Best Single Speed Freewheel Cog [Mountain Bike]

Searching a Best Single Speed Cog? Perfect.

Have you ever heard the statement that there is always time to go single?

Remember the days of your first bike?  No gears, just you and your two wheels pedaling wherever you need to go.  Single Speed Cogs are no longer just for kids, in fact, single speed cogs have come a long way and with so many choices it can be hard to figure out which one will suit you.

Best Single Speed Cog Kit 2023

WOLF TOOTH CNC MACHINED SINGLE-SPEED COGS [usr 5 text="false"] Check Price
ORIGIN8 TORQ LITE CASSETTE COG [usr 4.9 text="false"] Check Price
PINION BICYCLE COGS [usr 4.8 text="false"] Check Price
ORIGIN8 ULTIM8 SINGLE SPEED CASSETTE COG [usr 4.7 text="false"] Check Price
SHIMANO SS-7600 DURA-ACE TRACK COG [usr 4.6 text="false"] Check Price
SHIMANO SINGLE-SPEED FREEWHEELS [usr 4.5 text="false"] Check Price
REVERSE SINGLE SPEED COG - 17T - 40214 [usr 4.5 text="false"] Check Price

What’s the best way to find the best single speed cog?  Ride on each one and see which one you like best.  Unfortunately, not everyone has that kind of time or money.    We’ve tried to simplify the review process for you here but reviewing the best of the best single speed cog kits.

Before diving into the reviews, it’s important to consider the terrain that you’ll be riding.   While a single speed cog does make your bike much more simple, some cogs are better suited for different terrain.   In addition, you need to consider your current bike setup.  Are you using freewheel options or are you trying to convert an old bike.   The popular Origin8 Ultim8 Single Speed Cassette Cog, for example will work for most bikes, thanks to design to be used in different ways.  However, some users noticed some chain slippage on older bikes when pushing heavy inclines.

Single Speed Rear Cog Freewheel Bicycle Concept

A single-speed bike has only one gear ratio. These bikes don’t have hub gearing, derailleur gears, or any other means of changing the gear ratio.

These are called Singlespeed Freewheel Bicycle.

What Are The Best Single Speed Freewheel Rear Cog?

The best 5 single speed cogs have been briefly explained below for your convenience. Give them a read!


Are you looking for a light heavenly designed single speed cog?

Then, Wolf Tooth CNC Machined Aluminum Single-speed Cogs is what you are looking for.

It is manufactured and designed in Minneapolis, MN, and the USA.


It has the tallest teeth for chain retention and is lightest.

The best looking style and Aluminum material are machined from 7075-T6 Al billet.

It provides extra strength and lightweight. The base has 4.5 mm in width and doesn’t interfere or dug into the body.

The product has the unique feature that it can be reversible.

This feature is in demand nowadays. And, it is available in 5 different and vibrant colors.

The product is compatible with any chain.

If the bike has a chain tensioner then, it is advised to use one of the cogs with tooth width which is optimize for the speed chains of 10 and 11.

The product can also fit both geared and single speed bike.

This shows its high compatibility.

  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Compatible.
  • High-quality material.
  • Reversible.
  • Great Chain retention.
  • High strength.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Expensive.

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Origin8 Torq Lite Cassette Cog is the most durable and strong cog you can ever get.


It is lighter, blingier, and gets the job done perfectly. It has an incredible and hardened design and construction. The design focuses on a zero flex taper base.

Its durability and strength speak for themselves.

It can best fit into Sram/Shimano style cassette bodies.

  • Affordable.
  • Easy to install.
  • A smooth and fast ride.
  • Perfect single speed.
  • Chrome-moly steel plated finish.
  • Quiet on the road.
  • A high-quality material.

What We Don’t Like?

  • No guide

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Pinion bicycle cogs are no ordinary cogs. They are available in two unique ranges.

It is constructed from a 7075-T6 alloy of aluminum which is long-wearing and has CNC machined Chromoly.


The alloy used has laser-etched graphics on it and the cogs have laser-etched logos in black color.

There are 3/32†cogs present in 13/18 T sizes.

Both unique designs can perfectly fit in the Shimano cassettes hub.

Their base is 5 mm wide which gives a greater solid interface with the cassette body.

  • Durable.
  • Strong.
  • Greater solid interface.
  • Catchy logos.
  • Unique designs.
  • Variety.
  • Good quality material.

What We Don’t Like?

  • No guide.
  • Expensive.

