Best Standing Desk At Amazon 2021 [Reviews]

If you’re like me then you’ve started looking for a standing desk after experience some excruciating back pain from sitting for so long.  There are a ton of choices for a standing desk and with the Chinese suppliers at Amazon, you never really know what you’re going to get.   Today we’ll look at the best standing desks on Amazon in 2021.

When you’re getting a standing desk you’ll have 2 basic options.  Get a converter that sits on top of your current desk or replace your desk with a standing one.   A converter is cheaper but aside from obviously being less attractive, it might not fit your space.   In both instances, we prefer the VIVO brand.   While some other brands might even carry the same product this brand had higher overall satisfaction in terms of reviews.

My advice in choosing a standing desk:

  1. Buy a standing desk that opens straight up.
  2. Make sure your standing desk has rubber feet on the legs to hold it in place.
  3. Look for one that raises and lowers smoothly without latch points (I have a feeling this is an old design, and the companies making these things saw how important it is to have a smooth, easy raise/lower without any latch points.

Best Standing Desk At Amazon 2021

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VIVO Standing 32 inch Desk Converter

VIVO 32 inch Desk Converter, K Series, Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Riser, Dual Monitor and Laptop Workstation with Wide Keyboard Tray, Black, DESK-V000K
  • Create Instant Active Standing - VIVO’s desk riser provides on-demand standing throughout the day for the freedom to get out of your chair and relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and increase productivity. --Patented--
  • Space Efficient 31.5" Surface - The top surface measures 31.5” x 15.7”, which maximizes space while still providing room for dual monitors. The 31.3" x 11.8" (10.5" in center) keyboard tray raises in sync with the top surface to create a comfortable workstation.
  • Strong 33 lbs Lift Assist - Go from sitting to standing in one smooth motion using the innovative simple touch height locking mechanism (Adjustment Range: 4.5" to 20"). Lift design elevates straight upwards.
  • Very Minimal Assembly - This riser is almost ready to go right out of the box! Place on your existing desk, attach the keyboard tray, and start organizing your workstation.
  • We've Got You Covered - Sturdy, high-grade steel design is backed with a 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty and friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns.

VIVO Standing 32 inch Desk Converter Summary

One of the top-rated standing desk converters on the market on the market.  This lets you keep your current desk and add standing desk functionality to it. While the VIVO has all the trappings of a Chinese import, complete with less than thorough instruction manuals and poorly crafted “engrish” descriptions, the quality is top-notch and it does what you want a desk to do.   Support seems to be adequate if you experience any damage or missing parts in shipping.

VIVO Standing 32 inch Desk Converter Review

I just transformed my office from a traditional desk and high back chair to this standing desk. I was a little concerned at the design with only one assist arm and the “X” shaped support legs that get narrower (closer together) as you raise the desk. The concern was that the desk would not be steady when raised to max height. Well after it arrived I set it up (which was very easy out of the box) and placed two 22″ monitors on top along with a wireless keyboard and mouse on the keyboard shelf. I raised it up to accommodate by 6′ height standing on a 2″ Topo floor mat and confirmed right away that this desk is solid as a rock. Highly recommended. Great design, features and overall look at a fantastic price. After only one week with this setup my hip and leg pain are gone. If you have been on the fence, get off and get yourself a standing desk. If your space is limited, get this VIVO.

This is a well-designed product that does what it needs to! Good value, easy assembly, and functions exactly as described. In my relatively-tight workspace, I like that this unit moves straight up and down instead of swinging forward like some other sit-stand desks do. Having the hole for a grommet-mount monitor stand makes my whole workspace so much more useful!

Having suffered with sciatica and other back issues for several years, this product is a much-welcome addition to my office, and even though I’ve only had it for a few days, I can already tell it is making a difference for me!

I’m a nurse who went from being on my feet 12+ hours several days a week to now working from home and being at a desk all day doing pre-auths for insurance and my hips are not loving it at all. Sitting 8 hours a day are just killing my hips. I’m loving this desk because I can alternate sitting and standing while working. It was extremely easy to assemble and set up. The spring system makes it a breeze to raise and lower into place. It’s very sturdy too. I was concerned that my monitors would shake around and move when raising/lowering it but nope, not at all! I was originally looking at one that was $300+ but then found this one and made my decision based on the reviews. I have two 22 inch monitors that I work with and it fits them perfectly. Extremely happy with this purchase and definitely will be recommending it to my co-workers! In fact, my dad is purchasing one too!

