Best Shoes For Dental Assistant 2021

Are you searching for best shoes for dental assistant? The enrollment of the students as the dental assistants is not an easy task.

Good Shoes For Dental Assistant

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You have to fulfill the high merit requirements and prove your skills to be a part of treating human dentistry problems, as not everyone can perform these risky tasks.

You have to remain on the feet all the day, to perform your duty as the dental assistant.

Moving from waiting room to the clinic room, X-ray room and different rooms; your feet are going to damage badly if you don’t take care and use ordinary pair of shoes.

For this purpose, it is compulsory to know what kind of shoes dental wear?

Finding the wrong pair will result in the different overuse syndromes of the feet and you have to compromise on the health of your foot.

We decided to be the light of guidance for the fresher and help in finding the top shoes for the dental assistants.

After completing the survey, we came up with the list of best shoes for dental hygienist.

Best Shoes For Dental Assistants 2021 Reviews


The perfect example of ease and class is our top pick, Nurse Mate’s Women shoes. The slipping-off feature is a good addition for performing hard work during long hours of standing.

The full-grain leather used in the composition of the shoes not only adds style but also serves as highly durable material.

This shoe feels more like a sneaker having the perfect alignment keeping in view disciplinary orthotic measurements.


Apart from the normal laces, you can get the compact fitting using the extra pair of laces.

The Nurse Mate’s Women Shoes fulfill all the requirements essential for the dental assistant, containing the water-resistant material to keep the feet protected in case of exposure to blood or toxic chemical.

To prevent the foot from suffocation, there is a circular toe box providing extra space for the foot.

The shock-absorbent rubber sole weighs light and yields awesome gripping when doing a long walk.

  • Good support
  • Comfy and light in weight
  • Extra pair of laces as a backup
  • Available in different charming colors

What We Don’t Like?

  • Uncomfortable for the flat feet

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There is no need for introducing Sketchers, as it holds a top position in the hearts of many customers and has a good market place.

Sketchers make comfy footwear for persons of every age.

Here we are talking about the Sketchers Performance Go Walk 4, a perfect dental assistant shoe designed for Men.


Using this incredible shoe pair, you can get in quickly without wasting time.

The upper part of the mesh network enhances the ventilation and walking stamina due to its lightweight.

The exceptional feature is the Bamboo covering the foot bed for reducing the antimicrobial smell and foot tenderness.

For the maximum support of curves, the design is tapered off in the area of the midfoot.

For increasing the responsiveness and absorptive capacity, the middle of the sole is padded with the 5GEN.

  • Painless wearing and featherweight
  • Outstanding arch support
  • Proper ventilation
  • Refreshing effect due to the Bamboo lining of the foot bed.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Very simple design
  • Variations in foot sizes make it difficult for selecting the right one.

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Crocs are a well-known brand famous for producing shoes required during long-standing.

Crocs Unisex Specialist II aims at providing assistance to the dental assistants for their optimal performance without stressing their feet.

Crocs keep the safety of their client on the top, especially when it is about dental assistants, which require special precautions to deal with the pointed objects and harmful solutions within their work space.


That’s why the extra rubber padding is present at the distal parts of the foot.

The specialty of Specialist II Work clog is that it soothes the feet because of its supportive sole. Crocs specialist II provides extra ease for wearing it for the extended mobility.

Using the plain water and soap, you can easily clean it.

The breathability of the shoes is excellent as there are pores for ventilation on toe box allowing the exchange of the air.

As evident from the name, UNISEX is not biased, fitting Men and Women perfectly.

  • Compatible for Men and Women
  • Extra room and comfort
  • Good breathability
  • Supportive sole

What We Don’t Like?

  • Prone to slippage

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New Balance is an emerging brand, making superior quality footwear for athletes.

Although common among the athletes, the New Balance WX608v4 Training Shoe fits the needs of non-athletes too.

The configuration of the shoes keeps the foot stress-free.

The configuration of the shoes keeps the foot stress-free, proving them a good option for dental assistants.

Not only the IMEVA midsole provide excellent comfort, but it is also very supportive.


Dual-density Collar, designed specifically to fit your convenience and comfort, consists of two different densities of foam; one which is sturdier to provide stability, and another lighter one that gives comfort.