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Origin8 Ultim8 Single Speed Cassette Cog can be a 6 bolt disc that is fixed or a dual-use ss cog.


It can perfectly fit into the Shimano cassette body and 6 bolt mounts.

The product has a zero flex design in its base.

  • Dual-use.
  • Great fixed-gear conversion.
  • Removable 6b disc mount.
  • Zero-flex base design.
  • They are affordable.
  • They are compatible with all Shimano hubs.
  • They are lightweight.

What We Don’t Like?

  • No warranty.
  • Mildly expensive.

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SHIMANO SS-7600 Dura-Ace Track Cog is best for track and highly durable.


The design is incredible and is CNC hardened and constructed.

Its construction guarantees its strength and efficiency.

It is affordable and simple.

It has 1.37″x24tpi threads and a feature of 15T 1/2×1/8-Inch 1 Speed which makes it unique.

  • Durable.
  • Great quality.
  • Efficient.
  • Affordable.
  • Simple design.
  • Strong.

What We Don’t Like?

  • No guide.

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As you already know that Shimano products are always reliable and durable.

Like all other Shimano products, SHIMANO Single-Speed Freewheels is the best freewheel cog.

It is slightly thicker than the other single speed cogs, but you can see that it is made up of high-quality material.


It is a 16 tooth single-speed cog and can be called a salt 16t cog.

It has a simple design making it unique from others.

The pattern shows consistency when it rotates with the tire. It is easy to handle and install. Its great features are listed below:

  • 16 Tooth Single Speed Freewheel Cog.
  • 1/2″ x 3/32″ Compatible.

  • Easy installation.
  • Reliable.
  • Durable.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Simple design.
  • No noise.

What We Don’t Like?

  • A lot of Lubrication is required before use.

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Reverse Single-speed cog is changed then other single speed freewheels.


It has a thick Hyperglide Spline of 7 mm. the tooth thickness of 1.8 mm shows its high quality and guarantees maximum output and performance.

The wider flange prevents the Reverse Speed cog from changing the forms of splines on it.

It is reliable and durable.

The installation process is very easy and anyone can use it efficiently.

If you want a reverse cog then don’t wait. Hurry up and buy this masterpiece.

  • Durable.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Great design.
  • Efficient.

What We Don’t Like?

  • A bit thin.

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Factors To Consider When Buying A Single Speed Cog Kit And Freewheel

The points that you should keep in mind before buying a single speed cog are given below.

We hope that you get all the essential information you require.

But, before investing question yourself whether you want a single speed cog for your existing bike or a new one?

Or you want a cog to match your chain?

These questions will help you find what you desire.

Low Weight

The cog should have low weight because when all the components of the bike are combined they enhance its weight too much for a person whole love minimalism and simplicity.

The less component, the less will be the weight of the bike.

You can take it anywhere at your convenience.

Installing a lightweight cog will spare you from a heavy bike.

You can ride your bike on mountains, hills, and long bumpy roads easily because you require less energy to paddle.


Before choosing a single speed rear cog, check whether it is made up of high-quality material? Is it durable or not?

Try to find it made up of Aluminum or an alloy that guarantees strength, longevity, and durability.

The durable material is mostly which is corrosion resistant.

Chain Compatibility

Before buying a single-speed freewheel cog make sure that it fits perfectly into the chain.

It is the main point that keeps you safe and your bike perfectly working.

A Commuter Bikes

If you are looking for a single-speed cog, then first check which type of bike do you have?

Because a cog works well for a commuter bike. They are affordable and simple.

You can simply set them as they have lesser parts and require less effort as compared to multi-gear bikes.


Try to buy the product from a respectful brand that guarantees durable and high-quality products.

The reputable brands make sure that their product is efficient.

It is advised to prefer Shimano, State bicycle, ACS, and SENQI.


Before buying a single-speed cassette cog, make sure it is in your range.

There is no need to buy an expensive single speed cog because there are many affordable cogs that are of high quality and best.


A bike works on its cranks, wheels, and brakes. So, they require maintenance.

If you have a multi-geared bike then there are several cogs with other pieces of equipment which makes it difficult and can cause malfunctions.

But, if one component breaks the whole bike will get defected.

They are not affordable for the common person.

So, if you want a single speed cog prefer a simple bike with simple components that are easy to handle, are affordable, and durable.


Steel is best for single speed cogs. It is durable, comfortable, and has high strength.

They are guaranteed to last longer than others in the market.

Aluminum alloys are also used because they also have similar properties to steel.

Other Important Points

There are some well-known cogs that you should know about.

