6 Of The Best Trekking Poles For Hunting Reviewed

It’s one thing if you’re going for a hike to have some trekking poles but if you’re planning on a big hunt that requires a hike or if you’re doing extending hiking that includes a hunt, you’ll want to get some trekking poles that serve multiple purposes.  Ideally, these trekking poles for hunting shouldn’t add too much to your load at least not without some added benefit or equipment replacement.

We looked at the best trekking poles and reviewed them based on durability, how compact they were, and how “modular” or multi-purposed they were.

Covacure Trekking Poles Collapsible Hiking Poles

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Covacure Trekking Poles Collapsible Hiking Poles Features

  • The height of the poles has adjustment range of 20cm.
  • Covacure trekking poles are made of aircraft grade 7075 aluminum-crucial, which withstands pressure and impacts better than carbon.
  • A surface treatment creates a protective coating against corrosion, which provides a high level of corrosion resistance.
  • The screw is covered with plastic and does not corrode easily when it rains.
  • Plastic black parts do not become brittle even in winter.
  • Covacure trekking poles can be adjusted in length(43 to 51 inches long) to enhance stability on different terrain.
  • The Ergonomic EVA Foam Handle with wrist strap, sweat-absorbent, skid resistance groove design,more sturdy and comfortable than cork handle.
  • Our wrist straps are adjustable, they can let you relax your grip slightly and transfer some of the pressure to your arm.

Covacure Trekking Poles Collapsible Hiking Poles Reviewed

These poles are about what you’d expect from a top rated Chinese vendor.    These poles are prefect for traveling. They fold up easily and go right in any carry on roller bag or backpack. They are easy to snap together and apart again.  They aren’t perfect as sometimes during long hunts or hikes your hand wants to slide down off the grip, seems like there should be a wider area at the bottom for your hands to rest against, similar to ski poles, without having to use the strap. There’s a slight wobble between sections when you’re really putting your body weight on it.   They won’t give but the rattle might cause you not to want to trust it.

What’s great about these poles (over some of the other hunting trekking poles we reviewed) is that they are priced low enough that if they get confiscated you’re out less than $50.

These poles are durable.  They don’t rust, dry quick, and fold up smaller than almost anything else on the market. The ONE thing to keep note of (which is true with all trekking poles) is that the attachable feet need to be screwed on tight or they can come off. I learned that lesson after gently popping them on. Make sure it’s tight.

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles

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TrailBuddy Trekking Poles Features

  • The padded straps and moisture-wicking cork handles will contour to the shape of your hand for a comfortable grip.
  • Our threaded pole tips keep the included accessories (snow and mud baskets) securely attached.
  • Trailbuddy trekking poles are designed for hikers who need gear that can withstand tough terrain.
  • The poles are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is lighter than carbon fiber but just as strong.
  • The poles are also adjustable, so hikers can set them to their desired height.
  • The lever locks on the poles can be operated with one hand, and the poles can be collapsed for easy storage.
  • The padded straps and moisture-wicking cork handles provide a comfortable grip, and the threaded pole tips keep the included accessories (snow and mud baskets) securely attached.

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles Reviewed

These are the top rated Trekking Poles on Amazon.  For less than $20 you can get treking poles for hunting, hiking and if you’re traveling and they get confiscated (many do) then it’s not a huge loss.   We’re really impressed with these trekking poles!  The cork handles do feel like over time will perform better than the padded handles on other poles.   The poles weigh about 11 ounces with the tips installed and can fold up and fit into any hunting gear.   These poles come in different colors too which can make them fun for snow trips and you can of course get them in orange if you’re trying to match your gear.   However, they do not come in camo and they are designed specifically for hikes.

Prime Adventure Tactical Survival Walking Hiking Stick Staff

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Prime Adventure Tactical Survival Walking Hiking Stick Staff Features

  • The PRIME ADVENTURE tactical staff is a unbreakable, machined aluminum alloy stick that is designed to be a functional alternative to carrying multiple tools.
  • The stick is adjustable to fit any height, and comes with a canvas waist bag for easy transport.
  • The all-in-1 survival kit stick has 15+ different functions and is capable of providing limitless jobs based on the dynamic nature of your situation.
  • It weighs 3.08lbs (6 tubes Stick), 3.74lbs (8 tubes Stick) and is 41.7 inches (6 tubes Stick), 54.7 inches (8 tubes Stick) long.

Prime Adventure Tactical Survival Walking Hiking Stick Staff Reviewed

In our quest to find the best trekking poles for hunting we found every man’s dream pole, staff or stick.  The Prime Adventure walking stick is a is strong and sturdy, and the heaviest of the ones we reviewed.   Like the other trekking poles, it can be broken down to fit into your gear but it’s going to add 3 lbs vs the under 1lb competition.  It’s as if the manufacturer decided to make a very strong pole and then added weapon attachments and the word tactical and call it a day.    For example, the glass breaker tip is far too dangerous but that’s probably the reason I want it.

