Best Rowenta Iron for Quilting 2021

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Top 11 Steam Quilting Irons

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Quilting is the art itself that depends on certain factors that we cannot ignore.

Quilter’s iron varies from simple iron in many aspects; and only the professional can find the difference.

A good quilter knows how important it is for them to have the perfect iron for quilting as it adds an extra layer of perfection to your quilting.

Buying an appropriate iron for the quilting is an area of interest for many quilters, but due to the lack of genuine sources many failed to do. ‘

So, we are here to provide you with reliable irons for quilting to give your work unique look. If you are waiting for any miracle to find the best iron for quilting, believe me, it will not happen.

Let’s get started and have a look at our compiled data.

What Type Of Iron Is Used By The Quilters?

Quilters have to iron large quilts, which need powerful steam irons for better ironing.

Different types of fabrics are used in making quilts.

Adjusting the temperature correctly is the fundamental principle for perfect ironing.

Having the great temperature control is also among one of the features that most of the quilters consider.

Best Steam Quilting Irons Reviews 2021


Rowenta DW9280 is the masterpiece from the ROWENTA brand occupying the top position according to the surveys done with expertise.

Unlike many low power irons, DW9280 has the efficient system to maintain the desired temperature for a long interval after heating for small interval.


  • Weight:   4 pounds
  • Power:   1800Watts
  • Steam Holes:   400
  • Steam burst:   210g per min
  • LED light:   for indication of heat when the required temperature is reached.

The scratchproof and non-sticky material used in the stainless steel soleplate allows smooth movements on clothes.

Some of you may have experienced the excess steaming of the water resulting in wasting of water and time.

With the use of ROWENTA DW9280, you don’t face this problem.

From your curtains to clothing, ROWENTA DW9280 is the trusted partner in disappearing the creases. The thing you will be left with is the perfection and excellence.

What We Like?

  • Lessens the burden on electricity and water expenses.
  • Good adaptability to heat adjustments
  • Gives adequate beam of steam

What We Don’t Like?

  • Difficult handling due to heavy weight reported by some users.
  • Little bit pricey

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Product of Rowenta, a German brand famous for making great home appliances. The presence of 400 holes microsteam system imparts equal distribution of steam.


Soleplate of stainless steel is spherical, and the precision tip increases iron’s reach to all areas. The weight of this quilting iron is 3.4 pounds.

The firm handle allows stable gripping. 3 way auto-shutting off system enhance iron’s safety when it is not in use by turning it off.

The positions that activate the three lines safety system are:

  • Horizontal alignment for 30 seconds
  • Vertical position after 8 minutes of no activity
  • Falling over within 30  seconds.

  • Energy Saver
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Easily Manageable

What We Don’t Like?

  • Imbalance in weight during early use
  • Manual settings

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Black and decker quilting iron offers remarkable features in an  affordable budget.

The smooth soleplate of stainless steel helps to eradicate the wrinkles with ease.


Digital temperature display system aids in displaying the wanted temperature on the screen.

The dialer setting is beneath the handle and easily accessible.

The ergonomically designed grip allows quilting iron for a longer time   without causing pain in hands.

Automatically shutting off features within the horizontal position and after 8 minutes in vertical position yields an added safety layer.

The durability of D2030 is worth mentioning.

  • Ergonomically designed grip
  • Affordable within budget
  • Temperature displays on a digital screen.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Dial buttons are not in the right position.

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OLISO TG1600 is the advanced generation with iTouch technology, which provides quilt’s delicate ironing.

Pro-press soleplate is an exciting feature.


Soleplate can lift off the garment automatically as soon as we lift our hands from the handle.

This added feature prevents the risks of the burning of clothes and out breaking of fire.

Modified water sources bursts by vertical burst, horizontal burst, and continuous burst allows the quilt’s efficient pressing.

The cord’s length is 12 feet with the 360-degree pivot, which saves the time wasted in making frequent adjustments to the iron’s position.

After 30 minutes of inactivity, the iron automatically shut-off to avoid the fires.

  • Advanced TOUCH system
  • Power-1800watts
  • Fast heating
  • Automatic shutting off the system

What We Don’t Like?

