Best V Brakes For Mountain Bikes [Touring]


When do you talk about the braking power which brakes come into your mind?

Are you looking for a Best V Brakes system that is the best in braking power?

Then. Yes, you are in right place.

Top V Brakes Reviews
SHIMANO BICYCLE V-BRAKE - BR-T4000 [usr 5 text="false"] Check Price
CORKI LINEAR MOUNTAIN BIKE V-BRAKE [usr 4.9 text="false"] Check Price
CDHPOWER BIKES BRAKE V- CABLES CALIPER [usr 4.8 text="false"] Check Price
SHIMANO DEORE 610 2-FINGER V-BRAKE LEVER SET [usr 4.7 text="false"] Check Price
CYSKY MTB BIKE V-BRAKE FRONT REAR PAIR [usr 4.7 text="false"] Check Price
CDHPOWER BRAKE [usr 4.6 text="false"] Check Price
TEKTRO 930AL BMX V-BRAKE WITH LEVER [usr 4.5 text="false"] Check Price
BIKE BRAKES MOUNTAIN BIKE V BRAKES SET [usr 4.4 text="false"] Check Price

The V Brakes are at the top merit list. It doesn’t matter what the situation is.

If you have pulled the lever then the bike will stop then.

It is a good and safe opportunity for the people who have an interest in riding bikes and the people who want to pursue them in their career.

Your performance increases when you have a braking system that can synchronize with the rim and the best stopping skills.

People think that it is the job of mechanics only to determine which type of braking system you need in your bike.

But, no this wrong.

You can have all the fun with the bike and knowing what your bike needs are your concerns about your bike.

The Mtb or road bikes which have cantilever uses very different v brakes.

It has two brake bosses which assist to brake arms. In it, one cable is attached to one of the brake arm side rather than the center.

The internal cable passes through the noodle, however.

And is attached to the top of the other brake arm.

When you pull the cable, one arm is pushed inside and when the other is pulled it brings the brake pads to connect with the rim.

We have reviewed the best V brakes for mountain bikes so you don’t have to randomly scroll, anywhere and can get all the information you need to know before buying a V brake to make the right decision.

Benefits of Using V-brakes

Many benefits make your life easier and cycling fun.

Some of them replacement and maintenance of your v brakes is not a challenging task anymore.

V brakes synchronize with the rim and produce no wheel and stroke strain.

They are very economical and mostly fall into your budget. Some of them are:

  • Easier replacement and maintenance.
  • V brakes synchronize with the rim.
  • Produce no wheel and stroke strain.
  • Very economical and mostly fall into your budget.
  • Easy replacement.
  • No wheel strain.
  • Easy for the rear side stand.
  • Readily available.

You can use v brakes even the bike is on the side stand.

It is unlikely if compared with the other types of brake which causes a problem.

It is available in the market almost everywhere.

What Are The Best V Brakes?


SHIMANO Mountain Bicycle V-Brake – BR-T4000 has an efficient design that requires very low energy to operate. It is easy to install and the material used is of high quality.

It is designed for safe and smooth stopping power.

The best feature of it is the mudguard that prevents the excessive accumulation of mud.

The braking pads are decent and the screws binding them are robust and durable.

The braking power is so good that you can easily stop it wherever you want.

The braking pad screws are handled sensitively.

When it is synchronized with the rim it provides a luxurious look to your bike.

The other feature that makes it special is the noiseless stopping.

The design and sleek appearance make the opponents believe that you are here to win.

These are the best Shimano V brakes you can have ever!


  • Efficient design with low operating Forces.
  • Designed for smooth and quiet stopping power.
  • 107 mm is the arch size.
  • X-type v-brake.
  • Mudguard.

  • Noiseless stopping.
  • Simple installation.
  • Durable.
  • Looks stylish.
  • Prevents mud accumulation.
  • Simple operation.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Noodles are not included.

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Corki Linear Mountain Bike V-Brake is not an ordinary v brake.

It is made up of Aluminum alloy and is easy to install.

The kit has both front and rear seats that can be considered a one-time investment on your beloved bike.


The brakes elevate the braking power and are the lightest V brakes.

The whole package includes V brakes, noodles, boots, and screws.

There is a warranty of 12 months on the v brakes and for pads, it is 6 months.

  • Standard bicycle brake pads.
  • Spring tension adjustable.
  • Lightweight rim.
  • Arch size:110mm.
  • Brake Pads Size:55mm.
  • More stopping power.
  • Great warranty.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to install.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Not for flat tires as its arc size is small.

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The kit includes 2 V brakes, 2 Aluminum brake levers, 2 brake cables, 2 brake cables of 75 mm front and 175 mm rear.

The brake pads included have longevity and great performance.

They have good stopping power and better wear resistance.

This helps you avoid any accident or injury.

The available color is black and is almost fit for every bike.

The v brake works very well in extreme weather.

So, if live in a rainy area so you should go for this product.


  • Aluminum material.
  • Fit to almost all the bikes.
  • Best V brakes lever

  • Great braking power.
  • Good wear resistance.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Great package.
  • Durable.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Mildly expensive.

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As Shimano products are well known for their high performance and durability, the SHIMANO Deore 610 2-Finger Mountain V-Brake Bicycle also falls in the same category.

It is highly functional and two fingers lever means it can be operated by just two fingers not four.

It requires less energy and gives you the best experience of life.

The product also has an easy installation and comfortable.


  • Great braking power.
  • Can be operated by just two fingers.
  • Easy installation.

  • High performance.
  • Durable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Highly functional.
  • Efficient.

What We Don’t Like?

  • No noodles.

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If you are a mountain biker or cyclist and love to have the best v brakes for mountain bikes set that has higher braking power than others?

Then you are in the right place.

