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Top Shoes For Plyometrics

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Plyometrics is the means of stressing the muscles of body during the short time interval by performing demanding exercises. The main objective of Plyometrics is to enhance strength and power.

The trend is common in different sports persons who wanted to increase the strength of their muscles for building the high level stamina.

For such type of activity, everyone knows how important it is to have the right pair of shoes.

The wrong pair of shoes results in many conditions which can disturb the normal functioning of the feet. To reach the required outcomes, it is necessary to have the perfect pair of shoes.

To make the journey easy for you, we are here with the list of the BEST Workout SHOES FOR PLYOMETRICS and Running.

Best Shoes For Plyometrics And Running Comparison


NOBULL TRAINING SHOE has everything which anyone needs during running, climbing, sliding, and lifting.

The upper part is made up of highly durable and scratch-resistant super fabric.

The design is specially built keeping in view the compatibility with different environmental conditions.

The sidewalls contain guards on medial and lateral sides for safeguarding the feet during the lateral movements.


The perforated canvas provides amazing breathability along with athletic look. No matter what the extent of the work is, these shoes provide the feeling of comfort and ease.

The contemplative logo of NOBULL is present on the side of heel area. Furthermore, the shoes offer good traction and cushioning.

  • Good breathability
  • The flexibility and support are worth-discussing.
  • Can resist scratches

What We Don’t Like?

  • The durability fails to inspire some users

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INOV-8 is the determined brand producing shoes, clothing, and equipment for athletes.

INOV-8 F-LITE CROSS TRAINER SHOE comes with the logo of barefoot on the shoe indicating that you don’t feel the excessive load on the feet. Using the INOV-8 F-LITE, there is no difficulty in performing the innate movements.

The outsole technology keeps you grounded and let you perform the training effectively.


The comfortable model of the shoes keep the feet stable and provide extra space for the toes to relax when feeling suffocated.

The rope guard technology and the mesh network surrounding the shoes are responsible for durability and style.

The elastic mesh covering save the foot from moisture and reinforce good ventilation. After watching the potential response of this footwear, I strongly recommend them for workouts based on the strengthening of body muscles.

  • Powerful response
  • Customized fitting
  • First-class grip
  • More competent for runners and flat feet

What We Don’t Like?

  • Lack arch support

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NEW BALANCE MINIMUS 20 V7 CROSS TRAINER offers different models for MEN and WOMEN.

To bring a new joy to your training program, NEW BALANCE CROSS TRAINERS aim to provide the highest quality service. The upper knitted with nylon yarn brings lateral support without compromising flexibility.

The Vibram outsole provides perfect grip to remain grounded during the stance phase of the gait cycle.


The REVLITE midsole padded with lightweight material makes you feel at home.

The meshed network supports comfortable and limitless motion during the exercise session. The sculpted and crooked collar present in these gears for continuing natural movements.

Spending money on NEW BALANCE MINIMUS V7 CROSS TRAINERS is worth the price and I am sure that it impresses the customers through its superb features.

  • Light in weight and comfortable
  • Trimmed sole
  • Snug trainers
  • Supportive

What We Don’t Like?

  • No consistency in size

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The next product on the list is NIKE METCON 5 TRAINING SHOE maintaining the good reputation of NIKE and leaving no doubt to question its durability.

The upper part of the mesh network and the sole of rubber make it a lightweight product.

The Flywire technology in the mid-foot keeps the foot intact and the cross-fit technique is useful in performing highly vigorous exercises including sprints, weight lifting, etc.


The midsole contain dual foam which provides extra cushioning and balances the high impact forces.

The fiery lifts are not a big problem when you are wearing NIKE METCON 5, because of the zero-drag heel. The resistant material in the upper part can tolerate anything without losing the originality.

I recommend going with the half size larger than your original shoe size to protect the feet from congested space.

  • Supporting heel and sole
  • Gummy rubber provides good traction
  • Devised flex grooves make it a compact model.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Sleek laces
  • Sole falls apart after short time

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REEBOK is the well-known American brand, the main concern of which is fitness of their users from the gym to the streets.

REEBOK NANO 9 CROSS TRAINER has the stretchable and woven upper case supplying extra durability, breathability and protection.

The toe box is wide enough for performing challenging moves.

The modified cross-fit technology is shock-absorbent and allow safe landing of the foot on the ground.


The MetaSplit groove has come with the splendid traction and grip. The comfortable padding in the area of forefoot is perfect for running sessions.

These are best shoes for all purposes but if you have feet, I recommend you not to buy these pair of shoes.

  • Perfect fit for various exercises.
  • Offers good stability
  • Good comfort level

What We Don’t Like?