  • Price issues among users
  • Difficult emptying of the water tank

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Like the previous OLISO product, TG 1050smart quilting iron also features the iTouch technology, which contains fitted scorch guards that senses your hand lifting.

Immediately, after you stop using iron, scorch guards lower down.


The water tank located at the side is easy to fill with the added anti-drip system and stores 12.7 ounces of water. Increased range of motion due to the presence of a 360-degree pivot.

The ability to acquire the desired temperature is fast, and you can make transitions according to the fabrics in the settings.

There is the presence of Automatic three-way shutting off system. The detailed tip allows access to tricky area effortlessly.


  • I-TOUCH based technology
  • Three-way steam adjusting system
  • Power- 1600watts
  • Quick heating

What We Don’t Like?

  • Staining on clothes
  • Rough handle

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Due to the presence of contrasting green and black external surfaces, DW6080 gathers the customer’s attention.


The 3D soleplate is exceptionally efficient as it utilizes less energy for steam production and produces more output.

Among the remarkable features area three-way steam setting and energy-saving mode. Lacks advanced heat adjustments, which limits its use on the chiffon and nylon stuff.

Eco-friendly, as it has decreased energy consumption, lessens electricity load, and saves the energy expenditure.

The various advantageous structural aspects of these irons will amaze you.

  • Three-way of steam adjustment
  • Rounded stainless steel soleplate
  • Utilises less energy and produces more power

What We Don’t Like?

  • Turn off after short usage.
  • Stubborn dial

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The most admiring feature is its portability.

You can easily carry it without any restriction as there is no cord, which needs extra care and attention for maintenance.


Another remarkable feature is its ceramic soleplate, which makes Panasonic steam iron the best cordless iron for quilting.

The advancement of the automated-shut-down feature allows it to shut down after 10 minutes when placed horizontally.

Anti-dripping property prevents the leakage of water on the fabric, maintaining its consistency.

The temperature control attribute is user-friendly due to the presence of a touch-system. You can easily adjust the temperature based on  different fabrics.

An additional variation is a choice given for the selection of functioning between steam and dry iron.

  • User-friendly
  • no restriction of a cord
  • Anti-dripping system

What We Don’t Like?

  • Some people mock its shape

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It is an American product, which is the tagline that vanishes away all the doubts on its quality. An automatic shutting off system is present to reduce the risk of accidents.


Stainless steel soleplate and increased volume of the water tank with anti-dripping property maintains the consistency during ironing.

Specific modes for respective fabrics are in action and selected on the type of your material. The length of the cord is 8 feet

  • Increased capacity of the water tank
  • Automated shutting-off system
  • Mode selection for fabric

What We Don’t Like?

  • Reduced steam output after short term use
  • Heavyweight

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Size is small enough that you can call it the best small iron for quilting, while some people call it the best travel iron for quilting.

The handle does not occupy extra space as it lowers down quickly when placed inside a box, which is the crucial feature of DA1560.


Rowenta’s first-class takes a short duration to heat up.

The capacity of the water tank is 2 ounces.

There are 200 steamholes in the stainless steel soleplate. The length of the cord is 8 feet, which is enough to allow the ironing freely.

These irons have 400 steamholes in stainless steel soleplate.

  • Easy to carry
  • Less time to heat up
  • Lacking automated shutting off the system

What We Don’t Like?

  • Less capacity of the water tank
  • Not preferred for large ironing

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A unique shape grasps the attention of many people. As the name indicates, it takes a short time to heat up.


Any type of rumples will not stand by the smooth ironing ability of fast steam iron.

Steam quick iron can cope up with every kind of fabric. You know a more surprising feature is its dual voltage, which is adjustable within the specified range.

  • Dual voltage feature
  • Less heat-up time
  • Versatile in terms of ironing different fabrics

What We Don’t Like?

  • Need sanitization for cleaning
  • Low capacity of the water tank

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CHI is the product of the company known for making the best selling flat irons.

The dazzling soleplate has titanium induced with ceramic, which is an exception compared to other irons for quilting.


Buttons for spray and adjusting steam are on the handle, which is easily accessible.

One more fantastic feature is electricity-based temperature control.