The product is durable as it is made up of Aluminum alloy.

The kit includes both front and rear bike brakes.

It is very easy to install and is best if you want to replace your previous work out brakes with a new efficient one.


  • Aluminum Alloy.
  • Front and rare bike brake.
  • Arch Size: 107mm.

  • Great replacement brake.
  • Easy to install.
  • Must for bike modification.
  • High-quality material.
  • Durable.
  • Efficient.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Not Safe.

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The set of CDHPOWER Brake includes V brakes pairs for front and rear wheels that make the braking power high.

The available color is black and it looks classy.

The Alum alloy makes the product durable and wear-resistant.

The product has a warranty for 2 months.

If you have any questions regarding the product you can directly contact us.

We will solve the problem for you as the customer is our priority.


  • Black color.
  • Alum alloy.
  • V Brake Set suitable for front and rear wheel.

  • Durable.
  • Efficient.
  • High-quality material.
  • Functional.
  • Great warranty.

What We Don’t Like?

  • No guide for the installation process.

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The product is very efficient because the lever in it is adjustable.

The brake arms are very functional and it is easy to install.

It is best for sports cyclists who love to ride on mountains and gradually on roads.

The whole package includes cable and housing both.

It is durable and has a very beautiful design.

The black color adds class to it.


  • Adjustable reach lever.
  • Includes cable and housing.

  • Best for Cycling.
  • Durable.
  • Highly functional.
  • Great material.

What We Don’t Like?

  • The brake handle is challenging to use.

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The Bike Brakes Mountain Bike V Brakes Set is a great replacement for mountain bikes, it is highly durable, strong, and robust.

The aluminum alloy is a great material if you want to buy a v brake.

The braking power of the product makes it outstanding and efficient.

It has an easy installation process and can be handled easily.


  • Aluminum alloy and Plastic material.
  • Arch Size is 110mm.
  • Brake Pads Size is 55mm.

  • Aluminum alloy production.
  • Strong.
  • Durable.
  • Installation is simple.
  • Great replacement.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Weak pads.
  • No guide.

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Factors to Be Considered While Buying A V Brake

There is a whole lot of variety out there in the market.

You don’t have to choose from selected items but from different levels and designs.

And, the price of all of them are economical and those v brakes that are a bit expensive have unique features that make them special.

The advantages of using v brakes on the other brakes like disc brakes are that they are mechanically simple and lighter.

You can adjust, repair, and maintain it easily.

But, with the pros, there are always cons.

A major challenge that the users feel is that it deteriorates and its life span is short when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

These factors should be considered seriously while buying v brakes.


To fit v brakes into your bike, you have to check whether it is compatible with your wheel, folk, and frame.

The frame and folks will need bosses if you are going to fit v brakes with them.

These are the metal stub on the frames seat stay and fork legs.

In case you don’t have it so buy an adapter. It does the work.

Rim And Brake Pad

V brakes should have pads because it accelerates the mechanism of the brake.

It also assists the wheel giving you a smooth and safe ride.

The presence of it makes your bike more efficient.

Buy the one which already comes with the brake pads.


The material of any product is an important factor to be considered.

It tells you its durability.

Before buying a v brake check whether it is strong enough to sustain in extreme weather conditions and sturdy.

Prefer Aluminium alloy as it is stronger and economical.

Try to avoid other v brake material as they are not reliable and durable.


The weight of the v brake if is more than it can be a nuisance.

It is advisable to buy lighter v brakes.

The extra weight can make you tired in a short span of riding and all the fun will disappear then.


The simplicity and easy installation is the factor that makes the customer believe in the product and he/she buys it.

It should be so easy to handle that you do it in no time.

A good set has tools that are required and try not to buy extra complicated ones.

Go for a simpler and more professional design and set. It will be helpful and economical.


The cost of the product is the first thing that you should consider as it will be waste of time and money if you can’t afford it.

Make sure the product has specifications and features for which you are paying a handsome amount.

FAQ’s For V Brakes For Folding Mountain Bike

Are V Brakes Any Good?
Yes, they are way better than many 1600 mm rotor sets. But every product has some cons.

They are not feasible for extreme weather conditions like rain. Mud etc.

Can I Replace Cantilever Brakes With V Brakes?
The v brakes come with better modulation, more energy or power, and a lighter touch.

The 95 mm arms and the direct pull lever is a very good combination that allows rim clearance.

What Is The Best Material For V Brakes? 
V brakes are made up of different material sand are available in the market.

Go for the Aluminium alloy and don’t go and do experiments.

Just grab the v brake which you know is durable for sure.

How To Install V Brakes?
The v brakes have an easy setup and usually comes with the instruction manual.

Just follow the guide and enjoy the ride.

Are V Brakes Needed For Casual Recreational Bikes?
Safety always comes first. If you don’t use a bike frequently but occasionally, even then v brakes should be installed. It is for your own good.
Is It Necessary To Get V Brakes?
Not necessary but way beneficial than other types of v brakes.

The chances of accidents reduce with such great braking power.

And if you are a mountain biker then it becomes a sort of compulsory to install v brakes for your own safety.

How Can I Get The Idea Which Bike To Buy?
The compatibility of the brake with the bike frame is very important to go with the one which is compatible otherwise choose which is versatile and is almost a universal fit.
Which Is The Best Linear Pull V Brake?
Cantilever brakes fall in the category of the linear-pull brake.

Each arm is supported by a “braze-on†framework fitting.

The pivots, like cantilevers, are found below the bottom.

The brake and arm pads are then pulled to the rim as the cable is pulled.


We discussed the best V-Brakes in this review, but you might also be interested in the best v brake pads for mountain biking out there, especially if you’re planning on going to a mountain biking trail in Ontario.

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