  • Not suitable for flat feet

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The main objective of the NEW BALANCE is to help the athletes in reaching their destination, without creating the luxurious image.

They are not concerned in making the famous sports shoes but runners. Instead of spending the money in marketing and brand endorsements, they spend it in exploring and developing the new technologies for making the perfect gears.


NEW BALANCE MEN’S VIBRAM is the best option for those who are in search of minimalists.

As evident form the name, the Vibram outsole offers additional support managing its lightweight. The upper configuration contains padded asymmetrical foam and burrito tongue.

It contains all the features required for the best Plyometrics shoe including stability, fitting, and exceptional breathability.

  • Flat sole
  • Molded according to proper foot mechanics.
  • They can withstand mud

What We Don’t Like?

  • Durability problems

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ASICS was founded in 1977 with the motto of promoting all the aspects of health and fitness, started with the manufacturing of athletic shoes and sports accessories.

ASICS MEN’S CONVICTION CROSS TRAINER SHOE comes into play for the vigorous exercise training targeted in achieving high fitness level and strength.

The Rynoskin technology present in one-fourth of the panel works in reducing the wear and tear during high intensity exercises.


The midsole composed of Speva cushioning decreases the chances of midsole disintegration. The rubber outsole is persistent to scratches and the toe cap protects the toes from displacing.

If you need protection for your toes than what is better option than this?

The antimicrobial function and breathability is further enhanced because of the comfortable sock liner covering the shoe. You can tuck your laces in the lace garage and make them invisible.

These shoes are best for every type of high-intensity training programs.

  • Comfortable flat sole
  • Supportive for power lifts
  • Adequate breathability

What We Don’t Like?

  • Not suitable for running

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Buying Guides For Best Shoes For Plyometrics And High Impact Workout

Proper Fitting

During Plyometrics, there is risk of wear and tear of muscles, ligaments, and bones of the foot due to the high impact forces.

There is the need of right shoe that fits perfectly in the feet to avoid distraction and minimize risk of injuries during the training program. The term perfect fitting means it would be neither loose nor tight and easy to get in.

Arch Support

The arches of the foot need to be fully supported to avoid any macro trauma.

Too much high arch support can lead to plantar fasciitis while very low arch support cannot transmit the forces from the ground easily and predispose the individual towards different anomalies.

The arch support should be perfect according to the structure of your foot, as some people are flat-footed.

DANSKO MEN’S PRO XP provides wonderful arch support which you want.

Ankle Support

There are many shoes with high top offering good ankle support.

While performing any vigorous exercise involving the jerky foot movements, the chances of ankle sprain are very likely to affect the performance of the person.

Ankle support is an important area of concern for long-lasting and effective performance during sports or any other fitness program.

Shock Absorbent

The furious exercise demands something highly responsive as you cannot perform them bare-footed. Landing on the ground without shoes results in pain of the joints.

Various shoes on the market these days are made up of shock absorbing material allowing the safe landing on the ground during lifting exercises. A shock-absorbent shoe is good in generating good response.

In this article you can find the shoes which are shock absorbent.

FAQ’s For Plyometric Training Shoes

What Are The Benefits Of Plyometrics?
Following are the benefits of Plyometrics:

  • Coordination is very important factor for increasing neuromuscular integrity. Plyometrics improves coordination.
  • Plyometrics boost up the performance of athletes.
  • Increases the bone density in resistance training.
  • Increases heart rate, which increases the circulation of the body and removes metabolic waste.
  • Improves body strength.
Can Plyometrics Be A Part Of Weight Loss Program?
Yes, Plyometrics can be a part of weight loss program as it can burn fat and increases the metabolic rate of the body.
What Is The Effect Of Plyometrics On Muscles?
Plyometrics improves the muscles strength, endurance and flexibility. The high-intensity exercises can increases the fast twitch muscle fibers, which are responsible for strength.
What Are The Examples Of Plyometrics Exercises?
Plyometrics exercises include:

– Jumping on the higher box from the ground (Box jumps)

– Push-ups with the claps when lifting up the ground (Plyo Push-ups)

– Skipping normally with the one leg higher as possible

Can I Wear Any Shoes For Plyometrics?
Shoes designed for Plyometrics provides extra potential for performing high intensity exercises. So, it is good if the shoes specialized for Plyometrics are used instead of other shoes.


The ferocious acts during the strengthening exercise program increase the risk of foot anomalies when the person uses common shoes.

If you are planning to start Plyometrics, then I recommend you to use one from the list of the BEST SHOES FOR PLYOMETRICS.

This not only increases your efficiency but also reduces the chances of injury. Moreover, you have to be extra cautious while jumping off the ground or performing other high impact exercise.

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