I spend a ton of time in front of the computer and couldn’t stand the neck tension and back pain any longer. I considered some of the more expensive versions and then I saw this one! I’m glad I opted for this version. I strongly recommend this product!

  1. Easy to assemble and set up. Very little to put together.
  2. The mechanism that makes it lift up and down is very impressive.
  3. There is plenty of room for a keyboard and a mouse on the tray, as well as extra storage space for staplers, pens, etc.

I love this sit/stand desk, and find it 100 times better than the one I have at work. I was issued a Ergotron sit/stand desk at work and loved standing because it has resolved my back, neck and shoulder issues totally. However,, that product is super heavy to lift with two full-sized monitors on it (I am a small woman with a rotator cuff injury), and takes up so much space – even with an executive desk, I have now have little space on my work desk. My work desk was $600 more than this desk, and the keyboard tray is under the top shelf & isn’t wide enough for an ergo keyboard + mouse – boo! I wish I’d tried this desk first because we bought the other for the whole staff…what a waste!

At home, I have a built-in desk, so chose this one because it has a small footprint, and a larger keyboard piece that the other on Amazon – this was important so that I could have my mouse and keyboard on the same level and ergonomically correct. It fits perfectly. I also like that the keyboard tray protrudes a little bit so your hands are not under the top shelf. But, the best part, is that you can raise and lower the shelf with one hand, and it has gas piston operated lift, so no lifting and it goes up and down very gently – even with two monitors.

Sitting down, I find it easy to use and at a good height. I love it and am very happy with it – would 100% recommend it, and already shared it with my peers who work at home.

Returned this item shortly after receiving it. While putting together the few pieces of this that need assembly, I ran into a few problems. The first is that several pieces that appear to be rubber pads fell off and they aren’t shown in any pictures or diagrams so I had absolutely no idea where they were supposed to go. Regardless, they were clearly not affixed with any sort of adhesive so that seems like a huge oversight. Additionally, one of the screw holes on the keyboard tray was apparently misaligned, meaning that I could not attach the tray even with all of the pushing and pulling in the world to try to get the holes to align properly.Amazon Customer

As for the quality of the build, it does seem to have been built sturdy, so there’s no problems there. Lifting and lowering felt very easy and smooth.

That said, as this is probably my third attempt at getting a desktop standing desk, I’m growing increasingly frustrated at how these companies seem to be in a competition on who can make the largest stands. The only decent stands seem to be 36″+ or made for multiple monitors or devices, whereas the ones intended for single monitors (or 32″ or under monitors) have always been flimsy or just look like step stools. Without the keyboard tray, this stand isn’t really that deep, but as soon as you add it it juts out an additional 12 inches or so due to the fact that its not actually positioned UNDER the desk, but rather begins right where the desk ends. I have what I would consider an above-average size desk that is also very deep, but even with my desk this stand was hanging over the edge of my desk by about 3 inches.

We ordered this for one of our employees that was having back problems, and so wanted to know if we could change her station to allow her to work while standing. After some research and looking around, we ordered this standing desk station – I spent about 20 minutes shopping around Amazon, and found that this one was the best mix of positive reviews (in the USA, at least) and affordable desk space. It arrived earlier than expected, it was exceedingly simple to set up, and the person we ordered it for is gushing about how well it works – indeed, lots of people around the office are now quite fascinated by this standing workstation, so much so that we’re now worried EVERYONE wants one.

The VIVO standing desk arrived a couple of days ago. It was so easy to set up by one person in 15-20 minutes. The mechanism to adjust the height of the unit is very easy to handle. Additionally, since I am over 6 feet tall I thought that maybe the desk wouldn’t go high enough, but it certainly does. I have tried some other desktop version and what I really appreciate about this unit at this price point is how sturdy it feels. There is virtually no movement of the keyboard tray when you type when the unit is extended in height. It is very secure.

A couple colleagues came into my office the next day and they were also very impressed. They are looking at buying one as well.

Although not major issues – still give if 5 stars, one thing that could be modified or improved would be when the keyboard is centred on the tray, there isn’t much room for a mouse pad to the right or left of the keyboard. You don’t need to have a mouse pad, but I like to use one because of the feel of it and also the lack of noise from a plastic mouse on a hard surface (desk or keyboard tray).

I struggled with chairs for years, always fighting against pressure points in my thighs and back, that always left me uncomfortable and unable to focus and be productive for any reasonable length of time. One day, even though I have flat feet (aka fallen arches), I decided to relieve the pressure by standing up; not sure how long I would last on my feet and having to reach down to type. Well, to my surprise, I was able to sustain longer, more comfortable, sessions at the keyboard on my feet. As such, I knew I would not sit again … but needed to solve the problem with elevating the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Enter the VIVO 32″ standing desk.

