Best Shower Tents Reviews For 2023 [Family Camping]


Do you love camping and usually go for it? You would be looking for Best Shower Tents.

Then, you are in the right place.

Because we understand that camping is a muddy and unhygienic matter.

Best Shower Tents For Camping

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STINKY PETE 1 PERSON DELUXE ROOM TENT [usr 4.5 text="false"] Check Price Check Price
LIGHTSPEED OUTDOORS PRIVACY TENT [usr 4.41 text="false"] Check Price Check Price
KINGCAMP OVERSIZE PORTABLE SHOWER TENT [usr 4.35 text="false"] Check Price Check Price
NEMO HELIOPOLIS SHOWER PRIVACY TENT [usr 4.25 text="false"] Check Price Check Price
TEXSPORT CAMPING SHOWER SHELTER [usr 4.15 text="false"] Check Price Check Price

Some people love camping but are worried about their health so don’t go for it.

They fear that they will get any chronic disease if they did.

But, we know that what can change your perspective?

Among all the important ingredients or equipment, EMTs for peaceful camping one is Portable Shower.

It makes your life easier and camping more fun.

So, you just need the most suitable portable shower tent for your adventures!

To wash the mud off once a day during camping you require a quality camp with a portable shower in it.

At the end of the day, you get sound sleep because you are all clean and hygienic.

You can use your portable shower tent as a toilet or changing room too.

There are some other uses too like you can use these shelters in the parties, at beaches, at gatherings, etc. they are very versatile and have multi-purposes.

Best Shower Tents 2023 Reviews


Are you looking for a two-room shower tent?

Then you are in the right place. This CORE instant Camping Utility Shower Tent has two sections.

Each section is 3.5 ft. (107 cm) in size.

There is an inner door between both sections that provide full privacy the door has a zipper.


This instant shower tent has an instant setup and steel frame and poles.

The metal used ensures that the tent remains stable in any condition.

The whole set up can be folded like an umbrella in just one minute.

The whole structure or the frame of the roof I made up of mesh.

There is a fly that is attached to the frame.

It is called the Full standing Shower Tent because of its beautiful design and unique steel frame construction.

Another thing that makes it most desirable is the Five-gallon solar heated shower bag, storage packets, a zipper-lock for the sake of privacy, and two towel bars.

The whole package is great.

The height of the center is 84 inches (213 cm).

  • Two Rooms.
  • Instant Setup.
  • Storage And Ventilation.
  • Mesh Roof Vent.
  • Encourage Air Circulation.
  • Provide Privacy.
  • A Zipper Lock.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Stitching issues.

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This outdoor shower tent is remarkable because of its features that provide comfort and privacy.

The floor dimensions of this multi-purpose double portable shower tent are 7*4 ft. (2.13*1.22).

The total area is 28 ft^2 (2.6 m2).


The Ozark Trail model is well known for its functionality but this tent is more than that.

It is considered the best outdoor shower tent for camping and hiking.

If you are tall and have less than 7ft. (213 m) height then this is the camping shower stall you are looking for.

The frame is made up of steel and fiberglass, a wonderful combination indeed.

The vertical poles are actually of steel and the 3 roof poles are made up of Fiberglass.

  • Room Divider.
  • 4’W X 7’L X 7’H.
  • Creates privacy.
  • Lightweight (only 13 pounds).
  • Comfortable.
  • Durable.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Cannot ship to California or Alabama.
  • Restricted in some areas.

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Ozark brand is known for its high quality and durable products.

The Ozark Trail 2 Room Instant Shower Utility Shelter is on the market for a long time.

The reviews and the ranking of the product speak for themselves.


This is very easy to setup and handle making your camping experience more pleasant and reduces the risk of any potential harm. It provides comfort and privacy.

The poles are already attached to the fabric of the tent-making it an Instant Setup Design.

It has a shower room,a convenient hook a changing room, and enough space for the setup of the toilet.

The total area of this Ozark trail 2 room shower tent is 24.5 ft² (2.3 m²).

The dimensions of the total floor are 7*3.5 ft. (2.13*1.07).

The walls of this beautifully designed tent are coated with Silver Aluminium.

The size of the total tent is 7ft (213 cm) in height.

The material of the fabric used is Polyester and the poles of the frame are made up of Steel.

The whole package includes a removable rain fly, a towel rack, 2 windows, 10 steel stakes, and a toiletries holder.

The tent shower room has a mesh drain making the whole package seem more pleasing.

There is a bonus that includes a five gallons (19 liters) solar shower.

This feature makes it a solar camping shower tent too.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this shower utility tent this instant and go for an adventure!

  • Durable.
  • Affordable.
  • Comfortable.
  • A removable rain fly.
  • 2 windows.
  • 10 steel stackers.
  • A mesh drain.
  • A great package.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Some people find the stitching poor.