The high regard women have for the aesthetic appearance of shoes is taken into consideration with the New Balance WX608v4 a large variety of designs and colors can be found.

One can rest assured regarding the support of the shoe due to the presence of a shaft arch.

The risk of instability and shock due to impact are eliminated by the rubber soles.

No matter what size and shape your foot has, the range of sizes can accommodate it.

  • Soft foaming
  • Improved flexibility
  • Rubber sole favors good adhesion
  • Cushioned IMEVA midsole

What We Don’t Like?

  • Stiff heel region

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The next product on the list is MERREL Encore Gust, made with synthetic features suitable for the ones who are on the feet for the whole day.

The leather used in the MERREL Encore supplements extra slip-in and make it the best version for the worksite.

The longitudinal and middle arch of the foot is supported because of the arch support.

The design of the MERREL ENCORE is very decent from the anterior aspect.


For eliminating the smell and humidity, the mesh network and anti-bacterial lining are perfect. To endure better support, the removable prosthetic soles are an awesome addition.

Walking on slippery surfaces is not a big deal when you have MERREL Men’s slip-on shoes with you having the M select grip.

The special EVA foot frame present in the highlighted product is for keeping the foot stable.

Usually long-standing results in heel pain; MERREL air cushion not only reduces pain but also acts as a shock absorber.

  • Very comfortable
  • Durable leather
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Toe box provides extra space

What We Don’t Like?

  • Costs much
  • Lacks enough flexibility

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Sports shoes are a means of supplying extra comfort to the athletes to assist them in completing their adventurous tasks. That is why many people want to use them in their daily routine.

If you have a job or daily routine that exposes you to stand then these shoes will prove helpful for you.

Among the sports category, the suitable choice is the Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 235 V2 for acquiring good results.


The weight of the shoes doesn’t weigh much because of the mesh network, which is also responsible for breathability.

Met-cradle technology utilized in the INOV-8 is sufficient for the perfect fitting and isolated motion of the foot.

The enmeshed lining and the cushioned tongue make it possible to keep the feet in it for a day.

For those who love to observe clean hygiene, there is the benefit of removing the insole to maintain originality and cleanliness.

The adhesive substance in the rubber sole aids in the stability of the foot and the ROPE-TEC 360 enhances the coupling forces with proper momentum.

To keep the heel in its place, the Y-lock feature is beneficial.

  • The enmeshed upper part offers good flexibility
  • Supportive and stable for foot
  • Secure traction
  • Many options for colors

What We Don’t Like?

  • hort laces
  • Expensive

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Another trustable product from the sketchers, the SKETCHER’S WOMEN’S SPORTS LOVING MEMORY FOAM is meant for those who wanted to look cool without compromising their comfort.

Both the aspects which are a weakness of most women are present in these sneakers, i.e. comfort and fashion.

Moreover, they are easy to wear.


The combo of pure FAUX leather and meshed fabric keeps the foot free from moisture, ensuring the perfect mobility for the isolated movements.

The memory foam present in the sole adds an extra level of comfort and the rubber adds friction.

The flexibility of the shoes is provided by the bending furrows during the lengthy tasks.

The resilient laces with the contrasting stripes boost the style of the shoes and come up with a captivating look.

  • Good adjustability of the memory foam
  • Contoured arch support
  • Pliable laces
  • No sweating of the foot

What We Don’t Like?

  • Some people reported heel blisters after use.

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Dental assistance is not an easy task; you have to deal with different equipments and make sure that your shoes are fit for protecting your feet.

Considering this condition, SKETCHERS MEN’S 76995 SYNERGY FLEX GRIPPER is the shoe that serves the demand.


For the purpose of breathability and durability, smooth and soft leather is there in the composition of the shoes.

The differentiating feature is the lightweight aluminum alloy, which covers the front and augments safety.

The constituting material is persistent to slippage and keeps the foot in its position.

Moving to the outsole, the flexible OSHA is present for strengthening the base of support.

The collar and tongue cushioned with the padding supports the foot and result in stable movements.

  • Combo of comfort and grace
  • Strong traction
  • Keeps the foot safe from pointed objects
  • Compliant fitting

What We Don’t Like?

  • Some problems related to durability

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To make fair judgments, it is necessary to add the NURSE MATE’S WOMEN’S DOVE OXFORD to the list of the best shoes for dental assistants. Those who have to perform long duties need to try this.