After much research, I concluded that the 32″ and 36″ VIVO sit-stand desks best met the price-performance requirements. Ultimately I chose the 32″ version, based primarily on three factors: (1) vertical motion when raising-lowering the desk, whereas the 36″ arcs parabolically toward the person when raising up; (2) the slot in the upper platform where one can place their mobile device; and (3) the 32″ has a continuous height adjustment, whereas the 36″ has only eight discrete height position; although I may have found that one of those eight positions was satisfactory for me, it was a consideration to avoid that risk that it would not work for me.

After I set up the desk, I knew that I had THE solution! It works beautifully. I am able to adjust the desk to exactly the height that leaves me with no pressure points. After some days of continual use, I confirm that this standing desk is ergonomically and physically the best solution for me. Granted, my experience is now gated by my flat feet. That is to be expected. Although, the more hours I spend in this new posture, the longer I can go before I need to take a break. That is a big win, in my books!

I wanted to give this 4-1/2 stars but that wasn’t an option. There’s one thing they could do better to make it 5 stars. First, everything was great… arrived on time,very solid, well-built, works perfectly. What would make this a little better is if the keyboard height was adjustable. It’s fixed with the height of the main panel and that’s fine if you use a PC and a monitor, but if you want to use a laptop with a remote keyboard (as we do with all our computers now) the laptop screen either sits too low or the keyboard sits too high. But I researched around and this was the closest we were going to find without getting into the really big, bulky models. This is a very good product!

It’s perfect and compact enough to hold one very large monitor and laptop. It comes up and goes down very easily with one hand despite having the weight of a large monitor on top of it. I spend a good amount of the day working while standing as it feels better for my back. I used to have a standing desk in the office but having to work from home (thanks quarantine!!), I’m loving having bought this to also be able to work standing up at home. The price is VERY decent and it’s of great quality. I don’t see any cons honestly with the exception of perhaps wondering if I should have gotten a slightly larger model… but that’s on me as the size of this is very clearly indicated. 5 stars!!

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VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk

VIVO 43-inch Electric Height Adjustable 43 x 24 inch Stand Up Desk, Black Solid One-Piece Table Top, Black Frame, Home & Office Furniture Sets, B0 Series, DESK-KIT-B04B
  • Create Instant Active Standing - Go from sitting to standing in one smooth motion with this complete active workstation providing comfortable viewing angles and customized user heights. Say goodbye to long hours of sitting, and end the day feeling energized and refreshed!
  • Solid One-Piece 43" Top - This space-efficient 43" x 23.6" table will easily fit into your office area while still providing ample space for a variety of monitor and laptop setups along with important work materials, supplies, and decor. The one-piece solid top is free of seam breaks for a completely smooth surface.
  • Powerful Electric Motor - Enjoy a height range of 28.7” to 46.8” with this frame's powerful motor and strong legs using telescopic height adjustment that lets you transition from sitting to standing at the press of a button.
  • Strong Desk Frame Support - With all-steel construction, the desk frame is able to support up to 176 lbs with maximum stability and sturdiness. The desktop is made of particle board for a scratch-resistant surface.
  • We've Got You Covered - This complete standing workstation is backed with a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty and friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns. Please Note: This desk is made up of 2 cartons, the desk frame and the desk top.

VIVO Electric Height Adjustable 43 x 24 inch Stand Up Desk Reviews

Working from home is a joy. Really. But even the wondrous realization that you no longer have to commute 88 miles (round trip) to work and back every day lose its luster when you work from a pub-height kitchen table that isn’t quite the right “fit.” I’d enjoyed the luxury of an adjustable height desk at work and after several months apart, there was simply no denying that what we had was real. While I knew I could not have THAT desk, a desk with those all-important features was absolutely necessary. I shopped for a month and decided on this one because it was 60″ long, would accommodate my 3 monitors, would adjust to the height I needed, would be the right footprint for my home office and – to my amazement – was only $279. I looked everywhere – from Costco to Offerup and could not find a better desk for a better price. So I ordered it and counted the days. The seller was merciful – as were the Amazon Prime delivery folks and I had my desk a full 9 days ahead of schedule. It arrived in two boxes. I pounced these boxes as soon as I clocked out for the day and while it took me about 2 hours to put it together (by myself while watching The Gilmore Girls reruns ’cause that’s how I roll), I am convinced that folks not on the registry for the ‘Mechanically Declined’ while have an easier time. My advice? When the instructions say you need a drill, just go get the drill. Don’t do what I did which is to grapple with the desk top for 48 minutes, convinced that the “drill” part is discretionary and that you can get the job done with just a screwdriver. You can’t. It’s astonishing how much more quickly the process went when I gave up and walked the anguishing 80 feet to retrieve the drill. Even with me in the equation, the setup was surprisingly easy. It is sturdy, looks sleek and elegant and I have no idea how I worked from the kitchen table before – ever. This is it. I have found the ‘True North’ of the remote worker. There’ll be no living with me now.