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Are you looking for the best pop up shower tent? Then you should think about this product.

Quictent 2-Room Pop up Automatic Rod Bracket Shower Tenthas all the features that anyone will want.


This pop-up privacy shelter is available in two colors.

There is a change room with a door at the front and a shower room with two windows on front and back.

The mesh ceiling is protected by a waterproof hood.

The wall poles are made up of Aluminium and the roof poles are made up of fiberglass (9.5 mm).

The whole structure looks like an umbrella.

The floor area is 2.9 m2 and the floor dimensions are 94*47 inches (2.4*1.2).

The height is not much and not suitable for taller people.

The floor has also a mesh design and perfect for draining the water.

5-gallon (19 L) solar shower and a water bag are also included in the package.

The convenient hook is used to hang water bottles, towels, etc. The whole package is great!

  • For camping & beach outings.
  • Toilet room.
  • Changing room.
  • Storage room.
  • Special occasions.
  • Weight: 11.9LB.
  • Lighter fiberglass frame.
  • Waterproof PE Floor.
  • Convenient Hook.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Doesn’t hold a large weight.

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Anngrowy Pop-up Privacy Tent Shower is not like other normal showers. It has unique features that will compel you to buy it.


It has 210D Oxford cloth, 2.6MM strong flexible steel frame, UPF 40+ WATER-PROOF MATERIAL, and 100% 180T silver-coated sunscreen fabric.

All these features guarantee durability, strength, functionality, and high quality.

The best feature of the product is that it not only provides privacy but also keeps you safe from 80% harmful UV radiation.

It is for 2 people and has an area of 47.2″ L x 47.2″ W x 74.7″H. the compact size of the tent is 22″ L x 22″W x 1.4″ H.

other features like better airflow, visibility, lighting, 4 metal hook and ropes each, 1 clothesline, 1 sidebar and 3 windows are greater than your expectations.

The quality is the price of the product is higher But the price is lower than many in the market.

The product has a one-year warranty and 90 days refund.

The main purpose is to keep the customer happy.

  • 100% 180t Silver Coated Sunscreen Fabric.
  • 180t Silver Coated Water-Repellent 210d Oxford Cloth.
  • 2.6mm Strong Flexible Steel Frame.
  • Durability.
  • Block Up To 80% Of The Harmful UV Rays.
  • Portable & Pop Up Design.
  • Weighing Is Just 5.5 Lbs.
  • Ultra-Lightweight Construction.
  • Privacy & High-Quality.
  • Ventilation & Set-Up.
  • 1-Year Free Warranty.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Challenging to handle.

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As the name shows that it is the best privacy shelter for camping.

It has the same design as the privacy tent shower.


There are mesh storage pockets on top of the tent so water couldn’t enter those pockets.

But you can reach out to the pockets with the mesh windows.

The integrated shelf is something unique that you will not find in other products.

It is present under the window on the right of the privacy tent.

The dimensions of the base are 5’6†* 5’6â€.

The floor area is 29 m2 and the center height is 86 inches (218 cm).

This tent is bigger than other portable shower tents in the market with side windows, guy ropes, carry bag, and stakes.

  • Easy assembly.
  • Free-standing design.
  • Sturdy.
  • Side shelf and mesh storage pockets.
  • Mesh roof vents.
  • Retractable floor.
  • Shelter clean and well ventilated.
  • Base Size is 5’6 x 5’6.
  • The total weight is just 14 lbs. 3 oz..

What We Don’t Like?

  • Not sturdy enough.

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If you want a camping shower enclosure portable that is for tall and slim people then we got you covered!


This shower is smaller in size 4 *4 ft. (1.22*1.22 m) than other single room portable camping shower stall but is taller 90 inches (229).

The poles are made of steel and the floor of polyethylene.

The fly and wall are made up of polyester having a 450 mm waterproof rating.

This tent looks like an umbrella and serves you in the same way.

The whole package includes a heavy duty carry bag, stake bag, pole bag, Extra stakes, Guy lines.

  • Self-Draining Floor.
  • Mesh Ceiling.
  • Large Window.
  • Large D Door.
  • Large Interior Pocket.
  • Rain Fly.
  • Large Hook.
  • A Large Window.
  • Air Ventilation.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Challenging to drain water for some people.

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The best portable camping shower tent that will blow your mind with its great and unique features.

Lightspeed Outdoor Privacy Tent is the tent you want to take on camping and hiking because it requires less effort and has an easy and instant set up.


It is available in the market fora long time and has competed in the best portable privacy shower tents.

It is wide with floor size (5*5 ft.) and floor area (15 ft2). The height of the privacy shower tent is 6.75 (206 cm).

This Quick set up privacy tent isa multi-purposed dome-shaped tent.