The coolness factor is a bit lost as most of the attachments feel a bit off or even cheap.   The compass doesn’t work very well at all, for example, but that’s not a big issue because the cereal box toy type of compass will likely fall off while you’re using.  Unfortunately, this trekking pole for hunting might have been a great idea but it’s just poorly executed.   It reminded us of the multi-tools you buy at department or thrift stores.   The fake swiss army plastic comes off and only the knife is useful.   A good example of this is the bag it comes with. It has five slots for five “tubes” (sections), but when you purchase, you either get 6 or 8 tubes. So neither fits in the bag properly.

Overall, I like this hiking stick a lot. It actually has more tools than I have application but that’s a good thing not a bad thing. If you’re going to the Appalachian mountains or the some hikes in Ontario then this might actually be a decent pole.   It’s super strong and comes with some attachments that might help your survival, especially if you opted to get some mountaineering boots.  However, if you’re just hunting on some buddy’s land you might want to opt for a regular trekking pole.

G2 GO2GETHRE Multipurpose Telescopic Trekking Poles

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G2 GO2GETHRE Multipurpose Telescopic Trekking Poles Features

  • The G2 Trekking Pole is made from lightweight and durable 6061 aluminum, making it stronger than other carbon fiber poles on the market.
  • The integrated camera holder and shooting support yoke make it a versatile choice for hunters and photographers alike.
  • The pole is also adjustable from 25”- 53”, making it perfect for people of all heights.
  • The G2 Trekking Pole also features a comfortable EVA foam handle and a weight of only 8.5oz, making it easy to carry on long walks and hikes.

G2 GO2GETHRE Multipurpose Telescopic Trekking Poles Reviewed

This is first trekking pole for hunting that actually has a hunting attachment.   It’s just 1 pole, but overall it’s well constructed out of alumninum and comes with a few additional attachments you don’t find in others, namely a shooting yoke.   It even has a funny photo on the product description because you know us Americans are always hunting with our machine guns.

The pole comes with an attachment for a camera as well which is nice.  If they added a few of the options from the prime adventure pole, I’d say that this one would be our favorite if it’s just for hunting.

Primos Trigger Stick GEN3

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Primos Trigger Stick GEN3 Features

  • The Primos Hunting Gear Monopod is made of the highest quality materials and is another great product from the brand that hunters trust.
  • This monopod is perfect for use on a hunting range and is sure to help improve your shooting accuracy.

Primos Trigger Stick GEN3 Reviewed

If you’re looking to pay a bit more to get an trekking pole for hunting that was actually designed for hunting and not just hiking, then Primos Trigger Stick might be for you.  It’s well-constructed and very stable, making it perfect for use with a camera or rifle. Like the others, it’s also lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for hiking and backpacking. Honestly, there’s not much to this trekking pole, it’s a pretty low effort product that appeals to the use case we’re reviewing.   If the price was about 1/3rd of what they are asking, it’d be easy to recommend.  It’s not bad, it gets the job done, but don’t expect any special attachments, color combinations or fancy cork gripping.

Allen Company Axial EZ

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Allen Company Axial EZ Features

  • The Axial EZ-Stick is an adjustable shooting stick that extends from 29 to 61 inches high.
  • It has a monopod design, made from strong aluminum, with a cradle rest grip to prevent your rifle from slipping or sliding.
  • The bottom adjustment knob allows you to modify your cam lock to provide a secure, tight lock.
  • The Axial EZ-Stick is versatile and can be used in all hunting styles. It also has a post attachment system that allows for any 1/4-20 threaded shooting accessories to attach, such as a range finder, spotting scope, or camera.
  • The carbide tip and rubber boot help provide traction in various terrains.

Allen Company Axial EZ Reviewed

If you’re looking for a decent shooting stick, this is a good option priced about half of the one above. It’s sturdy and will hold the weight of your rifle, as advertised. However, there are a few things that could be improved. First, it’s not very tall, so if you’re using it to rest your binoculars on, you might have to bend down or spread your legs to get low enough.  Clearly it’s a trekking pole type of product but with hunting as the focus.  Secondly, the spring inside the stick makes a lot of noise when you’re walking, which can be a bit of a nuisance.   This pole isn’t going to wow anyone but if you’re looking for the best trekking pole for hunting, this is one that clearly fits the bill for hunting only.

So what’s the best trekking poles for hunting?

If you specifically need a shooting yoke or camera monopod, then the Allen Company Axial EZ is a decent buy.  It’s sturdy enough to pull double duty and even leave if you own the hunting grounds.   For everyone else, the Trailbuddy poles are Amazon’s top seller for a reason.  They are great, lightweight poles.   They don’t have an attachment for your gun, but if you don’t need that get these.

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