This desk does all that. It looks good. Feels strong and sturdy. Transforms into a standing desk with a push (and hold) of a button, and has its own built-in cord storage system as well. Now, all my cords can nicely disappear below the desk, without causing a ruckus on the ground.

Installation was a bit tricky, because some of the illustrations were wrong. I noticed the technical drawer/manual writer/designer/drafter/illustrator used a mirror-image of the illustration a few times, so things were literally reversed, from step to step. So, stay on your toes and if you get confused during installation— don’t be alarmed. Just rotate your stance or flip the piece around, because the creator of the instructions got mirror-image happy and flipped half of the graphics around.

I did a lot of research on stand sit desks prior to buying this one. I was looking at some of the higher end models ranging from $800 – $1200. I couldn’t find a lot of reviews on the product but with moving into a new home it was a little difficult to justify a $1200 desk.

Assembly – I built one for my wife and one for myself. The first assembly took about 30-45 minutes and the second one roughly 20 minutes. Assembly was easy and the instructions were thorough.

Sturdiness – I’m 6’4″ and my wife is 5′. She is working from home full time and has no issues. I’ve experienced little to no wobble when it is completely lifted to the top.

If you’re looking for a stand sit desk that isn’t going to break the bank, look no further.

Needed a white desk to replace my old Linnmon desk setup. For a standing desk this was an affordable price. The construction appears good. Though the box took some hits the contents were padded. I did have an issue with leg #2 (screw thread misaligned) and bar #4 (paint and overtighted fastening screw), used Contact Seller to ask for replacement parts and new ones were shipped to me quickly (2 days from first business day).

The kit came in two parts, stand unit and tabletop. The original bar had a marker for Max extension (see attached pictures). Unfortunately there were no markers for the pre-drilled holes. Had to invert the legs to test fit and get the distance (45 5/8″ from edge of each leg). You can’t fasten the legs while inverted since the stand and tabletop are not meant to be flush. There is a gap and the legs are too heavy to attach the screws one handed. You have to tilt the legs back to vertical to install the top since the top is lighter.

For cable management it comes with some adhesive backed ties. You need to install your own tray (like a Signum) for proper management, but it’s not unexpected.


  • 60″ wide enough for a 49″ monitor.
  • Top is particle board, sturdy enough for a heavy monitor mount (braced with a wood plant underneath to be safe)
  • White paint matches Ikea Linnmon it replaces.
  • Slides on wood floor without scratching.
  • Support is responsive.


  • Stand had no markers for predrilled top in kit.
  • Had to get replacement parts (mitigated by responsiveness for support)

I am a graduate student having to adjust to working entirely from home & am so glad I purchased this desk. The boxes were heavy and assembling the desk probably would have been mu easier had I had someone helping me, but I managed to do it myself within a couple of hours just fine. No issues thus far; I know this is the cheapest electric model & that’s why it doesn’t have preset options, but because I’m constantly adjusting my posture this hasn’t been a problem at all. It also seems very sturdy, especially considering that it only stands on 2 legs. My roommate lives in the room directly below me & he says he can head it moving positions but that it isn’t awful.

The package arrived 3-9 days faster than estimated. Haven’t built the desk yet, but the table top seems like a good quality one. Assembly also seems very straight forward.