You can use it as a toilet room, camp shower, or changing room.

The fabric is polyester with an 800 mm waterproof rating making the product desirable.

The waterproofing is because of the PU material on it.

The other main features this product possesses are pockets for small items, a shelf for a solar shower or clothes, tent stakes, oversized carry bags, guy lines, towel strap, and 2 zippered mesh rooftop windows.

  • Quick set up with compression hub.
  • pre-threaded telescoping poles.
  • D-shaped door.
  • Umbrella PU coated.
  • A floor can be clipped up or down for use.
  • Weight is14.6 lbs..
  • Large and easy to use privacy tent.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Frame issues sometimes.

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KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Portable Shower Privacy Shelter Tent is one of the best portable showers and changing room privacy tent.


It has a floor size of 66*66 inches (1.67*1.67). You can use it for any purpose you need.

It is a double room shower tent with a center height of 85 inches.

The carry bag it has is 24*6 inches.

The mesh perimeter in it drains the water and the floor is made up of durable polyester.

There are 4 mesh pockets insides and several outsides for putting dry clothes so that you can access them easily from the window.

The fiberglass roof poles and steel corner poles provide the balance a quality privacy shower camping tent requires.

It can support 5 gallons solar shower but the solar shower is not included in the package.

It has 8 pegs, 4 guy ropes, and 2 side mesh windows for airflow.

Windows are with panels to give you privacy.

This product is available in 3 different colors giving the choice to the customers.

  • Multi-Purpose.
  • Easy For carrying..
  • Free Standing Set up with Fiberglass Poles.
  • Sturdier.
  • Great Ventilation.
  • Easy Access.
  • Affordable.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Solar shower clips problems sometimes.

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Are you searching for a free-standing tall structure to accommodate you?

Then, you are in the right place.

NEMO Heliopolis Portable Shower Privacy Tent can be used for multi-purposes and the best thing is you can put your portable toilet anywhere.


The hooks for the shower hose and the pockets for clothes and towels make the product appealing to anyone.

The mesh drain on the floor, the mildew resistant polyethylene, the screen window, and the PU polyester roof are the features that this product has.

The 75D PU polyester has a waterproof rating of 1500 mm.

The steel frame, 16 mm poles, and at the top the welded hub make our camping experience joyful and easier.

You can take this tent anywhere you want like on parties, at beaches, at festivals, during any fieldwork trip, or simply for hiking.

The 48.1 x 48.1 inches (122 x 122 cm) base and 16 sq. ft. (1.5 m2) floor area is challenging to balance but the middle loops secure the tent and provide strength.

What We Like?

  • Portable Luxury.
  • Maximum Utility.
  • Pockets For Towels And Toiletries.
  • Waterproof TP Dispenser.
  • Sanitary and Ventilated.
  • A Rugged Mesh Drain.
  • Mildew-Resistant Floor.
  • Quick-Drying Interior.
  • Ventilation.
  • Durable Construction Steel Frame.
  • Sturdy Welded Hub.
  • High-Density Polyethylene Floor.
  • Privacy Anywhere.
  • Weight Is 12 Lbs. (6 Oz).

What We Don’t Like?

  • Challenging to decipher instructions.

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Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Privacy Shelter has no-fly making the structure of the roof visible.


The floor area is approximately 2 sq. meters (4.6*4.6 ft.).

The height of the tent is 87 inches (221 cm) that makes it suitable for taller people.

The removable rip-stop polyethylene floor makes it durable.

The fly and walls are coated with heavy-duty PU taffeta.

The vertical shock-corded steel tubes are not seen everywhere.

This makes the product exceptional.

The four mesh walls are provided so you can see the stars on a clear sky night or fireflies.

There is a solar shower bag holder and not like other products it does have a shower in the package.

The mesh pockets are solely for the placement of accessories.

The whole package has pegs too.

  • 5 Gallon Camp Shower.
  • Inside Mesh Shower Rack.
  • Outside Removable Hanging Towel Bar..
  • Large, Zippered D-Style Door.
  • Heavy Duty Polyurethane Coated Taffeta Walls.
  • Removable Rip-Stop Polyethylene Floor.
  • 3/4″ Diameter Rust-Resistant Chain-Corded Steel Poles.
  • Durable Speed Clips.
  • Flame Retardant.
  • Includes Stakes.
  • Carry/Storage Bag.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Challenging to decipher instructions for some people.

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Buying Guide For Best Camping Tents For Families Couples and 6 Persons

Many brands are promoting their products without the required qualification.

Some of the camps can’t hold the weight and pressure of the Portable shower.

If you want to use your portable shower tent for the toilet or changing room then you should look for the one which has the characteristics we have reviewed In the Buying Guide.

See how do the camping shower works?