The quilting iron chooses the temperature automatically based on your fabric and eliminates the risk of human error.

The cord is compactable, which is easy to carry. The design of the CHI professional is relatively modern and comfortable to tackle.

  • Affordable price
  • ceramic soleplate
  • A cord with good retracting power

What We Don’t Like?

  • Lack of proper anti-dripping system

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Buying Guide For Reliable Steam Iron For Quilting

Following are the factors that you should consider when going to buy the best professional iron for quilting.

Load Of The Iron

Make sure that the weight of your iron is not too much for your hand to bear. Otherwise, it will lead to overuse injuries leaving you in pain.

The use of lightweight irons for quilting is the best option for quilters.

Power Output

The quilting iron with increased power output is preferable due to the increased efficiency. Power output increases the efficacy of the steam or dry iron for quilting.

The output of steam iron also depends on the mist of the steam while that of dry iron only depends on the obtained heating.

Heating Time

It would be best to prefer quilting iron, which takes less time to heat up to the desired temperature. It will help you save both the time and electricity.

Most of the travel irons for quilting have very short heating time to provide the best results in short time during travelling.

Capacity Of Water Tank

The large capacity water holds the large amount of water for long tasks. Otherwise, you have to waste your time filling the water tank frequently.

Although small steam irons for quilting are in use these days as they are lightweight and portable.

Size And Material Of Soleplate

The size of the soleplate should match your work demands, and the material of the soleplate should be of high quality to avoid the risk of any mishap.

Small soleplate covers the small surface area at the single time and takes long for ironing the quilts. I recommend going with the larger soleplate for getting your work done instantly.

Length Of String

The length of the cord should be large enough, which should not restrict the range of motion of the iron.

The cordless irons for quilting are also available allowing smooth ironing of the clothes and quilts.

I had experienced ironing with the short length cord and I can’t describe how annoying it is when you are not able to reach every corner of your cloth just because of the smaller string.

It also disturbs your ironing and quilting skills.


You should prioritise the suitable quilting iron that ensures a warranty of a year or so. It keeps you on a safe side for the time being. So, just in case of any damage your money don’t go waste.

You can also check these irons for good durability.

FAQ’s For Best Rowenta Quilting Irons

What Is The Best Iron For Quilting?
The list of best irons for quilting is quite long, as every iron is having a striking feature of its own. Among the best five are:

OLISO TG1600 and TG1050, CHI professional steam iron, ROWENTA   6080 steam iron, PANASONIC CORDLESS iron

Which Is The Best Cheap Iron For Quilting?
Looking for cheap iron with an efficient feature is the concern of many people. In this regard, we recommend you ROWENTA DW9280 and OLISO iron for quilters..
Which Is The  Best Travel Iron For Quilting?
Rowenta’s first class is the right choice for travelling. It is easy to pack in a box as you can comfortably lower its grip.
What Is The Best Rowenta Iron For Quilting?
Rowenta DW6080 is the best Rowenta iron for quilting in terms of both cost and efficiency.
Why Does The Iron Leak?
The main reason is that the temperature of the iron is not enough to convert the water into steam. Besides, your soleplate is taking excessive time to heat up.
What Is The Best Mini/Small Iron For Quilting?
Steamfast SF7-17 is the best mini iron for quilting. It also has the advantage of dual voltage.
Which Iron Is Preferable Among The Quilters?
Rowenta DW9280 is the most used and recommendable iron among the quilters.

The skilled quilters better understand what they exactly need; DW9280 is the preference as it saves the manual effort due to its heavy weight.

You don’t need to apply extra pressure to removes wrinkles and the work can be done in short time easily.

Which Water Is Best For Use In Iron?
Distilled water is the best option to use in the iron. Tap water contains impurities that will cause accumulation in your iron and affects its proper functioning.


We have tried our level best to supply you with the list of best quilting iron that will help you select the good one.

Quilting is the vast field that requires professional iron and it’s skillful for maximum efficacy to inspire the customers on the industrial scale. You can also have the one for home based quilting ideas.

My advice is that don’t be impulsive in making the final decision. Satisfy yourself and then proceed further.

We hope that you the content we provided serve you right in the selection of the BEST QUILTING IRON.

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