KKL Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

KKL L Shaped Desk with Drawer, 47" Computer Desk with Storage Shelves, Corner Gaming Desk and Monitor Stand, Home Office Desk, Modern Wooden Desk, Easy to Assemble, Black
  • 【Make Full Use of Space】: Our desk features a modern L-shaped design, which fits every corner and limited or small space, maximizes your school, gaming, home office and workspace. This corner desk has many functions which provide enough space to place your computers, laptops, keyboard, books, CPU stand and daily equipments.
  • 【Large Size and Extra-long Monitor Stand】: The wide table provide you much space for working, gaming and studying, with plenty of legroom for storage and sitting. This gaming desk with extra-long monitor stand easily holds up to 3 monitors and raise your computer screen to a comfortable viewing position.
  • 【CPU Stand & Open Shelves】: The l shaped desk with storage is equipped with 2-tier storage shelves on the left, which can store your computer tower stand and green plants, notebooks and office supplies, also with an iron hook to hang your headphone. On the right, the l desk has two tiers file cabinet. Both of the two sides meet your storage needs in home or office.
  • 【Super Sturdy & High Stability】: The l shaped computer desk is constructed by MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), which is waterproof and scratch resistant. The corner desk with hutch is constructed by high quality metal frame, which is stable and durable. Adjustable leg pads can keep the desk sturdy even on uneven floors, without wobble while writing, writing or gaming.
  • 【Easy to Assemble & After-sale Service】: The l shaped gaming desk comes with detailed and clear instruction for easy assembly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, our 24-hour online professional customer service team will solve your problem ASAP.

KKL Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk Reviews

Putting it together wasn’t too difficult. My boyfriend did it for me fairly easily. Although he is handy. However, after about two weeks only one side would raise. Things just slide off the desk. The right leg no longer raises. Even after much troubleshooting and several resets.

Viewing the manual, it said to contact them for support if there are any issues and that there is an 1-year warranty. Excellent! I thought… then only to realize there is NO contact information or way to find them.

Thank goodness this happened in the refund period or I would have been our of hundreds of dollars. I really don’t like writing poor reviews. But not only do I feel like my time has been greatly wasted as I now have to package this for the refund I’m extremely grateful to receive, I’m out of and in search of a new desk –again! After putting so much thought and time to purchase based on these other reviews.

It is very sturdy the box said 85 lbs and bet It is that heavy which is good as it makes it more robust. The up and down motion is smooth and the noise is not very loud. The memory function is good to have as it saves the preset height setting. The manual that came with it had pictures clearly defined for easy assembly and each part is marked with the unique alphabet code so chances of mixing screws are low, overall it took me and my partner to assemble it within 25 minutes. The manual says it comes with a 2-year warranty with free returns which is a good option.

It came in one package the tabletop and the legs in one box. The tabletop is split half along the horizontal the two slabs needs to be placed next to each other so one will notice the split line but the vintage color makes it less noticeable however this is one improvement the manufacture can make to give the option of having a single tabletop instead of two slabs though it makes no difference in usage just personal preference for some.

So I assembled this perfectly. I turn it on, and this is what happens. It beeps and clicks. There is No way to contact support or customer service. I’m at a loss of what to do. Did I get a faulty motor? Did I get two of the same leg that move in opposite directions?

I am delightedly surprised with how efficient and sturdy this table is. To begin with, very easy installation with an extremely well explained manual. I was able to set it up in like 20 minutes including unboxing. As soon as I set it up, it stood very steady and is an excellent height to stand and work even for 6’3 person. For sitting and working also, it could go to a height of a low seating arrangement as well. So you really don’t have to sit on a proper chair to work. I am very sure that I am going to love it in times to come as well.

Again. This thing is beautiful, well-built, easy to build. I love it.

Very impressed with this desk! Packed well, no damage. I assembled it alone in about 30 minutes. Instructions were easy to follow.
The desk is sturdy, the electronics are easy to use. I purchased a clamp on monitor stand for my 2 monitors and still have space for my laptop to be used as a 3rd. I’ve been using it about a month now and am so far very happy with this purchase. I hope the motor lasts a long time!

This is an amazing desk, especially if you work at home. I am not a fan of the standing desk toppers, they take up so much of the desk and don’t look good. This is a real nice looking desk, that doesn’t take up any more space than a standard desk. It is very heavy, but its sturdy and durable! The best part is that is really is quick to assemble. It took about 20 minutes for my to build, it is basically made of a few large pieces that attach effortlessly. The hardest part was flipping it over, due to its weight. I also really like the controls for it. It does not stick out too far or get in the way. It has simple controls and programmable settings!! This is a great feature if you share the desk. Great find!

FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converter 28 Inches Stand up Desk Riser

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FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converter 28 Inches Stand up Desk Riser Reviews

I have Veridesk at work and I really wanted one for at home, but did not want to pay the steep Veridesk price. So I’ve spent the last few weeks reading reviews, watching videos, and scoping out sales and I finally decided that the Flexispot should fit what I need for about half the price. Here’s a breakdown of the differences that I have noticed and which one I prefer in each category…

Size – Tie

You’ll want to measure and determine what space you have, and what height would be best for your eye level. For my eye level at 5’4, both work great. For width I have a 35″ Flexispot and a 36″ Veridesk. I have 2 monitors at work, and 1 extra wide gaming monitor at home, so both monitor setups take up a decent amount of space. Luckily, both desk systems easily fit them.