The apparent look of the shoes is worth calling a classy peep. The upper of the shoes is purely made of leather providing the proper ventilation and endurance.


Using the NURSE MATE’S WOMEN’S shoes, the strain-resistant feature keeps your shoe new and free from the effect of chemical exposure and stains.

Moving to the inner side, the EVA is of primary importance in providing support.

For the proper maintenance of the foot arch, the sole at the heel is one and a half inches high.

The rubber sole doesn’t allow you to fall easily, providing enough mechanical traction.

  • Low weight
  • Stain-free material
  • Breathable
  • Superb traction preventing from slipping

What We Don’t Like?

  • Limited colors-white and black
  • Questionable durability

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How To Find The Right Shoes For Dental Students?

It is very important to select the right pair of shoes for dental assistants. You have to take care of yourself for performing your tasks passionately.

Following are the factors that help you in the selection of the right pair of shoes for dental assistants:


I have personally gone through the experience of wearing heavy-duty shoes; it was one of the bad things I experienced during my working day. The weight of the shoes kept me restricted from taking steps.

It was very difficult for me to complete my tasks that day.

I personally recommend prioritizing the lightweight shoes to go on with ease.

It gives a good feeling to wear light shoes and perform your tasks rapidly without any limitation.


The fitting of the shoes is the prime concern of most of the customers.

The shoes which are not fitting properly are going to get off your feet while moving.

On the other side, the hard-fitted shoes suffocate your foot and can cause compression of the nerves leading to numbness.

Some shoes are adjustable and take a little time to adapt according to your foot size.


Dental assistants prefer to have suitable shoes offering extreme durability.

They don’t have enough time to waste changing their shoes frequently. That’s why it is good to spend the money wisely on a high-quality product.

NEW BALANCE CROSS TRAINERS aim to provide the highest quality service.

Arch Support

Maintaining perfect support is very important from a medical perspective. The shoes with high arch support can result in plantar fasciitis.

Look for the shoes with the proper arch support which maintains the contours of the foot. The arch support helps to improvise the pressure distribution and prevents the straining of the specific part.


Dental assistants need long hours of standing, which results in blister formation if your foot is continuously in contact with the irritating stuff.

For this reason, extra cushioning is added to the shoes for leveling up the comfort level and boosting the effectiveness.  


While performing the dental tasks, sometimes you need to stand for hours or move constantly from one place to another.

Traction is the common factor in balancing the steps during the normal gait.

Friction helps counter gravity and move forward. Strong traction is another important feature that you have to observe in the shoes of dental assistants.

SKECHERS FOR MEN’S TOE SHOES provide more better traction.

FAQ’S For Good Shoes For Dental Assistants

What Are The Best Slip-On For Long-Standing?
NURSE MATES WOMENS DOVE OXFORD shoe is the best slip-on offering the best getting in feature and making it an easy to wear shoe.
Which CROCS Is Suitable For The Dental Assistants?
CROCS UNISEX SPECIALIST II WORK CLOG is the best option from the list of the CROCS for the dental assistants. It is specially made for considering the requirements of the long hours of work.
Why Flat Shoes Are Not Good For The Feet?
Flat shoes lack the arch support that is responsible for the distribution of weight and results in diseased conditions. It is better not to use flat feet for the long-standing.
What Is The Advantage Of Using Memory Foam In The Shoes?
Memory foam is a shock-absorber and helps in eliminating the excessive forces that would otherwise cause traumatic exposure resulting in various injuries.
How To Take Proper Care Of The Feet After Long-Standing?
Dental assistants should perform the light exercise and stretching to improve the blood supply of the feet. Taking bath in the hot water soothes calf muscles and your feet.

In case of swelling from the long-standing, elevate your limb.


Professional work demands not only skills but your appearance also matters.

You cannot keep yourself aside while satisfying your seniors and patients. You have to satisfy them and yourself at the same time.

All they need is your passion and expertise in the work and what you need is to balance your life with social motivation and intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation also includes all facets of health.

As we are talking about dental assistants, they need the best pair of shoes to be on the ground all the time.

We have given you the list of the BEST SHOES FOR DENTAL ASSISTANTS and I am sure that it will help you in making the right choice.

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