of pouches and suspenders is very accommodating.

You can modify them according to your requirements. The proficient load-bearing suspender allows the even distribution of your weight and doesn’t limit your body segments’ movement.

The barrel bottom and fortified pouches yield additional space.

It can accommodate the waists measurements up to 52 inches.

The moisture-absorbent padding increases the level of comfort.

Furthermore, an elastic pocket for a cell phone is also present that can hold different models of cell phones.

BUCKET BOSS 3 BAG TOOL BELT is the topmost choice.

  • Extra spacing
  • Offers good adjustability
  • Suspenders with a proper ventilation system
  • Personalized tool management

What We Don’t Like?

  • Enormous size

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Occidental brand introduced a 5590 tool belt with the specific logistics to fulfill the criterion of making specific pockets for the tools.

If you need any proof of the belt’s quality, let me tell you that it is pure leather.

The risk of wearing the strap is shallow, and you can easily use it for an extended period.


Depending on your work situation, you can sort out the structural elements and remove the ones you don’t need.

The most comfortable part is the specificity of tool holders, making you complete your task smoothly and correctly without the rush of finding the required tool.

The wide range of available sizes can fit a large ratio of population. You would know how superb it is after using it. But everyone can’t afford it.

  • The enhanced rhythm of task due to toll specific holders
  • Don’t cause muscle soreness.
  • Equally distributes weight

What We Don’t Like?

  • Expensive

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OX tools construction rig is recommendable for highly demanding jobs, requiring extended working hours.

The leather used in the construction is top-rated, keeping you away from the tension of quality testing.

On the interior aspect, many pockets are providing extra space for tool management.


The tape measuring clip and pencil pouch are easily accessible, and the loop for the hammer is also present.

The surface of pouches is lined with a heavy-duty rivet, which lessen the risk of tearing and scratching of bags and also reduce the chances of injuries.

I must say that anyone who needs the belt badly for the severe conditions of working, will like the belt and will go for it.

  • Tear-resistant
  • Satisfy your need for pockets
  • enhanced security reduces the chances of damage

What We Don’t Like?

  • Heavy to deal with

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Factors To Consider When Buying Best Tool Belts For Plumbers

I suggest you look for the following features before buying any tool belt to reduce future queries.


The person with a large outfit can’t fit in the medium one.

The same is the case with the belt; if you have bought a belt that is not well-suited to your waist, it means you have wasted your money and gained nothing.

Your first concern should be the selection of the belt that suits your size. It doesn’t mean that this is the only feature to count. You can peep at the other characteristics afterwards.

Also check these products for better compatibility.


Every plumber’s primary concern is to settle down every tool in his tool belt to avoid any mismanagement while performing his task.

Space is the overrated trademark, which is a concern of professionals. So, make sure to look for the belt with extra scope to efficiently, and orderly organise your tools.

Otherwise, the limited space will annoy when you need to make a selection from your tools for placing them in the tool belt.

They have more space as compared to others.


The long bouts of work lead to overuse injuries on the human body. In that case, there are many things that you can do to minimize the risk.

The weight of the belt doesn’t look much in front of the heavy tools, but when the belt’s load adds up with the different devices, the probability of adverse impacts increases.

The only thing you can do in the prevailing conditions is to avoid a belt that weighs heavy without tools.


The tool belt needs to be on your body; you should put an extra effort to look for the belt that induces remarkable stoutness.

The output of your work directly depends on personnel and environmental conditions.

You can compromise with the environmental factors, but personnel factors need a proper solution.

The more stable your tool belt is, the higher will be the efficiency of your work.

FAQ’s For Best Plumber Tool Belts

What Is The Difference Between A Tool Belt And A Tool Bag?
People are not aware of the difference between them and mistook tool belts for tool bags.

Tool bags can be part of tool belts, but they fulfill the bag’s criterion and are present in large sizes.

Tool belts surround the individual’s waistline with the added suspenders that help in suspension during the work. Tool belts are smaller in size as compared to the tool bags.

How Should I Clean My Tool Belt?
There is no rocket science in washing or cleaning your tool belt as the composition is of water-tolerant material.

The simple method is surface cleaning of the dust and washing the tool belt with plain water and soap. Alternatively, you can use a wet cloth.

What Is The Best Tool Belt For The Plumbers?
If you ask my opinion, I will choose the TOUGH BUILT HANDY TOOL BELT due to outclass variations.
Why Do I Need A Tool Belt?
Working in the field is not an easy task to deal with.

You cannot carry your pieces of equipment in your hands on your worksite. A tool belt is the best option for making it possible.

What Type Of Tools Can I Put In My Tool Belt?
You can keep any tool in your tool belt, including a hammer, screwdrivers, measuring equipment, etc.

You must ensure the presence of internal plastic lining before putting the pointed objects.

Are Tool Belts Bad For The Back?
The excess of everything is bad. The constant use of tool belt with heavy load put a lot of stress on the hip and enhances the risk of strain.
Which Tools Commonly Used By The Plumber?
The tools which are of common interest for most of the plumbers include:

  • Torch
  • Pipe and tube cutters
  • Versatile wrench (pipe and Basin wrench)
  • Sealing tape
  • Hacksaw
What Is The Role Of Suspenders In The Tool Belt?
The main function of the suspenders is to release the hip from the extra pressure of the heavy weight and to distribute it equally over the spine and upper extremity.


The manual management of tools seems impossible for the plumbers during their activity.

The tool belt’s emergence has made it possible to organise the tools and avoid disruptions during tasks properly.

I had discussed everything required for buying the Best tool belts for plumbers in the buying guides. I am pretty sure that you will thank me later.

The final decision is in your hands, mark the prioritised features on your list and go for the one that matches your desired plan.

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