Raising/Lowering – Tie (for different reasons)

I LOVE the fact that the Flexispot goes STRAIGHT UP, instead of pulling towards me like the Veridesk. It saves a lot of space and fits much better in my small home office. However, Veridesk has levers and both sides (Flexispot only has a lever on the right side) and it is a little easier to raise the Veridesk. However, anyone stronger than a 115lb petite female will probably have no issues with the Flexispot.

Keyboard Tray – Veridesk

Both have good sized trays that fit a keyboard and mouse. Veridesk gets the win because there is a little more room to move the mouse around. You can see in my picture that my mousepad hangs slightly off the tray with the Flexispot, but it is an oblong shape. A square pad may fit fine. It is worth mentioning that Flexispot allows you to easily remove the keyboard tray if you prefer (which the Veridesk does not) and that could be a helpful feature to some.

Overall Quality – Veridesk

Slight edge to Veridesk as it feels a little sturdier, and the mechanics seem a little smoother (and lighter). However, I was surprised & impressed at the Flexispot quality. Definitely worth the price in terms of quality.

Value – Flexispot

Hands down, Flexispot wins on value…It’s more affordable and the quality difference is minimal. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a Veridesk but don’t want to pay $400, I would highly recommend this as an alternative.

Conclusion – I am very satisfied with my purchase and would give the Flexispot a 4.5 rating if half stars were possible.

A few reasons why this desk is awesome:

  1. It came all assembled (have to slide in the keyboard tray but, – so what, it was easy!
  2. It is quite robust, say another way, very very sturdy
  3. The lift and descent action is very smooth, easy. It doesn’t feel like I have a computer (27′ iMac) and laptop on it when lifting. I imagine someone who has difficulty with lifting (injury etc.) would not have a problem.
  4. Although this is the “smallest” size, I have sufficient room for everything I need to put on it
  5. They include a black plastic mesh with velcro to wrap your wires – about 12″!
  6. They also include plastic wire fasteners (4) that you can stick to the underside for further organizing your wires
  7.  The footings are rubber so they don’t scratch your desk surface
  8. The shipping packaging is also quite robust
  9. It’s easy to clean, and attractive
  10. I don’t have a monitor that could take advantage of this but there is included the hardware to attach one.

The desk seems Like it would be a great item. In fact, one that isn’t defective- I am sure is. My guess is that I received one of the few defective items. It happens. Along with the package comes the vendors notice to contact them versus Amazon if there’s any issues with the product. I used the desk for one day and raised and lowered it approximately three times over my eight hour shift. The next morning, the desk would not raise Easily and certainly did not stay up. I noticed that the hydraulic fluid had leaked out and was all over my desk and had dripped onto my chair. Wanting to be respectful of the companies request, I called them first thing to let them know of the issue. They asked me to take some pictures and send them via email. I did that. The next day or maybe two days later, they asked me to send a video. That was quite a dangerous request. I am alone during this whole Covid mess and trying to take a video of a non-functioning desk is not an easy task. It came down quickly and caught my finger. It could have gong very badly. Regardless, I did the best I could and sent it along. It has been two weeks since then and I haven’t heard a thing. I reached out a couple times to see if there was an update and still nothing.

Again, I absolutely believe this is a good product. The customer service, however, should have all of you thinking about which company you use for your adjustable desk. It has been nothing short of a nightmare.

If you have never had a desk riser you will love this one. I have been sitting at a desk for last 7 years for work. I have tried the extra seat cushion for the chair and upgraded to an expensive chair for more comfort but nothing beats being able to easily stand and sit through out the day. After eating lunch it feels good to be able to stand. When I need to focus and get a lot of work done I find myself standing up more. I love this product, my legs don’t get stiff or any pains from sitting too long

This is my review of the 35” standing desk adapter (model no. M7MB) in black from Flexispot.

I bought this several weeks ago because I was having pain in my lower back when sitting at my desk to work. I work at a computer for at least 6 hours every day and sitting for that long was becoming unbearable.

I decided on a standing desk adapter because I did not want to change out my entire desk, and because I wanted versatility – eg being able to easily transfer the standing desk adapter to other desks and / or other workplaces in the future.