When you think of the size then the thing you should know is that they have both single and double structures.

Both have pros and cons.

Double structures are Bulkier and heavier but they have enough room for you to put your clothes. Single shelters are less bulky but are less comfortable too.


There are some Instant-type camping shower tents and are very easy to use and setup.

There is some floor designed Portable shower tents, their floor is removable using the panel and there is mesh on the perimeter to drain the water.


When you are camping with a lot of people then there is very little chance of privacy.

But, if you have your own camping shower and toilet then there is no breaching of privacy.

These shower tents are affordable, can be packed well, and very easy to handle and use.

Storage Area

Cabin Style tents are challenging because of less storage area but if you want more storage then you can use your double shower tent.


The design of the portable shower tent decides your convenience.

If you are tall or small then you require a specific model or design of the portable shower tent.

If you ask us then we will recommend you double portable privacy shelter for showers and toilets because it has more room.

Wind Resistance

The outdoor shower tents are tall and narrow and miraculously lightweight.

They are the best option if you are tall but there is a catch too.

As they are lightweight it makes them unstable in a windy place.

If you are going camping in a windy place so never use these outdoor privacy tents.

It is necessary that the model of the portable shower tent that you are using is stable and can be stacked into the earth.

Weight And Packed Size

Portable shower enclosures for camping should be near car access and then you don’t have to worry about the weight.

But if you want a packed size 2 room privacy shelter then it will be bulkier and have a large bundle.

They provide a luxurious sense.

If you want to go hiking for a day and put all the necessary elements in the bag you are carrying then it is advised to go for a lightweight portable shower and toilets.

If you are compromising on other types of equipment then go for the heavier 2 room privacy shelter.

Pole Materials

The poles are a very important factor that you should consider before buying a portable camp shower enclosure because they provide the base for stability.

There are steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and alloys in the market.

Fiberglass poles are considered to be the most fragile among them.

So, it will be a smart choice to go for metal poles.


The material of the privacy shelter for camping is very important as it provides both protection and privacy.

If the material of the tent is see-through then it is a breach of privacy.

Or if the material is of not good quality then it can’t stand the hardships that come with the adventure.

Center Height

The center height of a portable camping shower tent should be significant to accommodate a taller person.

So, if you have a height of fewer than 7 ft. then you are lucky because there are a portable shower and changing room that is 7 ft. tall.

A tall person can understand the difficulty of bathing under a portable shower of lower height.

So, look for the one which has the perfect height and suitable for you.


The durability of a product is the key to attract buyers. No one wants an item that will break after some time.

So, before buying a privacy shelter tent you should look for a reliable brand and model.

Check whether the poles and fabric are of high quality and will survive any hardship.

Floor Design

The two known floor design of the shower tent are fixed and removable.

Fixed floors are best to protect you from bugs and keep your feet clean and steady.

But, they are less supportive of drainage.

In contrary to this, the removable floor has better airflow and drainage.

They are removable and there is a gap between the tent and floor so bugs and mosquitoes can enter the tent easily.


The shower tent must have the right airflow and ventilation.

If you find portable shower enclosures having mesh windows and roofs then definitely go for it.

Gear Storage

On a journey more than a day you need clothes to wear everyday.

So, there should be a place where you can store your clothes and things.

There are models in the market that have a built-in mesh shower and a towel bar, sometimes there isa completely different room for you to store things.

We have so many options for you.

But you should read the whole article to understand which factors do you require and what is the best portable shower tent for you?

Kinds Of Camp Privacy Shelters

The kind of Camp Privacy Shelters is decided by its purposes. Here are some purpose based shelters.

  • Shower Tents.
  • Changing And Dressing Rooms.
  • Toilet Tents.
  • Storage Tents.
Best Portable Shower Tents List

As we have told you in the introduction that there are two main kinds of Portable shower room.

One is single and the second is Double Portable shower changing tents.

So, we have reviewed both kinds for your convenience so you can make a better decision.

Room Camping Shower Tents
  • CORE Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent.
  • Northwest Outdoor Two Room Shower Tent.
  • Ozark Trail 2 Room Instant Utility Shelter.
  • Quictent 2-Room Pop Up Automatic Rod Bracket Tent.
Single Room Shower Tents for Camping
  • Anngrowy Pop-up Privacy Tent Shower.
  • Browning Camping Privacy Shelter..
  • Stinky Pete 1 Person Deluxe Room Tent.
  • Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Privacy Tent.
  • KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Portable Shower Tent.
  • NEMO Heliopolis Portable Shower Privacy Tent.
  • Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Privacy Shelter.


We hope this article helped you find the best shower tent to clean yourself off after a good hike. Speaking of hiking, read more about the best 3 in 1 waterproof jackets currently out in the market. Also learn the safe way of how to hike with your pets.

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