Like Surly cogs, Singlespeed cassette cogs, reverse cogs, etc.

Surly Cogs

They have better features and are more efficient.

Mostly made by Shimano and are practically indestructible.

They fit into every hub available in the market.

They are known for their high quality and performance.

Single Speed Cassette Cogs

They are also just like surly cogs and have efficient performance as compared to other single speed cogs in the market.

They are designed for multi-gear systems by Shimano mostly.

They can also be used with a 9-speed shifter and can be stacked.

FAQ’s For Single Speed Cog And Freewheel Bicycle

How Do I Ensure That My Single Speed Rear Cog Keeps Functioning At Its Best?
To buy single speed rear cogs for your bike is a very challenging task and an investment.

Understandably, you are worried that how you are going to keep your bike’s cogs functioning.

So, don’t worry just follow the following steps to ensure that they are working fine?

  • Lubricate your bike properly by placing your bike on one side.
  • Pour down the lubricant on the wheel and the cog.
  • Dribble it and move the wheel so it covers the whole wheel.
  • Make sure the lubricant has covered the whole area of the cogs and chain.
What Are The Signs That I Need To Replace My Single Speed Cogs?
The parts of your bike wear outs after some time. Cogs also do so.

It becomes old and gets rusted after a long period.

The following are the signs which tell you directly that you need to replace your clogs now.

  • When teeth get excessively worn out.
  • The chain wheel gets hooked teeth.
  • Cracks in cogs.
What Is The Best BMX Single Speed Freewheel On The Market?
Wolf Tooth CNC Machined Aluminum Single speed Cogs are the best because they are light and durable. But, again choosing the cogs is tricky.

You should keep in mind the points written in the buying guide and make sure what you are looking for.

Why Ride A Single Speed?
A single-speed bike is best for you if you you want to go for exercise and just for sheer pleasure.

It is easy to handle as it requires minimal maintenance.

It is lightweight and the equipment in it is also light which makes it easier to paddle on a rocky path, mountain.

Bumpy roads or hills.

What Are Surly Single Speed Cogs?
They are just like other ordinary cogs but with better features.

They are the best fit for every hub available in the market.

They are of high strength and durability due to the material they are made up of.

They are less weight to make your ride easier and effortless.

What Are Ratio of Single Speed Cog?
The Ratio of Single speed cog is 2:1.
How To Remove Singlespeed Free Wheel?
  • Disable the rear wheel from the bike and place it on a repair stand.
  • Remove the skewer with the quick-release mechanism.
  • Examine the freewheel center and pick the appropriate removal method
  • The tool should be inserted into splines/notches.
  • Replace the quick-release skewer on the outside of the remover with the skewer nut. Using the axle nut to hold the freewheel tool if the axle is firm.
  • Squeeze the skewer nut against the remover.
  • Using a lathe, turn the remover anticlockwise.
  • Using a big adjustable wrench turn the remover counter-clockwise.
  • Just turn the remover one absolute counterclockwise revolution.
  • Just turn the remover one complete anti-revolution. Before removing the freewheel, undo and detach the skewer.
  • Switch the remover anticlockwise until the freewheel is free from the hub. Remove the freewheel from the hub.
How To Install A Single Speed Freewheel?
  • Inside the mounting threads of the freewheel, lubricate heavily with grease or anti-seize.
  • Place the wheel on the bench and keep it flat. Lower the freewheel onto the threads while keeping the cogs parallel to the wheel bottom.
  • Look at the right side of the hub and the freewheel.
  • The axle should be balanced in the freewheel hole. If the axle tends to be off-balance, the freewheel threads on the hub can be cross-threaded. Remove the item and realign it.
  • Start threading the cogs clockwise until the freewheel feels completely threaded.
  • If there is a lot of resistance, delete it and try again for a better thread alignment.
  • Place the freewheel in this position: Rotate the cogs clockwise with a chain rope till they are snug. The freewheel will now be completely seated against the hub.
  • Alternatively, mount the wheel on the bike, engage the rear brake, and apply pressure to the pedal.


If you are a bike rider then you will know how much the components of the bike matter. One of the major components of the bike is a cog which also plays an important role in the perfect and efficient working of the bike.

But as you know that choosing a single speed cog is not a simple task.

It requires knowledge about the available products in the market.

Then, you can make the right choice for your bike.

Many single-speed rear cogs are available in the market but we have narrowed down the best 5 single speed cogs kit for your ease.

You can now select from them.

Happy Riding!

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