I chose the Flexispot adapter because I had seen good reviews and because it was a much more sensible price than some of the better-known brands. Also it had everything I wanted: the ability to raise the height to exactly where I wanted (ie not limited to fixed heights set by a manufacturer), easy and quick raising and lowering, a keyboard tray of a good size as I use a standard-size keyboard and mouse, and a good working area that would still fit onto my 100cm x 80cm desk.

The standing desk adapter was delivered within 24 hours of placing the order (thank you Amazon!). It came in a sealed cardboard box and was securely packaged in polystyrene inside the box, to prevent any damage in transit. The box contained the instructions booklet, standing desk adapter already assembled, and the separate removable keyboard shelf. All I had to do was lift the standing desk adapter out of the packaging (which I managed to do by myself even though two people are advised), position it where I wanted it on my desk, and slot the removable keyboard tray into place. That was it – no self-assembly or tools required. It could not have been easier.

Before placing my computer equipment on it, I quickly checked that the adapter was stable and sturdy, that there were no sharp edges or loose parts, and that the raising/lowering mechanism worked as it should. Everything was fine. I found the raising/lowering mechanism to be smooth and quiet and easy to use with handles on either side and a gas-assisted lifting mechanism.

I then placed my computer equipment on it, which includes a single screen, thin client, corded keyboard and mouse (please see photo). The instructions say that the adapter can support up to 15kg of equipment, including no more than 2kg on the keyboard tray. My equipment probably doesn’t weigh even half that – but it’s something to bear in mind if you use 2 screens or a lot of heavy gear.

Since buying the adapter, it has not left my desk. I use it for hours every day, alternating between sitting and standing positions. The adapter is sturdy even in the standing position and does not cause screen wobble when typing. My lower back pain has completely gone since I began using the adapter, and additionally I feel that standing to work makes me more productive and have more energy than sitting all day long did.

I didn’t strap down the legs of the base because I do like to move my desk depending on the season to different areas of my house. So I can’t ‘lean’ on the tray or it’ll fall forward, but that’s because I didn’t use the straps to secure the legs to the platform I have the tray sitting on. But I CAN still set up my laptop up and type without issue.

It’s spacious to put a digital clock on (for timing my coaching sessions with clients, or monitoring time with my online workshops), and notebook, eyeglasses, coffee etc…

I’m super happy! The price is great especially because I know what my old company paid for a platform similar to this.

I was very happy with my purchase for the first few months. This is a study desk but I was able to move it up and down very easily. During the 4th month after receiving the desk I noticed that the desk no longer wanted to move up or down easily. You had to lift the whole weight of the desk, laptop and screen – hydraulic system that is there to ease this action was not working. I also noticed some leakage around the hydraulic arm.
I try to contact Flexispot but they claimed I needed to work through Amazon. I was outside the return policy with Amazon and had to claim under the warranty. No luck yet.

Overall the unit is sturdy, but is difficult to lift to stand up position. When putting it down there is no mechanism to slow the unit down so you have to hold onto it so your computer doesn’t slam down. if you have any back issues, I wouldn’t recommend this as you will be leaning over and lifting to the upright position.

I used it for working at home when sitting was hurting my back. Now I am able to lift with the handle to rise the desk up and stand to do my work. The lifting is so easy and having a bad back, sometimes even the littlest task are unbearable but this makes my life so easy. May even get one for my office. There is room for my nic nacs as well.

FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter, Stand up Desk Riser, Sit Stand Desk Adjustable Height Lift Desks Computer Workstation for Home Office 30 Inch Black

FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter, Stand up Desk Riser, Sit Stand Desk Adjustable Height Lift Desks Computer Workstation for Home Office 30 Inch Black
  • Trustworthy: FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter after three years of constant iteration. Both the home office rising experience and quality of the products are trustworthy
  • Adjustable Lift: The brake system is controlled by a pneumatic spring to adjust different tabletop heights, allowing ergonomic working positions from sitting to standing
  • Double Layer Office Space: Computer Workstation H Series adopts double layer design. Frosted desktop and low keyboard tray. Improve your office experience
  • Convenient Installation: Detailed installation manual, accurate installation video guide. Embedded screw hole locations and provided installation tools provide ease of installation
  • Technical Support: We promise to provide friendly technical support. Solve all problems in installation or use. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us


FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter, Stand up Desk Riser Reviews

I had been mulling over stand up desk options for about a year before buying this one. Did I want to save up for an electric? Did I want a dedicated desk rather than a set top converter? I like my current desk for storage and decided to give this gas riser a try.

At first, I thought the keyboard tray design was strange. But it is very ergonomic. I almost wish i had this earlier just for sitting down; I no longer have to hunch forward to type at my desk job. It fits the ergo keyboard and a mouse just right without taking up too much space on my desk.

As for the gas piston design versus electric, I have zero desire for electric after trying this out. Ever seen a car with a push-button hatchback? It takes forever to open on an electric motor! The gas piston is controlled by a hand-squeeze lever which is easily accessible and requires very modest force to lift the desktop up or down. Height adjustment couldn’t be faster or easier. It is able to lift my dual 24″ monitors and accessories without issue. It feels very natural all around.

It came mostly assembled. Only 6 screws to fasten the keyboard tray. Done in 5 minutes. It is of moderate weight- very solid construction, but not too hard to move around.

As for the standing desk principle: is standing better? I have gained 10 pounds since I started my desk job, before this desk. While I have only had the desk for a week, I had no idea how muny muscles were going unused until i tried standing for 3-5 hours a day. My back, butt, and leg muscles feel more used, but are not aching in pain.

It’s free and easy light exercise at work, I’ll never go back to sitting all day.

I normally dont write reviews, but felt compelled to give an update on this item. It works better than advertised. I have a docking station with my laptop and a 28″ monitor on mine and it all fits great. To move it up and down is very easy, and I like that it has an infinite amount of height adjustment. I am 6’1″ and at its highest point it is perfect for my liking. The setup was simple, and it fits perfectly on my small desk. I have been using it for 2 weeks and there is no wobble or cheap feeling parts on the unit. For half the price of some of the big competitors, you cant beat it. Highly recommend.

When I received my desk, I took everything out of the box and put it together. However, when I pulled up on the handle, the desk wouldn’t rise up or down. I contacted the seller and they asked for a short video showing the defect. They were very quick to send me a replacement desk. I got it yesterday and it works perfectly! I was very impressed with this company and how they handled my defective desk with a replacement so quickly. I got this desk because I have restless legs and can’t sit for a long period of time. I spend a lot of time on the computer so this desk is perfect. I can adjust it to any height very easily. I waited to write the review until I saw how the seller handled my defective desk. They couldn’t have done a better job! Awesome, high quality desk AND great customer service? A win-win situation.

I used some other colleagues’ standing desks before, so I have some insights of the using of this desk.

First, this desk is using air pneumatic power. It is much more stable and easier to use than the cheap mechanical spring driven ones, while also much more economical than the electric ones. Best standing desk for me. Note that you can adjust the gas spring lift tension by turning the wingnuts in back. Turning them counter-clockwise can help increase lift when you put too much weight on desktop.
Second, the depth of the desk base is designed fit for most office desks. The whole standing desk is preassembled and ready to use out of the box. But 2 extra padding pieces are provided optional for better stability and balance. It takes no time installing. So I recommend it.

Third, the separate keyboard tray creates a comfortable room for typing, leaving more space on desktop for use. I have some shoulder & neck problems. This design helps me a lot. Also the structure allows me to easily take it off while not needing.

So far, this adjustable desk helped me sit considerably less every day. It even improved my working efficiency! Thank you FEZIBO!

I just bought it couple days ago and like it so far. The desk surface size is bigger than I expected, it can easily fits my MBP and another monitor. Keyboard tray is comfortable to type either when I standing or sitting.

Overall, I like it and this is a great solution for those who sit too much at work! As a writer, I would highly recommend this desk to anyone wanting to make a small life style change for a healthier life. This is worth the money!

I returned this immediately after getting it. This was my second standing desk; I’ve had one in my office for the last year, but decided to get one for home as well (this one). Boy, what a mistake.

  1. There are no rubber feet on the legs, so it slides all over my desk when doing anything. Combine that with how hard this is to raise and lower, and it’s a dealbreaker.
  2. It opens “forward” so it protrudes a solid 10 inches from its original position when you open it. If you are in a small space, this is a big deal.
  3. There are 8 physical latch points to hold it in place – after getting the product and seeing how this works, it’s a vastly inferior design to my other standing desk, that simply clicks in place where ever you leave it.

Great price. I have a 32″ and 27″ monitors mounted using the mount hole on the desk and works great. Even with this weight it’s still easy to move up and down. It’s compact but that’s clearly stated, although I do wish it was a bit bigger. The keyboard tray is only big enough for a keyboard, you can’t put a laptop on it, so not much room for laptop in my config with 2 large monitors mounted. That’s OK, as I’ve got a docking station so can leave laptop closed on desk. But from what I’ve seen, great value compared to others I looked at and perfect for single monitor setups.




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